Snapshot Saturday

Behold a little piece of the new-to-us-but-not-new-at-all yard of the house we are currently remodeling. Even though we can’t go and sit on those beautifully swaying swings in the dappling sunlight right now thanks to the 145,683 mosquitoes inhabiting every square foot of life, we have hope for fewer-mosquito days ahead wherein we can all run around like crazy and the kids’ energy will be sufficiently zapped by bedtime. Of course, it would help to actually move in first.

Here’s to hoping some magic fairy comes and finishes remodeling, finds a way to get our kitchen cabinets finished 3 weeks ahead of schedule, unpacks all the boxes from storage that were sitting in an inch of water, moves us out of our current tiny home, weeds the jungle-like garden, and does all the cleaning and dusting necessary for healthy living. Oh and a little dark chocolate wouldn’t hurt either. A girl can hope, right?

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