Oatmeal Pancake Mix

You should be very, very glad I can’t jump out of the computer screen and convince you how phenomenal this recipe is, thereby giving you no good reason not to make it. Yes, these are exceptional pancakes (hands down, my favorite pancake recipe), but the best thing about this recipe is that the dry mix makes a lot and takes minutes to throw together. It stores indefinitely in the refrigerator or freezer and these healthy pancakes are beyond simple to whip up on a busy morning before school, work…or just because you want pancakes.

I don’t know about you but my mornings are crazy. Crazy, crazy, crazy. Waking kids up, feeding a baby, helping children off to school, making up lunchboxes, on and on. I don’t have time to put together a full homemade pancake breakfast from scratch. But I like knowing my kids are getting a good, healthy breakfast in their tummies before their long day starts.

With this mix, which I’ve been making for what seems like forever, I pour a cup of mix into a bowl, followed by a cup of buttermilk, then an egg. Whisk it together and within five minutes my kids have hot pancakes to eat. And I feel like mother of the year. Which trust me, doesn’t last for long.

The texture of these pancakes is fantastic – I love the chewy oats and whole wheat flour (can we get a big hooray for fiber here??). I hope this mix does as much for you as it does for me and my family. We eat it at least two or three mornings a week and love it every time.

Oatmeal Pancake Mix

Oatmeal Pancake Mix

Yield: Makes 10 cups of dry mix. One cup of mix will make about 6-7 4-inch pancakes.

Oatmeal Pancake Mix

Note (added 3/2011): I’ve updated this recipe several times to reflect that I generally use 100% whole wheat flour (five cups total, instead of using 2 cups of all-purpose flour). I prefer white wheat flour, although red wheat could be used and will lend an even heartier taste to the mix. Also, I made it the other day and before I added the oats to the mix, I threw them in my blender (yep, blender) and pulverized them to a powder. We loved the result! Loved it. Although the texture with the unblended oats is fantastic in it’s own right, blending the oats lends a smooth texture to the mix and finished pancakes. I’ll be doing it that way from now on!


  • 3 1/2 cups rolled (quick) oats
  • 3 cups whole wheat flour
  • 2 cups all-purpose flour
  • 3 tablespoons sugar
  • 3 tablespoons baking powder
  • 1 tablespoon salt
  • 1 tablespoon baking soda
  • 1 cup vegetable or canola oil


  1. Mix all the dry ingredients together in a mixer with a paddle (or by hand). If desired, grind the oats in a blender or food processor before adding to the other dry ingredients for a smoother mix. With mixer on slow speed (or gently by hand), drizzle the vegetable oil into the bowl slowly while the mixer is running. When all the oil has been added, stop the mixer and squeeze a clump of mix in your hand. If it stays together, it is just right. If it is still crumbly, add another tablespoon of oil at a time until the consistency is correct (I’ve never had to add additional oil). Store in an airtight container for up to two weeks at room temperature or indefinitely in the refrigerator or freezer.
  2. To make the pancakes: whisk together 1 cup of mix, 1 egg, and 1/2 to 1 cup buttermilk (depending on how thick you want your batter. Here is a guide for making your own buttermilk). The mixture may seem thin at first but the oats will soak up the milk as it stands while the griddle preheats. Heat a griddle and drop the batter onto it. When the edges look dry and bubbles come to the surface and don’t break, turn the pancake over to finish cooking on the second side. As a sidenote, buttermilk can be frozen indefinitely for future batches of pancakes, so it’s worth keeping it around!

Recipe Source:
Adapted from King Arthur Flour The Baker’s Companion

283 Responses to Oatmeal Pancake Mix

  1. Jodi Harris says:

    Now that Costco stopped selling Kodiak Cakes I’m back to making my own. I used this recipe for years, but then got lazy with the KC. I’d like to add some protein powder, do you have any suggestions? Thanks much!

  2. Bri says:

    Could I use 1 cup butter instead of oil? I really just love butter…hahaha.

  3. Meghan says:

    I love this, but I have a question. I made it for the second time today and the pancakes never cook through in the middle. They are a bit wet. I added a cup of buttermilk. I think if I added less they would be too thick, but I do want them to cook through. I leave them on the griddle at 350 degrees for several minutes per side…as long as I can without overbrowning each side. Does anyone else have this result? Do I need more baking powder or less liquid or something??

    • Mel says:

      Are the pancakes too thick on the griddle? I’d suggest turning the heat down on the griddle a bit so the pancakes have time to cook through before they overbrown.

  4. Hey Mel, I finally got a chance to try this recipe. I actually tried the overnight oatmeal pancakes first, a couple of months ago. They were good! But this??? This mix is WONDERFUL!!! I was originally trying to replicate Kodiak Cakes Flapjacks knowing that it was oat flour that would get me the texture I needed. Then I decided to try this mix to see if it was close to what I was looking for. I ground up the oats (and then mixed everything up without them (!!!) I forgot that they were on the other counter in the food processor and thought I had done something terribly wrong since it looked like cookie dough lol!) I realized my mistake (after I had taken a cup of the mix out and added an egg and more flour, ugh!) Once I figured out what happened, I was able to work it all out (phew!). I’m not even going to try to replicate the other now, I love these so much! They will now be a staple for me. Yay! Another delicious, wholesome shortcut to breakfast! Thanks!

