Menu Planning

So it’s no secret that I love talking about menu planning. Not only does it save my sanity wondering what on earth is going to magically appear for dinner each night, but it saves my grocery budget, because I don’t know about you, but the more times I walk into the grocery store in any given week in search of meal inspiration, the more money I spend. Revolutionary and deep concept, I know.

I am constantly updating my Menu page where there are over 25 free, downloadable menu plans for you to use, ranging in topic from summer menu plans to winter menus, 30-minute menu plans to all slow-cooker menus. And, I just added two specialty menu plans: Brilliant Brunch and Here Comes Company (these both include instructions and tips on make-ahead options and planning). I’ve also done a post in the past about menu planning for large crowds and during major holidays I like to throw together a menu plan complete with make-ahead instructions.

Me + Menu Planning = Love.

Because I know many of you either use menu planning devotedly like I do or are wanting to start, I’m going to be offering more menu planning tips and solutions. But to do that, I want to know exactly what questions you have about menu planning.

Are you stuck in a menu planning quandary and need help getting out?

Are you in search of a specific type of menu plan?

Do you need help figuring out other details of a menu plan besides dinner? Are side dishes your nemesis?

Do you set out to put together a menu plan but get stuck and can’t seem to make it come together?

Submit any and all questions you have about menu planning below! I’ll be compiling the questions and posting regularly about solutions to specific conundrums that will help you and me.

Ask away!

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