Garlic and Herb Butter Spread

True to my promise, here is the delectable whipped butter spread I was telling you about Monday. Equal parts cream cheese and butter with a healthy dose of all things flavor, the spread doesn’t taste overly cream cheesy – in fact, it stays loyal to the whipped butter taste and the cream cheese simply helps give it a dimension of light fluffiness that boosts its addictive appeal. Don’t fret over the long list of spices and dried herbs – they are all very common and the spread comes together in about 5 seconds flat. Ok, maybe 10. I broke out the list of ingredients this way in order to avoid using a prepackaged Italian seasoning mix since I like to be able to use what I have on hand instead of relying on a package from the store.

After making this and eating it with the Rosemary Bread, I’m pretty sure I need to plan a party ASAP where the food consists simply of several different types of artisan breads and a selection of savory (and maybe sweet?) buttery spreads to compliment the bread. Wouldn’t that be dreamy? Taste test after taste test of luxurious, tender bread smothered in different types of creamy, buttery concoctions. I’m so doing it. And you are all invited! (Maybe we can coordinate the bread and butter festivities so you can all come when my baby arrives and fix me dinner for the next six months. Yep. Great plan.)

Garlic and Herb Butter Spread

Garlic and Herb Butter Spread

Yield: Makes 2 cups

Garlic and Herb Butter Spread


  • 8 ounces cream cheese, softened
  • 1 cup butter (2 sticks), softened
  • 1/4 teaspoon garlic powder
  • 1/4 teaspoon onion powder
  • 1/4 teaspoon sugar
  • 1/2 teaspoon oregano
  • 1/4 teaspoon pepper
  • 1/8 teaspoon thyme
  • 1/8 teaspoon basil
  • 1/4 teaspoon dried parsley
  • 1/8 teaspoon celery salt
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt


  1. In a medium bowl, whip the cream cheese and butter with a handheld mixer (or electric stand mixer) until light and fluffy and smooth. Add in the spices and herbs and mix until well combined. Serve at cool room temperature with slices of artisan bread.

Recipe Source: adapted from a recipe given to me by my sister-in-law, Mary G.

35 Responses to Garlic and Herb Butter Spread

  1. Carrie says:

    This is so delicious. I have made it several times and it’s always a hit. We had it again last night at a family dinner with assorted sourdough breads, divine!

  2. Marti says:

    All are the herbs (oregano, thyme, basil) dried leaf or are some of them ground?

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  6. Joan says:

    Oh, geez, now that I finally asked in the above comment, I kept opening all the email notices and one had some boxes to check, so hopefully I figured out how to suspend the emails. Thanks and sorry 🙁

  7. Joan says:

    I’m not sure what button I pressed, but I get several of these notices:
    “Manage your subscriptions on Mel's Kitchen Cafe”
    every day and when I open them, it always says:
    “Manage subscriptions
    In order to cancel or suspend one or more notifications, select the corresponding checkbox(es) and click on the button at the end of the list. You are currently subscribed to:
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    Do you know what I have to do to “undo” it? Thanks and I enjoy reading your blog, but will enjoy it more when I figure out how to stop the notices.

  8. Angenette says:

    Wow, this is good stuff! I made it to”save” bread I made but had forgotten to add salt to the dough. My extremely picky kids gobbled it up! This morning I had to tell my oldest that he could not have it for breakfast! But then he got me thinking, and after he left for school I whisked a dollop of it into my scrambled egg mixture. It smelled incredible cooking, and those were possibly the best scrambled eggs I’ve ever had! Thank you!

  9. Beth says:

    This was yummy! It reminds me of Boursin cheese, which is so expensive that we don’t indulge very often. I decided to whip this up for a night of make-your-own-chef’s-salad night to go on some crusty whole wheat bread. My skinny six-year old, who I am constantly trying to get more calories into, loved it and had four large pieces of bread with this slathered on (he even asked if it could be spread on both sides of the bread!)