  5. Sarah says:

    I have made this twice. This time i took out the plain flour and added one cup rye flour and one cup oatmeal. Mashed up a big handful of brambles to make it bright pink and they tasted like blueberry muffins , absolutely delicious!

  6. Marcie says:

    Hi Mel! I have never frozen buttermilk before. Do I thaw it overnight in the fridge?

  7. jennifer says:

    Oh my gosh!!!!! these pancakes are seriously the best pancake i have ever had..
    I pulverized the oatmeal in my food processor to make it a oat flour and used extra light virgin olive oil instead of vegetable oil cause we dont like soybean, and these were so good we didnt even need syrup. My 2 year old wont touch the regular pancake mix but she ate 4 of these pancakes and loved them!!!! thankyou Mel

  8. Lindsay says:

    That is a great tip, thanks! And I think I will try it with actual buttermilk next time too. Just to see the difference. Thanks for your help!

  9. Lindsay says:

    Hi Mel,
    I LOVE the idea of oatmeal pancakes, yum! I have made this recipe a few times and my batter is super runny and my pancakes are very thin blobs that run together. Last night I mixed up the batter for your overnight cinnamon oatmeal pancakes and had the same problem. I am sure I’m following the recipes exactly (even weighing the ingredients) , I love the flavors of both so I really want them to turn out! Any idea where I’m going wrong? Thanks for your help!

    • meg says:

      Just as an idea for you, I sometimes mix 1.5 cups of mix with the 1 cup buttermilk and 1 egg when my batter is to runny. (My batter is sometimes runny and sometimes not. Weird.) Anyway, the batter is a perfect consistency this way. I know that doesn’t explain why the batter is runny, but at least it will give you awesome, fluffy pancakes:)

    • Mel says:

      Hey Lindsay – are you using storebought buttermilk or homemade?

      • Lindsay says:

        Thanks for replying so quickly to my questions!

        I always use Homemade. Maybe that’s my problem??

        • Mel says:

          I think so, Lindsay. It’s not a problem (in fact, it’s great you are making a homemade sub for buttermilk!) but homemade buttermilk is much runnier than storebought so when I use a homemade version, I always cut back – sometimes even in half.

  10. Sheila says:

    How much mix does this make? 6.5 cups or so? I’d probably just add the oil when I add the milk and egg, but it would be nice to have the dry mix on the shelf. Just need to figure out how much oil per cup of mix (2T?). I used to make something like this but lost the recipe.

    • Mel says:

      Shelia – It makes 10 cups of dry mix, and 2 Tbs. of oil when you make them should be more than enough. One cup of the dry mix yields about 6-7 4-inch pancakes.

  11. Lori says:

    Hi Mel! Have you ever tried using this base to make waffles? Would you use the same technique with the egg/buttermilk?

    Thank you!

    • Mel says:

      Hey Lori – I have actually. After I mix up the batter in the morning, I add a few tablespoons extra oil (waffles usually need a bit more of it) and then go ahead and use it. Works great!

  12. Kathy says:

    Joy, I had the same problem! Through trial and error I developed this method: I mix the flour and (I use) coconut oil together in the food processor (depending on how much I’m making I might have to do it in 2 batches) along with everything else but the oats. Then I dump it in a bowl and mix in the oats by hand. Hope this helps!

  13. Joy says:

    Anyone have clumping problems with this stuff? I have made it twice and can’t figure it out. I’ve blended the oats first and then used a hand mixer to blend the mix together as I add the oil. After blending it forever I still end up with little balls of mix that don’t break down when I add the liquid and I get clumps of dry mix in my pancakes. I’m super frustrated with it because I love the flavor but the clumps are not delicious.

    • Mel says:

      Hi Joy – sorry you are having issues with this. I don’t have a clumping issue but I wonder if it’s because I’m using my stand mixer (whisk attachment) to blend it up. I like the idea (recent commenter) who suggested a food processor but if you don’t have one of those, I wonder if you could use your blender to incorporate some of the oil?

  14. Kristina says:

    For those of you who mentioned using coconut oil in this recipe, did you freeze any of it? And if so, how did it freeze? I usually just microwave the coconut oil until it is liquid form for these types of recipes. I just wondered if it would freeze up funny and be difficult to reuse later???

  15. Sharma says:

    Could I use applesauce instead of the oil? Would it hold its shape and have the same effect?

    • Mel says:

      Hi Sharma, others in the comment thread have subbed for the oil so you may want to read through those to get suggestions. I wouldn’t add applesauce in place of the oil in the same step…it will make it so the mix can’t store at room temp for a while. If you use applesauce, I’d try to do so when mixing up each individual batch.

  16. Jan H says:

    I have made this recipe for several yrs from the KA Site . I make 3 batches (one for me and 2 for my daughter)at a time . She made the pancakes for her visiting inlaws .Her MIL asked if there were other uses for the mix . All I have ever made is pancakes with this . Do you know of any other .I see where you say to add oil for waffles but I believe that MIL was asking about muffins or quick breads???

