Well, you guys know that I LOVE menu planning (and believe strongly it can save one’s sanity on the daily) and I am so, so excited to finally tell you about a menu planning solution that is launching TODAY!

{FYI: some of the links below are affiliate links, which means at no additional cost to you, I may earn a commission if you click through and sign up or make a purchase.}

I’ve partnered with the savvy Prepear app to bring you brand new, simple, sanity-saving meal plans just in time for the new year. If you are new to hearing about the Prepear app, it’s basically a pretty cool little menu planning app you can use right on your phone or tablet (or computer, too).

I’ve been wanting to do more with menu plans for a long time…and using the Prepear app to create menu plans gets YOU the best of both worlds. Because not only do you get access to my recipes, but there are also hundreds and hundreds of other recipes from bloggers and websites on the Prepear app for you to choose from.

I’ll be creating and adding new family-friendly, simple menu plans every week to the Prepear app for you to customize and use as you plan your menus. You can add and remove recipes from any menu plan to tailor it exactly to your family’s tastes and schedule!

Here are a few of the meal plans I’ve already set up that are available now:
Healthy New Year’s Resolution Dinners Meal Plan
Quick and Easy Dinners Meal Plan
Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner Meal Plan
Weekly Meal Plan (Dec 31 to Jan 6) – this one will be reoccurring with a new meal plan every week!
30-Minute Dinners Meal Plan
Instant Potpalozza Meal Plan

It’s as easy as tapping on the menu plan you want – sliding it right into your weekly planner on the app and then sitting back and patting your intact sanity. Right now the app doesn’t have the capabilities to send a dinner-making fairy to your house, but I hear that functionality is coming soon. 🙂

What it DOES offer, though, is the ability to customize any meal plan the way you want it. So even if you select one of my meal plans above, you can remove recipes and add others that are more to your liking/tastes. AND the app allows you to automatically generate a grocery list based on the recipes you are using (and accounts for items you may already have in your pantry). Insert angels singing.

The Prepear app lets you do all of that right on your phone (or tablet, laptop, desktop, etc) and even lets you gather and sort all your favorite recipes in your own “cookbook” and share what you made with your friends and family.

{You can also add your own recipes or copy and paste links from anywhere on the web to import a recipe.}

These exclusive meal plans are going live on the Prepear app today! Prepear is running a limited time special for the Prepear Gold membership: for $1, you can get three months of meal plans delivered to you weekly through the app (or you can always use the free version of the app for creating your own menu plans, if you’d like!). 

To learn more and/or sign up, click here!

Also, feel free to ask any questions about the Prepear app and the meal plans in the comments! I’m excited to bring you fresh, new meal plans throughout the year!