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Thanks to brilliant inventions like Pinterest (huh, you’re telling me more important things have been invented this century? Prove it!), a handful of recipes can easily take over and become pinned again and again and again. Kind of like the popular kids in high school, these recipes seem to get all the attention, even if there are other recipes that are a smarter (i.e. easier) and nicer (i.e. tastier).

I’m happy for the recipes on my site that have garnered the spotlight.

They are truly deserving. But in my recipe-loving heart, I feel pangs of sadness for those recipes still tucked away in the wings, too shy to make their debut.

Considering most of these recipes have been around for years (years!), I’m here to be their advocate! Behold, I give you six beloved and forgotten recipes.

These are recipes I find myself making over and over again that you may or may not have realized are even here.

Move past the bad photography (clearly one of the reasons many recipes have been left behind since they appeared in the early phases of this blog) and make them part of your life as soon as possible. The pictures are clickable…so click away to get to each recipe.

titlemelskitchencafe.com: 6 of My Personal Favorite Recipes