  17. Megan Parr says:

    Made this recipe this morning….we live at about 6,000 feet and my batter was actually really thick to begin with. So I added some more milk- mistake! Should have kept the batter thick to yield some thicker pancakes 🙂 Will do that next time . Other than that snafoo, they were delicious! I have an oat waffle recipe that is my go to delicious recipe, and was excited to find a similar recipe for pancakes

  18. Natalie says:

    I just tried these tonight and my family loved them! Very hearty and delicious. Thank you for all the wonderful recipes! Oh, and I used regular rolled oats that I ran through the blender first. They worked great.

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  20. Jill says:

    I’m brand new to your site and this is the first recipe I’ve used. I threw it together as a 2nd dinner tonight (the first one clearly didn’t satisfy us!) and I have to say, these pancakes didn’t disappoint at all! I did a mix of whole wheat and ancient grains flours. I also ground the oatmeal…wowza! Delicious 🙂

    Mom, Dad, and Toddler approved.

  21. Amy says:

    Thanks Kathy!! I will definitely give it a try. We have been using coconut oil in our box mix pancakes, and LOVE the hint of flavor that it adds. I can’t wait to try this recipe!

  22. Kathy says:

    Amy – I always use coconut oil when I make these and it works great and tastes yummy. I found it difficult to get the “oil” (as it’s solid at room temp) to blend well so I whirl half the flour with half the coconut oil in the food processor and then do the other half (mine is not big enough to hold all of it at the same time. Hope this helps.

  23. Amy says:

    Have you tried using coconut oil in this recipe?? These look and sound wonderful. I’m thinking of trying them with coconut oil (unless you tell me that you have and it didn’t work) 🙂

  24. Amber says:

    Thank you once again for a home-run recipe. I have approx 47 million pounds of Lehi Roller Mills wheat in my food storage, and these pancake’s are a great way to use it. I made these tonight (breakfast for dinner) and my kids loved ’em. I even added a few tablespoons of Milled Flax seed with no complaints. I am sure this mix will be a staple that I will keep stocked in my freezer. Thank you, thank you!!!

  25. Mary says:

    Fantastic recipe! I normally make the Betty Crocker cookbook pancake recipe with all whole wheat flour, but I have found a replacement–this is light and tasty. I made them with part plain greek yogurt/part 1% milk to bring it to 1 cup. Used all whole wheeat flour for the white. Great!

  26. Karen says:

    Hi Mel~ I made your carrot cake applesauce muffins today, and they are delicious! Started looking around at your other recipes, and came across this Oatmeal Pancake mix~Yum…, looks great also-~ Have you ever used this mix in a waffle iron ? And would there be any changes for that option? We love waffles for dinner! Thanks! Karen

    • Mel says:

      Hi Karen – actually, I have used this in a waffle iron. The only adaptations (learned the hard way) is to whisk in a bit more oil to the batter since it was a bit sticky in the waffle iron. I think I used another tablespoon or so for every cup of batter. Good luck if you try it!

      • Mandy says:

        Hi Mel! I’m a new convert to your blog and to your amazing recipes! My sister, Luci, introduced me to these pancakes about 3 months ago and it was love at first bite! My kids love them as well and my two year old asks for them every morning. So glad my sis sent your recipes my way thank you! This morning I made the mix but I was out of white wheat flour. I had coconut flour on hand so I substituted the coconut flour for the wheat flour, but didn’t use as much (maybe 1 3/4 to 2 C). The results were delish and my kids and I scarfed them down as usual! The coconut flour is gluten free so I thought I would share!

  27. Wifey says:

    Love love Love this recipe. It’s all I use for pancakes now. Thank you! Like someone else said, I packaged them up last year for Christmas and handed them out as neighbor gifts. I felt so crafty. Thanks again and keep it coming.

  28. CB says:

    We love this recipe and have used it so much that I’ve finally decided to print it out to keep handy. I am not able to get he print button to bring up anything. Is anyone else experiencing this for this recipe?

    • Mel says:

      CB – are you using Internet Explorer? Unfortunately, Internet Explorer doesn’t play nicely with many website functions and it has started having issues with my print feature. I am working to get it fixed but all the developers tell me it could take a while. I’ve been suggesting to other readers experiencing the same problem that they switch to another browser (like Chrome, Safari or Firefox) – which are all better functioning than Internet Explorer anyway. Sorry for the inconvenience!

  29. pam brock says:


  30. Lori says:

    Hi Mel! Any idea how to make these into pumpkin pancakes? Would you replace the buttermilk with pumpkin or in addition too? I’m so clueless 🙂 I already have the mix so don’t want to start from scratch!


