Snapshot Saturday

Behold a little piece of the new-to-us-but-not-new-at-all yard of the house we are currently remodeling. Even though we can’t go and sit on those beautifully swaying swings in the dappling sunlight right now thanks to the 145,683 mosquitoes inhabiting every square foot of life, we have hope for fewer-mosquito days ahead wherein we can all run around like crazy and the kids’ energy will be sufficiently zapped by bedtime. Of course, it would help to actually move in first.

Here’s to hoping some magic fairy comes and finishes remodeling, finds a way to get our kitchen cabinets finished 3 weeks ahead of schedule, unpacks all the boxes from storage that were sitting in an inch of water, moves us out of our current tiny home, weeds the jungle-like garden, and does all the cleaning and dusting necessary for healthy living. Oh and a little dark chocolate wouldn’t hurt either. A girl can hope, right?

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15 Responses to Snapshot Saturday

  1. Cammee says:

    What a beautiful yard! Don’t worry, where you are those mosquitos could be frozen by next month :).

  2. Sheila says:

    Sweet!! You are right. This yard will be even more beautiful with 5 children romping and laughing through it. And you don’t need a fairy, Mel. You are one super woman with amazing capabilities. Although it seems overwhelming right now with so many obstacles piling up, you will tackle every task and come out on top of all of those seemingly insurmountable obstacles. And while you are tackling this mountain of work, you will continue to take excellent care of your little family members making sure all their needs are completely met. AND, I know in the back of your mind, you are working on this blog, creating ideas to continue blessing all of us! So happy for the blessings pouring upon your family . . .Sheila

  3. Gail says:

    It’s absolutely lovely! As a fellow MN girl, I recommend attracting dragonflies and bats to your yard. Also find a bug spray that you can tolerate – it makes all the difference!

  4. Ruth says:

    Oh Mel, I am so happy for you and your family………….a gorgeous yard, a bigger house remodeled to your specifications. I know it must be exciting to finally get to see your stuff again that has been in storage. Sorry about the wet stuff. I hope the damage was minimal. Moving is always such work, even when the move is a short distance. Good luck!! In regards to the mosquitoes, they run rampant in Alabama, too. Try pinning a fabric softener sheet (the kind that you use in the clothes dryer) to the kiddos. I think that, that does help keep those buggers aIway. I just hate putting those chemicals in the spray bottle on my skin.

  5. kandi v says:

    What a gorgeous yard. it is so nice to have a place where the kiddos can run wild and free! I’m sending wishes for a speedy remodel and a magic cleaning fairy your way!

  6. Becky Mendoza says:

    Mel! What a gorgeous yard!! I am so happy for you guys!

  7. lisa says:

    Love the yard!! I cannot wait to see more pictures 🙂

  8. Shannon says:

    It’s so GREEN! Your last photo of spring was brown. Here’s hoping and praying that everything comes together for you quickly and easily. Moving is always so much work, but that yard looks as if it will be worth it, plus a bigger, remodeled house sounds heavenly. I don’t know how you’ve managed in your tiny space all winter!

  9. Arlene says:

    What a beautiful yard! It’s unfortunate you r unable to enjoy it. Try using a bug zapper. It works pretty well. Good luck and keep sending the Saturday morning snapshots!

  10. Holly W says:

    What a lovely yard. You will enjoy it when you can fight off those awful mosquitoes for it. How well I remember those nasty insects from my mission days in the Minnesota Minneapolis Mission! I thought they were bad in UT and ID where I grew up and now live – but they’re nothing compared to Minn! Good luck with all the chaos and busyness and work of the next several weeks.

  11. This yard looks like one of those `secret places´ you find when you least expect it. Simply beautiful Mel, sans mosquitoes of course!

  12. Barbara says:

    What a lovely yard! You will need to put up some martin houses. They love mosquitoes and are voracious eaters of them… and will help you get control of such annoying pests. I can empathize with your waterlogged belongings having just found water in my finished basement that shouldn’t be there because I have a sump pump. I would never have found the problem if I hadn’t been looking for something that was lost. Good luck with the move. LOVE your blog. It’s one of my very FAVORITES!

  13. Charlotte says:

    SO BEAUTIFUL!! Way to keep your eye on the prize–but water in storage??–hoo boy!– you’d better land well after such a process!!

  14. Abbie says:

    Yes a beautiful yard! Too bad about the mosquitos. I know how you feel though they are just as bad here in Northern Canada.

  15. Stacey says:

    What a gorgeous yard!

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