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Need last minute Mother’s Day gift inspiration?

Here are my top 5 favorite gifts for less than $25 (with a bonus gift idea at the end!).

I figure anyone can go search out the best Kindle, or Instant Pot or spa day gift certificate (you don’t need my advice on any of those), so this quick, mini gift guide is dedicated to all things simple, inexpensive, and fun.

Note: this post contains Amazon affiliate links for products I’ve purchased there; as always, feel free to shop around for the best price or check local stores!


1) Readaeer iPad or Cookbook Holder: I mentioned this in a weekly newsletter earlier this year, but I love my Readaeer iPad/Cookbook stand. My brother gave it to me for my birthday, and I use it every day – for cookbooks, my iPad (which I cook from most of the time) and with old-school printed out recipes. It’s awesome, and it can sturdily hold even the biggest and heaviest of all my cookbooks.

2) Acacia Serving Bowl: this beautiful bowl is so elegant and so practical at the same time. I use it for serving salads, mostly, but it would be great for chips, bread/rolls, and a million other uses, I’m sure. It’s a perfect gift idea for that mom who kind of already has everything, you know? (Well, assuming she doesn’t already have this bowl.)


3) Argan Oil of Morocco Lotion: This is my favorite lotion in all the world. I use it every morning; the light, pretty scent isn’t overwhelming and gaggy, and the texture is very smooth and lightweight instead of greasy. I think it comes in a 2-pack, as well! Love this stuff. I often buy it at Target when I can find it there.

4) Lost Recipes Cookbook: I ordered this cookbook a while ago after one of you lovely readers told me about it and have absolutely enjoyed every minute reading through the recipes + commentary. And those butterscotch cookies – yum! This isn’t a newfangled, contemporary cookbook. It is an old-fashioned look at the classic meals most of our moms and grandmas may have made over the years. If you’re momma is in to old-school, classic, comfort food (with a few new twists), this cookbook is for her.


5) Umbra Prisma Jewelry Tray: This little jewelry tray is so elegant and pretty. It is the perfect storage solution for those pieces of jewelry that are worn daily and the unique design makes it a special gift. I mean, if you’re me, you just buy it for yourself like I did a couple months ago, but I’m sure your mom will like it, too. πŸ™‚

6) Flower Basket: Here’s my bonus gift idea! For Mother’s Day, in lieu of other gifts, my siblings and I often pitch in and buy my mom two huge hanging baskets of bubblegum pink petunias. They are her favorites, and she babies them! Even the grandkids know they might be served the {mild} wrath of a normally very patient grandma if their soccer balls land in the bubblegum petunias. If you search out local nurseries, they’ll often be willing to let you pay over the phone and make a special delivery to your wonderful mom. I love that my mom can enjoy her hanging flower baskets for months and months.

Feel free to share any Mother’s Day gift inspiration in the comments! 

I always feel like I need to give the disclaimer that sometimes gifts aren’t necessary at all. I know my favorite Mother’s Day gifts have been hand-written notes from my kids, homemade picture collages, coupon books, and my mom still loves those types of things, as well. Mother’s Day can be a difficult holiday for many; maybe a gift of increased love, of time, of sacrifice or a heartfelt note is all that is needed.