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Vitamix Blender

Lots of debate in the world of high-powered blenders. The Vitamix wins in my book!

Pellet Smoker + Grill

I’ve had this grill (an older model) for years; I use it several times a week! Best grill ever.

Slow Cooker

Simple is best when it comes to slow cookers – I love this 8-quart, non-electronic version. It doesn’t cook hot; it’s durable and perfect.

Simple Electric Juicer

This inexpensive electric juicer is perfect for larger jobs (like homemade lemonade!).

Powerful Hand Mixer

This hand mixer is a beast – I’ve had mine for years and it is going strong!

Instant Pot

Yes, I’m one of those crazy Instant Pot lovers and proud of it. I have the 6-quart and 8-quart and often use both at the same time. Dinner saver!

Wheat Grinder

Another appliance I’m not sure I could live without – I’ve been using this amazing KoMo grain mill for almost 10 years. It sits on my counter and I grind wheat every day using it.

KitchenAid Stand Mixer

I don’t use my KitchenAid as much as my Bosch, but it is useful for a lot of things. I bought mine at Costco, but it’s similar to the one linked.

Bosch Stand Mixer

I love my Bosch. More than words. Can’t live without it and use it every day to prove myself of that fact.

Food Processor

After having two Cuisinart food processors die on me, I bought this Breville one and it’s been going strong for years – totally worth the investment!

Ice Cream Maker

Easy homemade ice cream in just minutes! This little counter top appliance is amazing.

Waffle Iron

I like having a waffle iron like this that can make four square waffles – perfect for mornings at our house.

Panini Press

I have the older model of this panini press and it gets a ton of use in my kitchen – panini night (ok, or just grilled cheese).

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