    When I expressed some irritation at the mountain of salad he had served himself and then not eaten, he was frustrated and said, “Mom, how was I supposed to know that this garlic spread would be so good!!” Lucky for him, there’s enough garlic spread and bread leftover to go in his lunch tomorrow. Now I need to try it with the macaroni grill bread. Thanks for putting some meat on my kids’ bones, Mel.

  10. Jennifer G. says:

    I made this spread with the Rosemary Bread last night to “test out” before making it next weekend when I am bringing a meal to a family from church. It was delicious and completely devoured by my family for dinner. I feel very confident others will like it as well. Loved the combo of herbs and very easy to mix together. I made a 1/2 batch which was plenty.

  11. hayley says:

    Oh my gosh, this was divine. I made this and the rosemary bread tonight with the beach street lemon chicken pasta…(we eat that pasta a lot. It’s so delish!)-

    Anyhow, all of it was so divine. I feel like Betty Crocker. And am eating bread and butter for breakfast, lunch and dinner tomorrow!

  12. Mel says:

    Brittany – I’ve kept it in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks with no problem, as long as your cream cheese and butter are on the fresher side of things.

  13. Mel says:

    Lulu – I think the original recipe was one package of Italian seasoning to almost 3 pounds of butter and 3 pounds of cream cheese, but to be perfectly honest, I can’t remember! I scaled down the recipe a lot and added my own herbs so I can’t be positive. Sorry!

  14. Um, that’s quite an odd comment from Stephen. But moving on! This looks delicious, Mel. I can think of all sorts of great toppings for crostini with this spread. Thanks for sharing!

  15. Brittany says:

    How long can this be kept in the fridge?? Thanks!

  16. Lulu says:

    Love your site!! Love your recipes. On Garlic Herb, I have packages of Italian Seasoning I would like to use. Can you tell me how much to substitute for all the separate herbs. When is baby due??

  17. Nevine @ Tableya says:

    I can totally see this as a grilled chicken or Middle Eastern kofta sandwich spread too:) Lovely!

  18. Chris says:

    YUM! A bread and butter party – my whole family would be there!

  19. sara says:

    Yummo! I’ll come to your party. I’ll gladly exchange some freezer meals for a night of bread and herbed butter indulgence…

  20. Lorrie says:

    Okay you have this down, now lets work on Texas Roadhouse rolls and their sweet butter! Yummy, cant wait to try this.

  21. Karen says:

    I want to make your Rosemary bread with this spread this weekend. I can’t wait! Oh, and I would love to come to the bread and butter party. Can I bring my peanut butter and bananas along?

  22. Erin says:

    I cannot wait to try this! It looks so yummy! I am addicted to bread and butter 🙂 And I love the idea of a party with different kinds of breads and spreads. Awesome idea!

  23. Jess says:

    A bread party, I love it! Definitely feature your pretzels with that homemade cheese sauce you plan to invent for our dipping pleasure!

  24. Mel says:

    Catherine – sure!

  25. Um yes! I think a bread and butta party is a fabulous idea!

  26. Kim in MD says:

    I have been waiting for you to post this recipe, Mel! I thought it was just herb butter, but the addition of cream cheese sounds even more delicious! I grow fresh herbs in the summer, and I think they would be amazing in this-don’t you? Fresh herbs or dried herbs…this is a must make recipe for me (along with the rosemary bread, of course)!

  27. toni says:

    This looks soooo yummy!! Thanks for the recipe!

  28. That sounds soo good, and I love the bread/butter party. I would go into a carb coma after that one! I have so many of your recipes bookmarked to try! Great job.

  29. Loy says:

    I just posted something similar, but with a higher cream cheese to butter ratio. Let me tell you that it is wonderful on smashed potatoes. I’ll be that this would be wonderful, too. Thanks for sharing.

  30. Catherine says:

    Could you use this spread to make open-faced garlic toast under the broiler for spaghetti night?

  31. Julia says:

    This sounds wonderful! I was just thinking I wanted to be invited to the party where you served the bread and spreads. Too bad I live in NC!

  32. Yum, I love the butter cream cheese combo. The seasoning sounds perfect!

  33. StephenC says:

    Be sure to post photos of the baby right away after birth.

  34. Priyanka says:

    Nice idea I have never tried anything like this.

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