This is one of my favorite pictures from our recent family reunion:
five little kids standing against a wooden fence outside

Followed by this close second:
a man crashing into a lake off of a tube

Nothing says family reunion and summer fun like attempting family pictures and adult boys trying to dump each other off a tube as quickly as possible. My kids are laughing uncontrollably in that 1st picture because my brother was pretending to smack mosquitoes off my head while I was taking the picture and my kids thought it was hilarious. Easily amused (the kids and my brother).

That same brother is the guy about to smash into the lake (the arm protruding from the water belongs to my poor brother-in-law). Don’t worry, all ended well. My brother is an ER doctor and was able to attend to their minor injuries and still beg to get back on for one more run.

I’d share the other 542 photos I snapped at the family reunion but let’s be serious, no one really wants to see all those except for directly related family members and even then, Brian fell asleep halfway through. Come to find out, I really can take as many pictures of real, live people as I do of chocolate chip cookies.