    • Mel says:

      Lori – I believe someone commented a while ago about using pumpkin and if I remember right, they used half the buttermilk and the other half was pumpkin puree (so 1/2 cup of each). I might be remembering the comment wrong but if it were me, that’s what I would do. 🙂

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  32. Stephanie says:

    Hi Mel. Thanks for the recipe. We eat these just about every single week day and my family loves them. I found some buttermilk powder and powdered eggs at my local grocery store (I’m in Utah), and decided to see if I could turn this into a just-add-water recipe. It worked! I add 1 1/2 cups of buttermilk powder and 1 1/2 cups powdered eggs to the recipe, and when I mix it up I use a ratio of 3 parts mix to 2 parts water. It’s even quicker and easier and I don’t have to worry about running out of eggs and/or buttermilk.

  33. Stefanie says:

    I told my husband this morning that I was making healthy pancakes and he crinkled his nose and said “will they taste good?” I told him they were from Mel’s kitchen cafe and that she said they were her favorite pancakes. He said “oh perfect. Yeah we’re safe then.” Haha so I just wanted to let you know that you have my husbands full confidence! And mine too, obviously 🙂 we thoroughly enjoyed these pancakes and I loved how hearty and filling they are! Thanks for yet another keeper!

  34. traceydde says:

    No comments in a while, but I just found this website and this is the first recipe I’ve tried from it. Yes, they were good, and my 5 and 7 yrs. olds liked them. Of course, they like anything that you put syrup, powdered sugar and sprinkles on!

    I halved the recipe because I didn’t have much oatmeal on hand. I have a Ninja 1500 and ran the oatmeal with the food processor blade, then switched that blade out for the paddle and put the rest of the dry ingredients in to mix. Then I added all of the oil and pulsed it a few times. (The Ninja doesn’t run unless the lid is on, so I couldn’t add the oil while it was running.) I scraped the sides of the bowl, then pulsed a few more times and it was mixed properly. It stuck together as your instructions said it should.

    I thought this might be helpful for anyone else who has a machine that processes and mixes in one. It’s nice to use one bowl and cut down on the dirty dishes!

    FYI on the milk vs. yogurt- has anyone suggested milk and lemon juice? I admit I haven’t read all of the comments (there are 227!), but when I don’t have buttermilk on hand I put 1 Tbsp in a measuring cup and add milk to equal 1 cup. Let it sit for 5 min. and use like buttermilk. You can also use white vinegar in place of the lemon juice.

    Thanks for the recipe, and the site. I have it bookmarked and will be using it more.

  35. Katie says:

    Just a quick comment on the amount of oil in the recipe. The first time I made it, I thought it was too crumbly and added more oil. The pancakes were fine, but not great. The second time I made it, I did the one cup and left it at that, even though it was pretty crumbly. The pancakes turned out amazingly good. So in my experience, pretty crumbly mix is still great.

  36. Katie says:

    I have been making this for almost a year now. It makes breakfast so quick, yummy, easy, and healthy. 3Tbls sugar in the whole thing! You can’t beat that! I also love making waffles with the batter, but I always add a tablespoon or so of oil to the batch since waffles do better with more oil. So great. Thanks Mel!

  37. Nicole says:

    I just made another batch of this, and had to say THANK YOU! This recipe is SO good, and my kiddos just gobble it up every time.

  38. Tiffany says:

    Hi Mel. I tried reading through all 100 million comments to see if anyone used applesauce in the place of oil. Do you think that would be ok? Thanks for always sharing your recipes. You’ve been a true blessing to our family.

    • Mel says:

      Hi Tiffany – I haven’t used applesauce personally and I can’t remember if anyone has commented if they have. It’s probably worth a try but you definitely wouldn’t want to add it to the dry mix. Instead, you could try adding it as you make up each batch of pancakes. You’ll have to estimate on the amount though. Good luck if you try it!

  39. Jackie says:

    Hey Mel, Great recipe! We are going camping this weekend and I was hoping to prep the entire mix ahead of time and put it in a bag and make it like a pastry bag – just squeeze right onto the griddle! No mixing needed. I know the buttermilk freezes and the mix freezes but do you think it would freeze ok all together? Thanks!!

    • Mel says:

      Hi Jackie – I haven’t actually tried it that way (freezing the mix after it has been whisked together with the buttermilk) but I’m pretty sure it should work ok. You might need to do a bit of mashing of the bag after it defrosts to help the ingredients recombine but otherwise, it should be ok!

  40. Nicole says:

    Will be making these tomorrow.

    Just a tip for all us Moms looking for convience. I make up a double or triple batch of either regular Pancakes or Finnish pancakes and freeze two at a time on a cookie sheet. When frozen I put them into a large freezer bags. Once frozen they do not stick together then I can take a couple out at a time. I will make these on the weekend then I have quick breakfasts for the kids for a couple of weeks. I have three pre-teen boys that are always hungry! Just take them out the night before and defrost in fridge or microwave for three mintues in the morning if you forget to take out lol.

  41. Catherine says:

    Hi Mel, its a birthday morning here tomorrow, and these are coming out with whipped cream and berries (yay spring farmer’s market!!!). Just had to let you know that your recipe is putting the “special” in special breakfast (along with the cream, of course!! Ha!).

  42. monica says:

    Can use I melted butter instead of the canola oil to make this mix? I realize that making this substitution means I’d have to store it in in the refrigerator or the freezer, but I’d be willing to do that if it means the flavor of the pancakes will be better, than with oil. thank you

    • Mel says:

      Monica – I’ve never tried it with butter so you’ll have to experiment and see. You are right, though, the mix won’t be shelf stable with the butter like it is with the oil.

