It’s been a while since the last edition of Six Recipes the World Forgot (you can see all of them here).

So without further ado, here are six of my favorite recipes, oft-repeated in our home but ones that have been a bit overlooked and overshadowed by other deliciousness. Rude, I know.

The rhubarb streusel cake with warm vanilla sauce is other-worldly and in case you want to know, I can eat that queso dip with a spoon (and I just scored a mini crockpot in a rummage sale to keep it perfectly warm and melty!). I know the Colorado Creme seems unusual but paired with fresh berries, and I would eat it every day all summer long – it is such a light and refreshing creamy dessert. Um, what else. The skillet pasta dinner is made at least monthly round these parts and the curried nachos make me weep, they are so delicious. Ok. Get to it! Make some of these poor, neglected recipes already (the pictures in the collage are clickable)! 6 Recipes the World Forgot