While on a mini-vacation to Montana (where my parents live) last week, I snapped a few photos of my kids. Here’s some minor observations on my part:

a) Baby sister ain’t looking so happy. Her dour expression pretty much sums up her reaction to all pictures taken that evening (including a desperate attempt at a new family pic…major fail). The minute pictures were over, we couldn’t get her to stop smiling, little turkey.

b) My youngest boy (second from the left), love his cute little soul, looks like a 43-year old engineer trapped in a 3-year old’s body. Can I get an amen? The combination of glasses, slicked back hair, plaid shirt tucked into belted jeans – adorable and slightly nerdy and completely, 100% my responsibility since the dude obviously didn’t slick back his own hair or pick out his clothes for this picture. No offense to all the plaid-wearing, belted-jeans engineers out there, nerdy or not (ahem, Dad and Pops).

c) Paracord bracelets (you can see them on several of the boys’ wrists) were the hit after Grandpa showed the boys how to make them. I am currently wearing a purple and pink one around my ankle – the boys and I pinky swore we would each wear ours until we are reunited in a week (they are staying at Grandma and Grandpa’s while we get things situated for our upcoming move) since we knew it would be hard to be apart.

d) I learned by taking pictures of my kids that while I can take a pretty decent photo of chocolate chip cookies, photographing actual human beings is not my forte. My respect goes out to each of you who actually do take pictures of real, live people. I don’t know how you manage to keep a smile on your face and peace in your hearts. The picture you see above was one of at least 150 taken of this same pose. In the end, I still had to Photoshop at least two heads to make sure everyone was smiling, looking at the camera and/or not attempting to elbow his/her brother in the groin. Oy. Back to shooting cookies. Much, much easier (and yummier, too).

Happy weekend, everyone! If family pictures are in your future, may the blessings and trial of all of my failed picture attempts be with you.

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