Merry Christmas, my lovely, amazing, wonderful friends. 

Thank you for being here. I know I say that a lot, but I mean it from the very depth of my soul. 

Thank you. 

I wish I could say 2020 was as full of smiles as that picture up there, but I don’t need to go into details in order to dispel that myth. I think the dead hanging plants and overgrown bushes in the background are a fitting emblem of this year as a whole. 

While there have been plenty of laughs and many blessings, it’s been a weird, hard year, and a year of personal struggle for me – I have felt the lowest of lows and been challenged in many ways. 

But I have also had the sweet, sometimes quiet, but always constant assurance that Jesus Christ is the bringer of hope. Of peace. Of comfort. He has gently quieted the worry in my mind time and time again and helped me move forward with faith in a better tomorrow…even when today feels impossible.

I am so grateful for this time of year that reminds me, yet again, that thousands of years ago, He came

To the amazement of everyone from the lowliest of shepherds to the richest and wisest of men, He came. 

He came for me. And He came for you. 

For all who wait
For all who hunger
For all who’ve prayed
For all who wonder
Behold your King
Behold Messiah

He is the song for the suffering
He is Messiah, the Prince of Peace has come
From the words of one of my favorite Christmas songs

Merry Christmas. 

I hope you enjoy what is bound to be a different holiday season than in year’s past. I’m taking a little time off from blogging and social media, but I’ll be back at some point in January – love your guts; thanks again for being the best readers on the planet. You keep me going in this interesting and crazy food blogging space.

Also, I shared this two years ago, but wanted to share again for those that are new. It’s an experience that greatly touched my heart; I call it The Parable of the Cheeseball.