This bread may very well change your life. It is the accompaniment I served with the chili the other night and I have already made it twice since then.

It is quick, simple and pretty near close to no-fail. Plus, it tastes terrific. No, not terrific…divine. It is chewy and moist and resembles a thicker, just-as-delicious focaccia.

I just can’t get over how easy it is to literally throw together. The recipe comes from the King Arthur Flour blog and they sum it up perfectly: “Warm, aromatic yeast bread, hot from the oven—with no kneading, AND in under 2 hours.” Hello? It sounds like a no-brainer to me.

I can’t even begin to count the times it will make an appearance at our dinner table.

**Update: After hearing back from a few who have tried this bread, I have adjusted the recipe to prevent a bland dough. Basically I just took out the “optional” behind some of the ingredients and added a bit of garlic salt to kick things up a bit.

Blitz Bread

Blitz Bread


  • 1 1/2 cups (12 ounces) warm water
  • 3 tablespoons (1 1/4 ounces) olive oil (plus additional for drizzling)
  • 1 1/4 teaspoons salt
  • 3 1/2 cups (14 ¾ ounces) all-purpose flour
  • 1 tablespoon instant yeast
  • 1/2 teaspoon garlic salt
  • 3 teaspoons dried herbs (I have an herb medley of oregano, basil, parsley and rosemary that I use)
  • dried herbs for sprinkling


  1. Lightly grease a 9? x 13? pan, and drizzle 1 to 2 tablespoons olive oil in the bottom. Combine all of the ingredients, except the dried herbs for sprinkling, and beat at high speed with an electric mixer for 60 seconds. Scoop the sticky batter into the prepared pan, cover the pan, and let it rise at room temperature for 60 minutes, till it is puffy.
  2. While the dough is rising, preheat the oven to 375°F. Gently poke the dough all over with your index finger. Drizzle it lightly with olive oil, and sprinkle with the dried herbs of your choice, if desired. Bake the bread till it’s golden brown, 35 to 40 minutes. Remove it from the oven, wait 5 minutes, then turn it out of the pan onto a rack. Serve warm or at room temperature.


To make cheese-stuffed bread: Add 1 cup crumbled feta cheese to the dough after it’s been kneaded for 60 seconds.

Recipe Source: adapted from King Arthur Flour

56 Responses to Blitz Bread

  1. Natasha says:

    Mmmm! This was so good! I substituted carrot juice for the water and it turned such a pretty color! It was so soft and chewy on the inside and crunchy on the outside. And so easy! Thank you!

  2. Caroline says:

    This was so yummy! I’ll definitely be making it again:) Thanks!!

  3. Caileigh says:

    I followed the recipe and the dough was very tough. Even after adding more liquid it was like a normal slightly sticky bread dough. Not like a batter at all. Also it didn’t rise. Any idea what may have went wrong?

    • Mel says:

      Caileigh – It sounds to me like it was overfloured – that’s usually the cause of not rising (other than yeast being expired). This should be a fairly wet dough so maybe measuring with a lighter hand. You could check out THIS page on how I measure my flour. Sorry the dough was tough!

  4. Heidi says:

    My family LOVES this bread- as does everyone I’ve made it for. It’s so easy to make a warm loaf of bread for dinner, and this recipe is perfect for our favorite way to eat it: DIPPING. Oil and balsamic, pesto, marinara… Thank you for sharing this, Melanie. Can I just make a teeny suggestion my daughter discovered? Sprinkle sea salt on the loaf along with the herbs before baking. Yummy!

  5. Kristina says:

    My bread is in the oven as I type and it smells so good! I am serving it alongside a lasagna I made a few weeks back and froze for such a night as this. Lots of herbs will hopefully make this a yummy side dish/appetizer!

  6. Natalie says:

    I am making this bread for the 3rd time this week. Quick, easy and delicious. We are having this tonight with veggie soup. Thanks for all the great recipes!

  7. Mel says:

    Stacey – I gently spread the dough toward the edges of the pan. It needs a little help because it won’t completely spread out on its own.

  8. Stacey says:

    So…to be clear…after beating the bread dough with the mixer I plop the blob of dough into the pan-do I need to spread it out before covering? Or just cover the blob and it will spread on its own?

  9. mrsblocko says:

    I wanted to let you know that you can very easily make a half recipe of this delicious bread. I wrote about it here and it turned out wonderful. Thanks again for posting this recipe.

  10. Sonya says:

    I made this tonight with a chicken soup and it was wonderful. I loved that it was start to finish less than 2 hours. I was able to make the dough, make the dinner, bake the dough while dinner cooked and everything was done at the same time. A huge thumbs up from this family. Thanks for another great bread!