  43. Drew says:

    Mel, this recipe is as you say it is. Phenomenal. I use banana puree in place of buttermilk. It really does the trick. I also add ground cinnamon to the dry mix, and I use brown sugar rather than white sugar. And as a bonus, I only use organic ingredients. These pancakes are fantastic. IHOPs got nothing on this. 🙂

  44. Michelle says:

    I LOVE this recipe and was so excited to discover it here!! Our fam recently has started to try eating less cold cereal on school mornings in favor of heartier, healthier items. This is a big part of our week now! We’re already on our second batch. I use rolled oats (broken up in the food processor), whole wheat pastry flour, and oat flour in place of white. Also, I live in a crazy humid climate and 1 cup of oil makes this much too ‘wet” so I go with about 3/4 cup.

  45. Kimberly says:

    If anyone is curious, my math came out to about 228 cal. for 2- 4 inch pancakes.

  46. Megan says:

    OK! That’s great and very helpful. Thank you! 🙂

  47. Mel says:

    Megan – a lot of it can be how each person measures flour. I grind my own wheat flour for these as well. If I’m using it straight after grinding, I find that it has quite a bit of air in it after grinding and so I shake it into the cup to settle it a bit more. If it’s wheat flour I’ve had in my freezer (from grinding the week before or something), it’s more compact, so I gently fluff it up, scoop my cup into the flour and sweep it off. My guess is that you might need to use a lighter hand in measuring the flour, especially because I’ve never had to add more oil than the recipe calls for. Good luck!

  48. Megan says:

    Hi! I’m not new to your fabulous blog. I am just new to commenting. I found this recipe when I did a search for a whole wheat pancake mix with oats. I made this tonight and it was TERIF. We LOVED these pancakes. I will be making these regularly! thank you!

    Quick question . . . I had to add much more oil than it seems anyone else had to (as far as I can tell) and then a FULL cup of buttermilk. They were delicious but still pretty thick (we poured WAY too much syrup on them. ha!). I milled the wheat flour myself, which really shouldn’t be any different but . . . do you know if that makes a difference? That is the only thing I did differently.

  49. Sharlene says:

    So I made these this morning and they were amazing! I’m 5 months pregnant and am stewarding for ways that I can keep my family happy and full after the baby is born without spending hours in the kitchen and these were perfect! I ground 1/2 cup walnuts and added into the flour along with the ground oats and the rest of the recipe and I had to add a tad bit more oil but omg these were so filling and satisfying! My 2 year old loved them as well. Definitely a keeper now, and after baby comes too! Thank you! And btwi did the milk and vinegar instead of buttermilk and they still were incredible!

  50. Mrs. Dorado says:

    Hands down my favorite pancake recipe ever. SO good. Everyone loves it. Thank you for posting!

  51. Jessica says:

    Melanie do you ever make the pancakes in your blender? (when you add the mix, egg, and buttermilk)

    • Mel says:

      Hi Jessica – I don’t use my blender because I don’t like to clean it when I can just whisk it together in a bowl…but I think it would work just fine if that’s your preference.

  52. Terry A. says:

    Hi, Mel. Your site has inspired me! I just got a wheat grinder for Christmas and am excited to try recipes using the flour. Being new to grinding my own flour, my question is what kind of wheat would you use in this recipe and how finely would you grind it? I have both hard white and soft white on hand – which to use, or doesn’t it matter? Would I grind it for bread or the finer pastry consistency?

    I can’t wait to try these. Thanks!

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  54. Bliss says:

    Mel, why in the heck has it taken me SO long to try this recipe out?!?! Gone are the days of buying pancake mix, because this was AMAZING. Kids gobbled it up!

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  57. Jen says:

    I freeze leftover buttermilk in mini muffin tins. Also, you can find powdered buttermilk at some supermarkets. I always have this as a backup.

  58. Kristi Lee says:

    Mel, So we have a funny story about this mix. Yesterday, Jono got up with the kids and decided to make pancakes. I told them there was a mix in the fridge, this mix. He asked what he needed to add and I said 1 c. of buttermilk. I came downstairs and realized I had forgotten to tell him just 1 c. of mix. He was trying to blend the ENTIRE mix with 1 c. of buttermilk. He said that he thought it looked a little dry. So we have pancakes coming out our ears right now. Thank goodness they are SO yummy! I hope things are going well with your move.

  59. Mel says:

    Haley, I always have buttermilk on hand so I haven’t tried that substituition but I know many have in both recipes with good results.

  60. Haley Oakes says:

    Hey Mel,

    This recipe is amazing! I couldn’t find the following question in your comments section.

    Is there any harm in using the ol’ white vinegar + milk substitute (1 Tbl. vinegar + 1 c. milk) for 1 c. buttermilk? Have you ever tried this substitute with the wonderful bran muffins you make as well?


