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Ice Cream Compressor

This is a splurge item, but we love ours! It is amazing not having to remember to freeze a container to make ice cream – ice cream anytime!

Slow Cooker

Simple is best when it comes to slow cookers – I love this 8-quart, non-electronic version. It doesn’t cook hot; it’s durable and perfect.

Instant Pot

Yes, I’m one of those crazy Instant Pot lovers and proud of it. I have the 6-quart and 8-quart and often use both at the same time. Dinner saver!

Wheat Grinder

Another appliance I’m not sure I could live without – I’ve been using this amazing KoMo grain mill for almost 10 years. It sits on my counter and I grind wheat every day using it.

Food Processor

After having two Cuisinart food processors die on me, I bought this Breville one and it’s been going strong for years – totally worth the investment!

Waffle Iron

I like having a waffle iron like this that can make four square waffles – perfect for mornings at our house.

Panini Press

I have the older model of this panini press and it gets a ton of use in my kitchen – panini night (ok, or just grilled cheese).