  11. Ashley says:

    How sticky should this dough be? I know you said the dough would be sticky, but should it be more sticky than a traditional bread dough? It was tempting for me to add more flour, but I was wondering what the consistency was supposed to be. Thanks! I love your site!

    • Mel says:

      Ashley – yes, this is much stickier than a traditional bread dough. It sounds like you made it just right…hope you loved the end result.

  12. Luv2cook says:

    I am so in love with your site..I love cream spinach your gratin was awesome.used the technique of brushing oil on tortillas and baking for the chimichangas(used different filling because had leftovers) they came out great.baking has always been much to my chagrin because I don’t measure when I cook but the blitz bread was crazy good and simple.I used salt, pepper , parsley, garlic powder, red pepper happy I can make my own bread now!

  13. Suz says:

    I’m not a huge foccacia bread person myself, but my (picky) kids adored this bread! It was super duper quick and easy. I served it with the slow cooker beef stew…such lovely comfort food. So nice to feed my kids non-processed bread. Will be making this again.

  14. Kensi says:

    okay, so I bought olive oil and made it today. I thought it was perfect! And very easy. Thanks so much!

  15. Kensi says:

    This looks yummy! How important is it to use olive oil? Can I substitute it with canola oil?

  16. Melanie says:

    Hi Tracey – thanks for your comment! I love the idea of using this bread for paninis. I make them all the time but the thought never crossed my mind to use this recipe!

  17. Tracey says:

    This bread looks really good! I’ve made a similar recipe from King Arthur Flour’s website, but it was called “Easy Foccacia for Panini.” It’s good, but this recipe looks like it might turn out a little better, and requires less rise time. If you have leftovers of this bread, I bet it would make a DELICIOUS panini sandwich!!…just cut it horizontally, instead of vertically, fill with toppings, & grill!
    Thanks for all of your delicious recipes, I was recently told about your website, and have enjoyed looking through and trying your recipes:) You’ve inspired me to try to make more yummy, homemade meals for my family!

  18. Melanie says:

    Hey Nicole – glad you liked this! It sounds like a perfect pairing with the lentil soup. Thanks for letting me know!

  19. Nicole Higginbotham says:

    Well, ditto what everyone has said already – quick and delicious. Love it. I’m dipping it in olive oil and balsamic vinegar right now and eating it – YUM. I subbed a cup of whole wheat flour in it. I made the Tuscan Lentil soup from the Sister’s cafe the other night, this bread will probably go well with those leftovers, yay. Thanks Melanie!

  20. Melanie says:

    Mrsblocko – I just checked out your post and I’m so glad you liked this! Thanks for letting me know and for weighing in on the mixer vs. hand stirring method.

  21. Mrsblocko says:

    Thank you for the recipe! As a girl who is horrible at making bread with yeast, this bread is rockin awesome! I wrote about making it here:

    To the person who asked about the cuisinart…I didn’t even break out the hand mixer. This bread is so awesome you can mix it with a spoon and still get wonderful results!

  22. Melanie says:

    Bentley Family – I agree, this bread is so perfect for a busy weeknight when you don’t have a lot of time (or are coming home from a long day of work). I’m glad it turned out well for you! My only guesses as to why it wouldn’t have spread would have to do with humidity/dryness in the air and how much that may have changed the amount of flour you used – but since I’m no expert, that is only a guess! If you have a slightly smaller casserole dish, you might try that next time and see if it helps the bread to meet the edges of the pan. Thanks for your comment!

  23. Marianne says:

    I make this about once a week and when I drizzle with the olive oil and herbs before baking I also top with parmesan cheese. Has a nice flavor.

    Just found your blog and love it!

  24. grace says:

    i bookmarked this recipe the instant i saw it on the king arthur flour blog. i’m glad to know it’s as terrific as i thought it might be. 🙂

  25. Erin says:

    Oooh, fascinating! I’ll definitely give this a try!

  26. Julie P says:

    We had soup for dinner last night, and after 3 pm I started wishing I had a quick recipe for foccacia I could whip up and serve alongside. If only I saw this post earlier!!

  27. Beth says:

    I think I could live on bread – this looks divine…and perfect with chilli!!

  28. Darrin and Britta says:

    Mmmmmmm this bread is SO good! I am completely addicted to your website. We just made this bread to go with our lasagna tonight, and we dipped it in olive oil with seasonings. Very easy to make and a wonderful flavor and texture! Thanks again for your recipes!

  29. Melanie says:

    LDS Mom – this blitz bread is fantastic, isn’t it? Mostly because it is so easy and quick. Thank you for letting me know that you have made it and enjoyed it – that means a lot to me!

  30. Melanie says:

    Marianne – I agree, this is a great easy recipe. I love it, too. Thanks for your comment!

