Let’s Talk

In this {relatively} new series, I’m talking about all those little tidbits constantly on my mind that I need to tell you about right.this.very.minute. It’s casual, it’s random, it’s like we’re sitting at my kitchen counter sharing our best ideas. And some of them will be pretty up close and personal. There will probably be some videos and I’ll be recruiting some help from my favorite, most talented friends. New Let’s Talk posts will be posted hopefully every couple weeks so I can start sleeping at night instead of laying there thinking of all things we need to talk about.

jar of pickled relish next to jar of pickled beets

My Best Home Canning Resources + Books + Recipes

shelf reliance food storage shelf with dried beans

Food Storage 101: Spreadsheets + Sources + Everything You Need to Make Food Storage Easy and Doable {Long Term and Short Term}

Whole Wheat Quinoa Bread

Let’s Talk: Ministering Through Food

Two caramel cheesecake stuffed chocolate chip cookie bars stacked.

5 Ways to Instantly Up Your Game in the Kitchen

How to Survive Back-to-School Season {Ideas for Easy Dinners, School Lunches, After School Snacks}

Menu Planning Made Easier {Launching Today!}

Blendtec vs. Vitamix {Which Blender is Best?? An Unsponsored Review}

Best Bread Recipes for Beginners

Let’s Talk: 5 Best {and Easiest!} Recipes for Beginner Bread Makers

Small Batch Canning: A How-To Resource

Small Batch Canning 101

How to Survive Back to School, Dinnertime, Life {FREE Menu Plans + School Lunch Checklist}

KitchenAid vs Bosch Mixer {Which Mixer is Best?}

KitchenAid vs. Bosch {Which Mixer Do You Really Need?}

Milk Kefir

Let’s Talk: All About Milk Kefir

Let’s Talk: How to Survive the Chaos of a New School Year

Let’s Talk: Egg Size & Why It Matters

Cooking Class for Teenagers

Kitchen Rock Star Class for Teenagers {Free Downloads!}

pressure cooking

Let’s Talk: Pressure Cooking {why + what kind + resources}


Let’s Talk: When There’s No Time {or Desire} To Make Dinner

school lunch ideas

Let’s Talk: School Lunch Solutions {Part 2}


Let’s Talk: How You Measure Flour Makes a Difference


Let’s Talk: All About Cookie Scoops + Lots of Other Uses!


Let’s Talk: This Is Why I Blog


Let’s Talk: Cooking With Kids


Let’s Talk: What’s in My Spice Cabinet {New Series + Printable}