  61. Tanya says:

    I’ve been looking for a quick *healthy* homemade pancake recipe! I’ve been doing the wheat blender pancakes, but it’s not as quick (or quiet) as I’d like in the mornings. I should’ve known to come here! 🙂 You always come through!! Thanks for a great recipe! We had pancakes and waffles with it this morning. They were delicious!
    I do have a question about the recipe. I saw a few comments about it being too runny. ( I only read a couple… way too many on this post to read through… but that tells me it’s a good recipe with sooo many comments!! ) I too had the same problem, only because I read the recipe: “To make the pancakes: whisk together 1 cup of mix, 1 cup buttermilk (a combination of half plain yogurt and half milk will also work), and 1 egg. The mixture may seem thin at first but the oats will soak up the milk as it stands while the griddle preheats.” I read this to mean 1 cup milk AND 1 cup buttermilk; not OR buttermilk. I wondered how in the world 2 cups of milk would work with 1 cup dry mix… well obviously it doesn’t. 🙂 So I just added another cup of mix and we were good. Just thought I’d mention that so you can maybe clarify for people… I’m thinking they did what I did. Anyhoo, thanks for all you do, you’re awesome and good luck with the move, new babe, and all you do!! 🙂

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  63. Sara Beth says:

    I’m sure I’m not the first to say…This recipe is a lifesaver! I have been making it regularly for about the past year and a half for my three hungry boys (four including my husband!) I love that it is healthy, versatile and that I can always have it on hand. Even when I realize we are out of the mix, it doesn’t take long to whip up a batch. I grind the oats, and use all white whole wheat flour. We eat it two or three times a week, and it just never gets old. Been meaning to experiment with the suggested variations (throwing in banana, pumpkin, etc), but haven’t gotten around to it yet. Soon! Thanks again, Mel.

  64. hol says:

    You.are.a.genius. Please tell me you have more recipes like this?(the freezer-type) I love how I can just dig a cup out of the freezer on crazy-morning days. Ok, that’s pretty much every morning:) Thanks also for the tip that buttermilk can be frozen indefinitely! I love those kinda tips!!

  65. abi says:

    This recipe is so forgiving. I asked earlier about if you can just use baking soda and no powder. You can! Also I ran out of oats as I was making this, so I subbed in bran flakes. No problem! Thanks. My family gobbles this up. With yogurt and fruit on top it’s healthy and delicious.

  66. Jennifer Smith says:

    I eat theses with fiber and protein mixed in…every day of my life! Thanks!

  67. Katie says:

    I just made these this morning. Wow! So light and fluffy, so soft and yummy, so easy, and so healthy!! Where have these pancakes been all my life! Thanks for the great recipe! It will be made multiple times a week from now on 🙂

  68. […] These pancakes. They are amazing. I’ve made them several times in the last 2 months. I got the recipe from my sister in law and WOW, they really deliver. (And they make quite a bit, so you can store the mix in your fridge and feed your own brood an extra time or two while you’re at it) […]

  69. abi says:

    We tried these and loved them. Question though: Has anyone ever tried these using only baking soda and not baking powder (like maybe just 2 tablespoons baking soda for the entire mix and no baking powder). It seems like it would work because the buttermilk really activates that soda. Any comments?

  70. Sarah says:

    These are SO delicious! I have been making them for a while now and always love them. I make them with regular rolled oats and they have the most delicious chewy texture. This morning my husband came in asking where I keep the recipe, since he wanted to make them for our family for breakfast. I got it out for him and told him I was out of oil but remembered that in many baked goods you can substitute applesauce for the oil, so we tried subbing applesauce for all the oil. After today, I won’t go back to the oil – these were moist and amazing and I was so pleased and glad we tried it! Not to mention the decrease in calories (and for me, weight watchers points!) with the substitution.
    Thank you for yet another delicious staple recipe in my kitchen.

  71. Mel says:

    Bridgett – no, I’ve never used butter. I always use canola oil.

  72. Bridgett says:

    I forgot to ask you…have you ever used butter instead of oil?

  73. Bridgett says:

    Oh my goodness! These are my go to pancakes now. I’m a terrible pancake snob and finding a recipe to trump the previous “overnight oatmeal pancakes” I have used for the past 3 years seemed very unlikely to ever happen, but I gave these a try because I loved the idea of having a bag of convenience in the fridge just waiting for some buttermilk and an egg 🙂 I am TOTALLY sold on these! One thing that we thought added even more flavor to them was soaking the dry mix with the buttermilk in my mixer bowl the night before and then adding the eggs in the morning and whirring it good with the mixer to incorporate the eggs well. This gave them a greater “tang”. Thanks for yet another FABULOUS recipe!

  74. Mel says:

    Angie – did it work out when you tried it? Yes, I definitely think you could use dried egg powder – just look on your can to find the appropriate equivalents. I actually have a #10 can of egg powder in my storage room that I think I’ll use next time in this. Then when I run out of eggs we can still enjoy these in the mornings!

  75. angie says:

    so excited to try this recipe! do you think i could add in a dried egg product to the mix instead of at the final step? anything to save more time! (and use up my can of dried eggs ;))

    i’m going to try this with coconut milk tomorrow since my son has a dairy allergy. can’t wait!