  31. The Bentley Family and Aussiemuminthekitchen says:

    Hey Melanie! I made this for the first time last night and I couldn’t believe how easy it was and how yummy it tasted. I was in heaven! My husband liked it and so did my 15 month old son. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! I love bread and am so thrilled that I will be able to come home from work and make a loaf of this blitz bread whenever I have a hankering for it. The only thing I found when I made my bread was that while it was rising, my bread didn’t quite spread to all edges of the pan. Any ideas? Nonetheless, it was still delicious and once cut up no-one even needed to know that was the case.

  32. Melanie says:

    Hi everyone – thanks for your comments! I hope you like the bread as much as I do. Bunny – as for the herbs, I personally used dried, but if you experiment with fresh let me know. The dried herbs I’ve used to make it (both the 3 teaspoons in the dough and for sprinkling on top of the dough) are an herb blend that I usually use to sprinkle on oil when dipping bread in the oil. The blend I used had garlic salt, rosemary, parsley, thyme and oregano in it. Next time, I am going to grab individual dried herbs from my spice cabinet and sprinkle garlic salt, basil, oregano and parsley. Let me know if you have any other questions!

  33. Holly (2 Kids and Tired) says:

    This was delicious. Thanks for sharing it. It was easy and a hit with my family.

  34. Sara says:

    This looks great, I’m always searching for new bread recipes.

  35. Bunny Wilson says:

    Thanks for the answer, Melanie. I’m heading out to the grocer’s in just a bit and will pick up what I need. BTW, I gave your White Chili recipe to a friend (crediting you) and talked with her this morning. She said she made it and it was the *best* she had ever had. That recipe is a gold medal keeper!

  36. Psychgrad says:

    Ok – I think I can do this. I have some questions first (don’t laugh, I never make bread)..For the mixing, can I use my cuisinart (with the plastic blade – I think it’s for dough)? Or should I use a my handblender? I don’t have a stand mixer. Ok – second question…I’m thinking about making this to eat with a potato leek soup….or maybe a squash soup. Would the flavours go well together?

  37. Melanie says:

    Holly – I’m so glad you liked this. It appears often in our house because it is so easy!

  38. jaesi says:

    deliciousness.Making it.

  39. Psychgrad says:

    Thanks for the response! I have something like < HREF="" REL="nofollow">this<>. It doesn’t have a picture of the blade, but it’s called a “dough blade”. I’ll ask my mom, Giz, what she things too. I’ll let you know how it all turns out.

  40. Laura says:

    I’m gonna have to give this a try. It sounds too easy. Mix the dough put it in a pan and leave it for 1 hour, then bake. Yummy.

  41. nicole says:

    Mmm… looks delicious.

  42. PheMom says:

    I have had this one bookmarked too, but haven’t gotten around to it – with such a glowing review I’m sure I’ll get to it really soon now!

  43. Bunny Wilson says:

    Hi Melanie. I’m definitely going to try this because I love yeast bread and I’ve yet to find a recipe for it that I’ve been successful with. This one looks “do-able” for me. But, I need more info on the herb medley. Dried or fresh? Does it matter which herbs? Which did you use personally? Thanks!

  44. Emily says:

    I am most definately going to try this recipe out! It looks just like fladen brot! Yum-E!

  45. nicole says:

    Mmm… looks delicious.

  46. Melanie says:

    Britta (I always respond to Darrin AND Britta but I’m assuming it is just Britta commenting, right??? Let me know if I am wrong 🙂 – You are so sweet. I smiled after reading your comment because it made me feel so good. This recipe is such a great go-to, easy bread to use for dinner. I’m glad you liked it!

  47. Deborah says:


  48. Maria says:

    That sounds too good to be true! I can’t wait to try it out!!

  49. LDS Mom says:

    Love your blog!Thanks for sharing this recipe. I’ve made it four times since you posted it. It was a big hit with my family, both old and young.

  50. Melanie says:

    Psychgrad – not laughing, I promise! Ok, so I’m not familiar with the cuisinart and it’s blades so my recommendation would be to use your handblender. You’ll probably have to operate it at max speed, but it should work just fine, as long as you don’t get too frustrated with the stickiness. As for serving it with the soups you mentioned, I think it would go perfectly because you can tailor the dried herbs you use in the dough and for sprinkling to the flavors of your soup. Let me know how it turns out!

  51. Leigh Anne says:

    I’ve made this bread 3 times in the last few weeks – we love it!!Thanks for sharing. Think I’m going to post it on my blog soon!

  52. Leigh Anne says:

    It’s going in the pile of “To Try” recipes right now!! I LOVE bread!!! Will be trying it this weekend for sure. Thanks!Leigh Anne @

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