UPDATE:This compilation of 30-minute meals has been so popular, I’ve converted it over to an ever-populating list (meaning, every time I post a new 30-minute meal, it will show up automatically). That new, sweet page is HERE! It’s the one you want to bookmark. Trust me.

In honor of the fall school year being in full force and because I know many of you are 100 times busier than I am, here are my favorite quick meals (30-minute meals, if you like that term better). Everyday ingredients for out-of-this-world dinners that won’t take you longer than 30 minutes to prepare. Every single meal you see here makes regular appearances at our dinner table (and will again once we get out of this durn hotel!). I triple-love no-brainer dinners. And here’s 39 of them for your cooking pleasure! (Hover over the picture for the recipe title; click on the picture – or right click and Open in New Tab/Window – to go to the recipe.)