  76. […] time.  (Are you proud mom?:)  My mom always made homemade syrup when I was a kid.  I want to try Oatmeal Pancakes in the blender next.  (Thanks again […]

  77. Meg says:

    So I found your blog a couple days ago and have been lurking here in the evenings, pouring over your recipes. They all look delicious, but this was the first one I tried. We all LOVED them at our house! I love your take on trying to be healthy in your cooking- it’s so nice finding blogs like yours where its not just good-tasting food, but good for you as well. Thanks for all the time and energy you spend on this endeavor, and congratulations on your new baby:) Hope all is well!

  78. […] and was on a route to raise my little ones on the same thing. That was until I came across this Oatmeal Pancake Mix recipe that my sister sent my way. My pancake experience will never be the […]

  79. Mel says:

    Amy – I measure the 3 1/2 cups oats before grinding and have never measured them after grinding. So yes, the measurement may be different after grinding but if you start with 3 1/2 cups oats, it should work out just fine. I have made this recipe dozens and dozens of times grinding the oats after measuring and it works out perfectly. Hope that helps!

  80. Amy says:

    Doesn’t grinding the oats make the “1 cup” amount different when mixing the pancakes? I use my hand grinder aka coffer grinder—it has never once seen a coffee bean, but is used to grind fresh cinnamon from sticks etc. . . Thanks for sharing.

  81. Jen I says:

    Can I still comment on these in 2012? I’ve made them for months now and love them! I usually add some fine milled flax seed and some protein powder as well. I think it may make the dry mix clump up a little more, but they cook up fine. Then I LOVE using the yogurt combination! What a great idea. With all the protein in Greek yogurt plus what I add in, I feel good that it’s even a breakfast with some protein! Um, and then I add chocolate chips. 🙂 But hey, I figure a few of those is probably better than loaded with syrup. And the kids can grab a cold leftover during the day for a good snack that they think is a treat because of the chocolate chips! Thanks so much!

  82. Emily Guerard says:

    If I want to do with for a waffle recipe do i use the same ingredients?

    • Mel says:

      Emily – you’ll have to experiment and try it out for a waffle iron. I’ve done it once or twice and it’s worked out ok but I had to add a bit more oil to the batter otherwise it will stick to your waffle iron (waffle recipes usually use more oil/fat than pancake recipes). Read through the comments on this recipe if you have time because if I remember correctly, someone else commented they had tried it.

  83. […] the good stuff (you know, without the bad stuff) where I live. If you can’t, I’ve made this recipe several times before and we LOVE them too and it uses oil instead of shortening. I think it works […]

  84. Lyndsay says:

    Thank you Mel. I’ll give that a try!

  85. Mel says:

    Lyndsay – there is a comment thread through the comments on this recipe of several people who also had flat pancakes and so many commenters use 1 cup dry mix to 1/2 cup (or 3/4 cup) buttermilk instead of the full cup. The thicker the batter is the thicker the pancakes will be so you might want to play around with the batter mixture to see how you like it. I’ve never used storebought pancakes or the mixes so I’m not sure about cooking time but these pancakes seem to cook fairly quickly for me (I cook them at about 245 degrees on my flat griddle).

  86. Lyndsay says:

    I made these and LOVED them! I’m wondering if yours turn out fairly flat or if I’m doing something wrong? Also, do you find that these take longer to cook than store bought pancakes?

  87. Lyndsay says:

    I finally made these pancakes today. LOVED THEM! My kids liked, them, but noticed they were a little different. I’m hoping they just get used to a new texture. I too feed my kids pancakes 4-5 times a week and I felt a lot better giving them these. Thanks for another fabulous recipe!

  88. Nikki says:

    You are very popular at our house this last week or so! Recipe number 3 is another complete success! I made the oatmeal pancake mix last night and whipped up a batch for breakfast this morning. Score! All 3 kids LOVED it and my husband and I again devoured our crockpot oatmeal I cooked Sunday night. Oh, and the hubs also ate a few more mini bran muffins. We are loving those things every single day! Thank you again for wonderful, wholesome recipes I feel good feeding my family!

  89. Amy says:

    I have made enough “healthy” pancakes that I was pretty skeptical when mixing these up and cooking them. I was also a little afraid that my new cast iron skillet was too hot and they would be beautiful on the outside and raw on the inside. All my fears were for nothing, husband and I both really liked these and they turned out perfect. I used quick oats and didn’t grind them up. This resulted in more crunchy/chewiness, but we both liked it.

  90. Rachel says:

    these-are-the-best-pancakes-ever. I have been a terrible pancake-maker for ever as I always make a combo of burt-and-raw and they never look very.. .. good. THESE are different! They look like a magazine picture and the kids devoured them! I also peeled, cored and sliced an apple to make apple ‘rings’, added some apple pie spice to the batter, dipped the apples into the mix and make ‘apple pie pancakes’ with a hidden ring ofwarm apple in each one- kids very thrilled! Love that this recipe makes extra mix to be kept in fridge for so easy pancakes any time- I now have my go-to pancake recipe for life! Love that it also has oats and WW flour! THANKS MEL!!

