It’s been ages and ages and ages since I’ve posted a Snapshot Saturday. Between posting more to Instagram (I was very late to the Instagram party thinking it wasn’t for me but now I’m quite enjoying it; story of my life) and more personal running updates, these poor Snapshot Saturdays have been neglected.

But, since I haven’t posted this tidbit anywhere else, let me proudly introduce you to our new family member(s). Fifteen of these cute little babies, to be exact (actually half are these adorable Buff Orpingtons and the other half are little black chicks – Australorps).

A little boy holding a baby chick.

Send chick advice ASAP!

They are currently living in a homemade awesome plywood brooder box in our front entryway since the garage is too cold for them at the moment (thank you broken garage door that won’t close even an inch). To say the kids are in heaven is a complete understatement. These chickies will definitely be held and loved and snuggled. A lot.

Bring on the farm fresh eggs, baby. (Actually, at this point, we are hoping we don’t end up with 15 roosters.)