Candy! All sorts of candy! Truffles, bark, caramels, toffee, candied nuts. Check out this collage of 18 of the BEST Christmas candy recipes.

And here, my friends, is where I provide you with the first of several, exciting collages for the holiday season. Candy! All sorts of candy! Truffles, bark, caramels, toffee, candied nuts. It’s here. For you. Click on a picture to get to the recipe or hover over for a recipe description. Next week is devoted to all things cheesecake and cookies. Hold on to your thighs cause it’s going to be heavenly.

Happy Candy Making! (Is candy – the making of, not the eating of – appearing on your holiday to-do list? If so, spill the details!) Christmas Candy Collage {18 Recipes in One Place!}