These free printable Easter candy bar wrappers are a fun way to say “Hoppy” Easter to anyone you please!

two candy bars wrapped in a paper label that says hoppy Easter.

You know…in an ideal world, I’d have a new and updated Easter menu for you this week. Seven salivating courses. Step-by-step photos and a foolproof outline to make Easter dinner a gushing success.

But…um…these last 6 weeks of pregnancy are kicking my trash (to put it very, very mildly) and so I leave you today…

pink and blue hoppy Easter candy bar printable labels

…with some cute (free!) Easter candy bar printables I whipped up for you instead. I don’t recommend replacing your seven course Easter dinner with these candy bars, but they would be great for friend/neighbor/teacher gifts and a simple, fun way to say “Hoppy” Easter to anyone you please. There are two PDF files below – one for wrappers to fit the traditional 1.55-ounce size Hershey bar and another file for the large-and-in-charge Symphony bars (or like-sized candy bars), 4.25-ounces.

pink and blue Hoppy Easter printables wrapped around two candy bars

I must really, seriously have baby on the brain because as I look at these pictures, you can see that they could easily double (if you changed out the words) for baby shower party favors. Blue and pink. Blue and pink. Can you tell I’m still not convinced this baby is going to be a girl (despite the fact that “her” four brothers and dad are convinced that she is)?

Coming up Friday…an Easter dinner make-a-menu to help you with your dinner plans!

Click the links below for the PDF printables.
*Make sure when the .pdf file opens and you print it, that in the printer options in the drop-down box next to Page Scaling “None” is selected.*

Symphony-Sized (4.25-ounce) Candy Bar Wrappers

Hershey Bar (1.55-ounce) Candy Bar Wrappers