How To Caramelize Creme Brulee

Well, it’s been a month or so in coming, but I finally have the tutorial many of you have asked for: how to caramelize the top of luscious crème brulee without setting your house or fingers on fire. It’s easy and fast and is one of those things that will make you look like a rock star in the kitchen. Plus, from what I hear, it is most people’s hang up to making crème brulee and we just can’t have that. You’ll see from the video how truly easy this is (almost embarrassingly so). And that eerily silent part of the video? Yeah, well, I had this really cool montage of music going on, something about a girl on fire, but YouTube got mad at me. Something about copyright laws. Yawn. So just channel your inner Alicia Keys while watching the video, ok?

I know carrot cake is the popular kid at the Easter dinner party, but if you are me, you’ll want carrot cake and crème brulee (and no, I haven’t found a magic way to combine those two yet). I think crème brulee is such a simple, lovely dessert for holiday dinners. At the risk of being redundant, it really is one of my favorite desserts of all time and once you master the caramelizing part, it’s one of the easiest desserts in the world, too.

I covered this in my crème brulee post, but I use the Iwatani brand of cooking torch and highly recommend it. For crème brulee and for other, you know, things, like instant s’mores cravings and science fair projects.

Have a really fabulous Easter weekend! Don’t forget to check out this Ultimate Easter Dinner Menu Planner if you still need ideas for the holiday!

Remember all of the video tips can be seen on my Video Tips page as well as on Mel’s Kitchen Cafe You Tube channel.

10 Responses to Video Tip: How to Caramelize Crème Brulee

  1. Patty Hales says:

    I’m looking to get a new kitchen torch – the movers wouldn’t allow us to move our old one. I’ve never seen one the size of yours – all I saw were very small ones. What is your called?

  2. Well done! Crème Brulee is one of my all time favorite dessert and has been for years.
    But I rarely make it at home. Now I am re-energized to try it again.
    Happy Chocolate Bunnies—-

  3. Auntiepatch says:

    Mel, you are so funny! Thanks!

  4. Tara says:

    I see that you cut out some of the video. How long do you think it took to brown the top of 1 in real time?


    • Mel says:

      Tara – I trimmed the video just a bit so no one died of boredom from watching a torch do it’s thing…but depending on how hot your torch is, I’d say 30-45 seconds-ish to get it caramelized.

  5. Rachelle says:

    So cool! Thanks so much for the tip. I can’t wait to try it. You are so talented!

  6. Kim in MD says:

    Mel- you are a kitchen ROCK STAR! You are fearless with that kitchen torch! I love the tutorials, so please keep them coming. Also, have I told you that your kitchen is gorgeous? Seriously, it’s beautiful!

  7. April says:

    So I have never had Creme Brulee…. hint, hint, hint!!

  8. Sheila says:

    You are so appreciated, Mel! Thank you! Happy Easter to you and yours.

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