11 Responses to The Best Beef Main Dishes

  1. Ellen says:

    Hello Mel,
    I made your best frosting for our family favorite chocolate cake and everyone loved it.
    My daughter thought it was whipped cream !
    Thank you so much.

  2. Audrey says:

    Baked spaghetti pie is amazing! One of my families favorites now. Hard to go back to regular spaghetti and meat sauce after making this recipe!

  3. susan says:

    I would apppreciate some help finding good slowcooker pork recipes

  4. Brandon says:

    I loved your other website better, easier to work with, this one is not working. Click on ‘Best Recipes’ for Main dishes and nothing appears?

  5. Lrochon says:

    Tried the best fajitas. Loved it! My kids loved it to. I will be using it again

  6. emma lee says:

    HI from australia!!! i love this page!!xxxxx

  7. carol riley says:

    i would to know before i fry my rice do i steam it first ‘before i fry please let me know i like to try this .

  8. Lisa says:


    You mentioned that you are looking for the perfect smothered pork chops recipe. I saw your post for the porkchops with apples and onions (which looks delicious!), but I was wondering if you had unearthed the smothered porkchops recipe you go to yet.

    PS-Made your unbelievable chocolate cake and frosting this Sunday for a Halloween party. Big hit!


  9. Sophie says:

    This is heaven…the white sauce makes it. I wanted to eat the whole pan! It’s not so great as leftovers though, the white sauce gets absorbed into the noodles, and isn’t quite as tasty.

    • Sonja says:

      I wonder if you could just keep the sauce and noodles separate. That’s what we do with most of our sauce/pasta meals. Works pretty well for us at least.

  10. Kallie Ackley says:

    This stuff looks great!

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