Hey everyone!

You may have noticed I’ve been a little MIA for the last few days. No new posts! But I have a great reason…

My Kitchen Cafe (formerly mykitchencafe.blogspot.com) has moved to a new domain name: www.melskitchencafe.com (please note that it is MELSkitchencafe.com not MYkitchencafe.com).

From now on, I’ll be forwarding all Blogspot traffic to this new site. If you’ve left a comment on a post on the old site in the last week, check the same post on this site because I’ve responded! All old posts and comments have transferred over so if you are searching for an oldie but goodie recipe, it will still be right here. (You’ll notice many posts are sans pictures…the one thing that didn’t transfer over with the import, so I’ll be updating those and some of the links in the next few weeks.)

Please update all your bookmarks to the new site and get ready for some new, delicious recipes this week. If you automatically got this post in your RSS feed (like in Google Reader), you don’t need to do anything to update your feed!

Now for a bit of housekeeping…you’ll notice the site looks a little different from the old platform. Check out the new toolbar across the top of the page. Here you’ll find all sorts of information, like:

An ABOUT page: nothing tragically telling on this page, but there is an outdated family picture, in case you care. I wish I could say I look cuter and skinnier. It’s only my kids that have gotten cuter in the 9 months since that picture, but let’s pretend I did, too.

A TIPS and TUTORIALS page: lists all the tips and tutorials I’ve posted on my site to date. Haven’t you always wanted to know how to seed a pomegranate?

A BEST RECIPE page: you know, the page you’ve been dreaming about that tells you the BEST brownie recipe, the BEST cornbread recipe, the BEST potato salad recipe…so you don’t have to search through ten versions to guess which one will be the best.

A MY FAVORITES page: I’ll be adding to this in the coming weeks. It will detail all the kitchen gadgets/tools I can’t live without. I bet you can guess some of them already.

A CONTACT page: nothing too new here.

Check out the sidebars to the right for the Recipe Finder, Search option and other fun links.

Thanks for sticking around!

31 Responses to My Kitchen Cafe – NEW Site!!

  1. janei says:

    Love your blog. Note I live in Colorado and am at 6300 feet. make a note for others living here, most bread, cake etc recipes require an additional 1/4 cup of water.
    Your recipes have worked if I add the extra.

    I’m trying to change one to a food storage recipe..I’ll send the recipe when it’s worked out.

    thanks for all your hard work, sure makes it easy to find a recipe you know you’ve seen somewhere, so far, all of them here.

    love the curry rice noodles

  2. I love your blog and redesign, which is really smashing. I’m a Thesis user too and am particularly intrigued by the way you managed to get post images into your partial feed. Wow! I thought it couldn’t be done. How in the world did you accomplish that extraordinary feat?

  3. Melanie, your new site looks great! I love it! Way to make the transition go smoothly! 🙂

  4. Jacquie says:

    I love the new look – especially the best recipe feature. Thanks!

  5. Mel says:

    kimmerbean – YES! I will definitely have a picture (hopefully 2) in the feed. It is taking me some time to get it configured but should be up and running soon.

  6. kimmerbean says:

    I love your new website, Mel. I clicked on “comment” to request that you offer a full RSS feed but now understand your reason for not doing so. Would it be possible to at least have a picture in the partial feed?

  7. Mel says:

    Hi Janelle and Kate (and others that are wondering about the RSS issue) –

    I actually have deliberately set the RSS feed to be partial and I’ll tell you why – publishing a full RSS feed of your entire post opens you up to people stealing your content. I wish I could say that hasn’t happened to me, but it has. Several times. At least eight people have fraudulently stolen my posts and published them as their own (from my feed). One even redirected my full feed post and claimed it as hers to her readers. It’s a very common trend now with bloggers in all genres to only partially publish their posts on their feed – to protect their content. I feel badly because I know how annoying it is to have to click over to the website, but I’m doing it to protect the hard work I put into the site. Sorry! But I hope that helps offer some clarification. (By the way, it’s harder to configure a shorter RSS feed with pictures in blogger which is one of the reasons I made the change to WordPress.)

