Get 12 of my favorite, make-ahead breakfast recipes all in one place!

A collage of eight different make-ahead breakfasts.

Breakfast on Christmas morning, in my humble opinion, should be delicious, special, and most importantly: easy. While every household is different, we usually wake up (ok, let’s be serious, the kids wake us up unethically early) and dig into our stockings after which I make everyone pause (met with lots of groans) to eat breakfast together before we unwrap presents.

I love having a warm, fun, breakfast without having to go to a lot of work that morning. In honor of that, here are my top 12 favorite make-ahead breakfast recipes. Each would be delicious for Christmas morning!

For all the yeast recipes (cinnamon rolls and orange rolls), to make-ahead, simply prep the recipe through shaping and placing the rolls on the pans. Cover and refrigerate overnight. Pop them into the oven while it preheats and bake just like normal (I always make the glaze the night before too).

As for the rollup blender pancakes (my kids’ favorite breakfast of all time), I very often make these start-to-finish, let cool, stack them on a plate, refrigerate and reheat in a skillet or in the microwave for a perfect breakfast. The toppings could be extra special for Christmas morning: whipped cream, berries, chocolate, yum!