Another round of Six Recipes the World Forgot! It’s been a few months since I’ve posted one of these and it’s about time to highlight six recipes that I continue to love and make all the time…but somehow they’ve been {mostly} overlooked by mankind. A true injustice. They are each delightful and worthy of your precious cooking/baking minutes!

Here’s a brief rundown of why I adore each of these recipes: the chocolate mousse cheesecake pie combines just about every component of what there is to love in the world. Lasagna soup is one of my all-time favorite soups and is so easy to make (and uses pretty much pantry staples) that it appears often on busy nights. The Thai wraps are just plain delicious and different – a perfect lunch or dinner. Cinnamon roll sugar cookies = too cute for words. Chili verde is one of the tastiest slow cooker meals ever and the hot fudge pudding cake is pure chocolate decadence.

The pictures in the collage are clickable…if pinning for future reference, go to the specific recipe page to pin. Happy, happy cooking! 6 Recipes the World Forgot