The last gift guide! And it’s a good one. Today’s gift guide is a little his and a little hers. Everything from practical to fun to you-can’t-live-without. 

Nothing is sponsored! Everything is loved (and they are all things we’ve bought or been gifted by family and friends). I hope this inspires some great gift giving ideas if you are already in that mode of thinking of what to get your loved ones! This is just a smattering of things I’ve loved over the years; below are some links to other his + hers gift guides with some other great ideas.

Disclaimer: some (not all) of the links below are Amazon affiliate links (where I’ve purchased these games); feel free to shop around for the best deal!

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Feel free to share any of your favorites in the comments! Also, thanks for your patience this week as I’ve been a little delayed in getting my make-ahead Thanksgiving post up for you (as well as a couple Thanksgiving recipes I was planning on). We’ve had some family challenges come up this week that have taken precedence over blog posts (that weren’t already prescheduled like these gift guides). Thanks for your patience and love. 🙂

His + Hers Gift Guide

1. Tabletopics: one of my favorite gifts to give this year! These conversation starters are both fun and helpful…even for families who’ve known each other for generations! There are lots of different sets to choose from (even one for teens – hallelujah!). I love the idea of sitting around the table chatting and these cards are a good place to start.

2. Land’s End Sweats: I bought these sweat pants for Brian last year for Christmas, and they are basically the best sweats ever. Comfy and actually kind of classy (if sweats can be classy). 

3. Freak Out Journal: this is a great gift for the anxiety-prone person in your life. Not only is it kind of lighthearted (as in, my sister and I both got a good laugh when I gave this to her – we are both too high stress for our own good) but it is also awesomely helpful with writing prompts to get feelings and stresses out of your head and onto paper. I love this little journal.

4. Capri Blue Hand Cream: this is my favorite hand lotion ever. My friend Deb told me about it last year and I’ve been using it nonstop since (and it’s one of my go-tos to give for birthdays and fun little gifts). The smell is seriously yummy without being over the top fragrant and it’s the perfect blend of moisturizer without being greasy. Love it. It’s on my own wish list this year so I can keep an extra tube in my church bag. 

5. The Best Soup Bowls: pretty and functional, these bowls are awesome. They are decently sized without being so big it feels unnatural to eat soup out of them – and they are dishwasher and microwave safe. They cycle in and out of stock on Amazon (I learned the hard way when I wanted to buy a second set), so I’d grab them quick if you want a set.

6. Pura Vida Bar Necklace: I wear this necklace almost every day (if I’m not wearing it, I’m wearing this silver bar necklace) and for a very minimalistic jewelry wearer, it adds just the right touch of color and style. Plus, it’s super affordable…and so cute! 

7. Bosch/Instant Pot: I can’t do a gift guide without mentioning my two favorite appliances in the entire world. If you haven’t jumped on the Instant Pot bandwagon, I really can’t tell you one reason why you shouldn’t! Considering I use it almost every day, it’s definitely a favorite here. I have the 6-quart and the 8-quart and recommend the 6-quart in almost all cases (unless you are feeding over 7 people most of the time or like to cook in bulk and freeze). And the Bosch is just…well…my appliance soulmate. If you’re looking for a deal on a big purchase like this, I hear you can get this crazy huge Bosch package for almost $200 off using the coupon code HOLIDAYBOSCH – I think that goes until Dec 25th while supplies last (keep an eye out for Cyber Monday deals, too). 

8. My Favorite Earrings: I’ve never spent over $20 on earrings before this pair, and I haven’t regretted it at all. Just like I mentioned above with the necklaces, I am not a jewelry fiend…I find something I love and wear it every day, and these earrings are no exception. So pretty and stylish and elegant. 

9. Slippers: Ok, so I love slippers. I wear them every single day, and I’m not even going to tell you how many pairs I have. But these ballet-style slippers are some of my favorites. I’m not a super fan of bulky slippers for myself (although these are totally Brian’s style if you’re looking for a men’s pair) and these ballerina slippers are warm and super comfy…and really, really cute.

10. Egg Poacher: most of you are probably more talented than me and can poach an egg like nobody’s business (actually I can make a mean poached egg in the microwave)…BUT…when I want to make six poached eggs at once for the fam, this super handy egg poacher skillet thingie is THE BEST.

11. Etkecity Portable Lanterns: perfect for kids and adults, these battery powered lanterns are functional and just plain awesome. And they won’t burn the house (or tent) down. They come in very handy for everything from fort building in the bonus room to camping to late night cow tipping. 🙂

12. Best Tie Down Straps: I have fought more battles with tangled tie down straps than I care to admit. I actually think tie down straps have caused me to say more bad words in my lifetime than anything else. My brother, Jed, told me about these babies; he and my dad both have this kind and swear they are the best tie down straps ever. I hope Brian isn’t reading this or his Christmas is officially spoiled. 

13. Multiple Charging Station: this 6-port charging station is a sanity saver. It sits on my kitchen counter, takes up relatively little space, and is a docking station for everyone’s electronics without having cords strewn everywhere. It’s definitely not a glamorous gift, but man, it sure is awesome. There’s a 6-port station and also a 4-port station available. 

14. Truffle Salt: for the foodie in your life! This truffle salt is exotic…and yet ridiculously tasty on the most humble of foods (think: popcorn, potato chips, fried eggs). My brother sent me a jar of this, and it makes me feel all sorts of fancy standing at the counter in my PJs snarfing down my morning eggs. A little goes a long way, but if you or someone you know loves a touch of truffle flavor, this will be a hit!

15. Theo Chocolate: on the foodie note, I have fallen madly and deeply in love with Theo chocolate (thanks to those of you who mentioned it on one of my Friday Thoughts posts). I ordered a variety of chocolate bars to test out (you know, for research purposes), and holy moly. I’ve eaten a lot of chocolate in my day, but the quality is incredible and the flavors are both classic…and some a little out there (in a good, fun way). A few favorites so far: Nutcracker Brittle, Cherry Almond, Salted Toffee, Chocolate/Peanut Butter.

16. Saranoni Blankets: I’ve mentioned these blankets before, but based on how many of these blankets I’ve gifted over the last year (for new baby gifts, thinking-of-you gifts, Christmas and birthdays) and how much we LOVE our pile of Saranoni blankets at home, they deserve another shout out. I think I am officially a blanket snob after knowing and loving these blankets. Truly, the softest, highest quality, best blankets we have. My kids are begging for their own individual Saranoni blanket (it certainly would minimize the early morning fighting during scripture study over the two we do have – our blankets are in use full-time no matter the season). 

17. Lightweight Backpack: I carried this durable yet lightweight backpack all through Alaska on our cruise in August, and it was amazing. I loved it so much, I’ve adopted it as a part-time purse even after vacationing. I have the medium size. 

18. Elucto Fly Zapper: the excitement in our house went up about 100 notches after getting this electric fly zapper. While extremely functional at zapping those pesky flies (fly season is no joke around here from about September to November), it is also hilariously fun to watch someone go after a fly with this thing. Just be careful not to high five them for their success while they are holding this thing. Yowzers!

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