  8. Kate says:

    I second Janelle’s comment. I visit your blog frequently, but usually only after I’ve already read the article in Google Reader! I love your recipes and articles – they are some of my favorites.

    Thanks for considering!

  9. Janelle says:

    Love the new blog, but can I request a full RSS feed? I’m a reader junkie and it makes my life so much easier! 🙂 Thanks for all the great recipes!

    Also, for the record, Reader didn’t update automatically for me, I had to add you again, which is not a problem, just thought I’d make you aware!

  10. Ugo says:

    Love it. Keep up the good work Melanie. You are getting awesomer 🙂 by the minute! Ugo

  11. CoyAnn says:

    I love it! The best site just got better.. Thanks 🙂

  12. Welcome to your new home! Everything looks great. Thanks for publishing so many great recipes!

  13. Rhandi says:

    Your new website is awesome- not surprised at all, as everything you do is awesome!

  14. Nicole says:

    Cool new site Mel! Hurry and get all your recipes on here so I can comment on the decadent chocolate and peanut butter mousse pie…I made it tonight and it was heaven! Seriously…not going to help my post baby body! 🙂

  15. Debbie says:

    I really like the new look. Congrats on the move. I host a weekly blog event called Crock Pot Wednesdays. Come join me when you can.

  16. scrappysue says:

    congrats- it’s all good!!! still a fan and glad i don’t have to change my rss feed!

  17. LOVE the new site! 🙂 Congratulations… look forward to lots more yumminess!

  18. Jessica says:

    Congrats! The new site looks great!
    I’m in charge of Sunday dinner this week & my siblings have requested gnocchi. I usually make it with smoked sausage, peas, a can of tomatoes, some heavy cream & lots of cheeses. But I love trying new foods & I’m wondering if you have a secret gnocchi recipe tucked away that you would be willing to share. Thanks for all you do!

  19. Rachel says:

    I’m so glad you’re back! I was worried something awful had happened. Not to mention that I was having withdrawals . . .

  20. Missy K says:

    The site looks wonderful! I did a post about your blog on my own today because I LOVE your recipes and so many have been big hits around here!

    Congrats on a great site that looks even better!

  21. Kathy says:

    I love your recipes! I keep having to wait for family events that I can take extras to before I even start baking. Otherwise I’ll eat an entire batch of whatever at one sitting.

  22. I’ve ready…you’ve got my attention! 🙂

  23. Stacie D. says:

    This looks great. I am really excited about “The Best Recipe” category!

  24. Barbi says:

    Hi Melanie! Your new blog looks great!!

  25. Mel,
    Love the new blog. I do have to say though I loved on the last one the pictures of your favorite foods that were on the right. It was nice to see the pictures and click on those, but I guess we now have the best of. It looks great and you are amazing!!! I wish you lived in Texas. I tried the garlic bread Saturday and it was WONDERFUL.
    Thanks again for all you do we love trying your recipes!!

  26. Kim in MD says:

    Hi Melanie. I am ADDICTED to your blog, and I check in every morning. I love that you post daily, and I was worried about you! 🙂

    Your new site looks fantastic, and I can’t wait for the next recipe!

  27. Liz K. says:

    Hi Melanie, I left a comment last night but I don’t think it showed up. The new site looks fantastic. I can’t wait to see what recipes you have this week. I was sort of going through recipe withdrawls last week. Thanks for all of your hard work. I really appreciate it.

  28. Angie says:

    Looks great, Mel! I’ll be waiting for the wonderful new recipes this week! We’ve missed you….

  29. Jenn says:

    How exciting! Everything looks great!

  30. Melissa says:

    Thanks Melanie for all your work in doing this! I really enjoy and really appreciate your site!

  31. megan says:

    Wow, love the new site! Can I ask what prompted the change? It looks great!

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