For those that don’t mind a slight deviation from really good food, here’s my top three snapshots of the last week or so giving a little glimpse into real life around these parts:

five little kids sitting on a couch togetherAfter a long weekend of cleaning out the barn, stacking the rest of the firewood, making more marshmallow eggs, watching the snow melt, and other various energetic activities, we tucked in for a family movie night. On the docket: Nanny McPhee. It was a new one to us even though it’s been around a while. The kids (well, besides Cam, who basically ran around like a wild 2-year old) were enthralled and very, very worried about a) if this movie was real (we need to get out more) and b) Nanny McPhee’s very odd front tooth.

a little boys and girl in church clothes standing and looking at each otherI just…I just love this picture. These two are best buds. They pal around all day long together. And that dress? Can you even? My mom, after getting back from a trip to Switzerland, just whipped this up for Cam after seeing all the little cute dresses there. And if you are wondering, no, I did not inherit any of that sewing talent.

four little boys playing in icy waterSpeaking of the snow melting, this is what we are left with. And this is how the boys spent about 7/8ths of their day. Lest you think the muddy water stayed just on their muck boots, think again. Behold the endless-laundry-joys of four boys who love mud and a mom who loves boys finally being able to run out their energy in the wild instead of in the kitchen.

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