  91. Adrienne Yancey says:

    I’ve used the same exact batter in my waffle iron with no problem–I just use PAM and I haven’t had any issues with sticking. If you did whip a couple egg whites and fold them in, they would definitely be lighter but I don’t know that it’s necessary.

  92. Julie says:

    We enjoy this recipe a lot, I was wondering how you could make it waffles? What alterations would you need to do? I have a homemade waffle recipe but your recipe is healthier and more filling. I think it would involve beating the egg white and adding some oil? My kids love waffles and I have frozen extra ones to have a quick breakfast for another day.Thanks Mel.

    • Mel says:

      Julie – I made this once into waffles and it was a disaster because it stuck like crazy to my waffle iron. Usually waffle batter has more oil/fat than pancakes so my guess is you would want to mix in some extra oil or melted butter to the batter to help with the stickiness. If anyone else has tried it, chime in to let us know!

  93. tonya says:

    We eat pancakes frequently around here & we’re fans of the basic pancake. I was a little skeptical about changing things up on my crew (thought there might be a revolt), but since YOU used the words “phenomenal” & “exceptional” I had to step out on a limb w/ my peeps. Love. I was pretty sure I would like them, but we ALL LOVED them. We (especially me) ate more pancakes than usual!! We tried an apple-cinnamon syrup (corn syrup & sugar – shame!) that I grabbed at a local dairy farm this week & it was incredible w/ these!! I’ve fixed little containers of the mix to share w/ our parents & siblings – I’m sure it will be a hit so I’ll send them your way for the recipe! Yummy, yummy!!

  94. AnnetteBrunette says:

    Oh, and we’ve made these with buttermilk and with the yogurt substitution but using natural raspberry yogurt and both ways they are scrumptious!

  95. AnnetteBrunette says:

    Mel, It’s Pancake Day here in the UK http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pancake_day and we are making these with some fresh blueberries for dinner. They are so yummy and I feel good knowing my family is getting a little extra whole grain.

  96. Kristine says:

    These were really good. I’ve been trying to make pancakes from scratch for 10 years and just gave up because I couldn’t get them right. i gave up on pancakes at home altogether! I thought I’d try these since they were different, whole wheat flour, oatmeal… and they were REALLY GOOD. My boys loved them. Asked for seconds. And, it’s been 2 hours and I haven’t bonked yet. (problem with white flour pancakes) awesome! thank you!

  97. Mel says:

    Katie – I’ve never made that substitution but it should work out ok – I’ve read that you may need to thin out the yogurt a bit in order to get the right consistency. Reading through the comments above may help, too. If I remember right, a couple other commenters mentioned the Greek yogurt substitution.

  98. Katie Parrish says:

    I’m definitely going to try these… would plain Greek yogurt work for the buttermilk substitution?

  99. Mel says:

    Lorie – yes, I usually add all whole wheat flour (so 5 cups total whole wheat). It should work great!

  100. Kathy says:

    Lorie – that’s what I do, works great! I’ve made this or 4 times now, we all love it. Just for fun the last time I made it I used 1 cup of spelt flour and that was great too.

  101. Lorie says:

    Hey Melanie, so if I use 5 cups total of the white whole wheat flour, that should work also?

  102. Multimeg says:

    I’ve been wanting to try this for a while. I whipped them up for “breakfast for dinner” and hit a snag when it came to the buttermilk. I made it with soured nonfat milk. They came out super thin so we rolled them up with applesauce. STILL DELICIOUS!!! And I still have plenty of mix to make them as intended in the near future. Thank you!

  103. Andrea says:

    So delicious Mel! I can’t believe I haven’t tried this earlier and made the switch from store brand to health-o-rama-most-delicious-pancake brand (aka this recipe). Anywho, I didn’t have buttermilk and wanted pancakes ASAP, so I just used my skim-milk and they turned out wonderful, but I’m waiting for the added buttermilk to knock my socks off. Nom nom nom, soooo good. Thank you!

  104. Kensi says:

    we’ve made these several times now and LOVE them! I like them better than bisquick pancakes… these will be all we make from now on!! Thanks Mel! 😀

  105. Nickie S. says:

    This recipe has become a staple in our house. I’ve also passed it along to tons of people! We had a slew of new babies born recently and the pancake mix (packed in old spaghetti sauce or salsa jars with directions taped on the side) with some buttermilk was always a little extra I’d throw in when taking them dinner. Everyone has loved it!

  106. Adrienne Yancey says:

    Hi Melanie! I’m back because I wanted to say how much I love this recipe! I made a bunch and gave it to my sisters and my mom for Christmas. I really like using Greek yogurt and milk with the mix for some extra protein. Today…we added canned pumpkin and cinnamon and made the batter up in the waffle iron. It was AWESOME. I might have eaten breakfast twice. (I did haha) Take care–Merry Christmas!

  107. Rochelle says:

    THESE ARE AWESOME! It’s nice to find a recipe that’s both healthy and delicious. So many of the healthier pancake versions I’ve tried up to this point were just yucky. These were so tasty and had great texture, which is one of my biggest complaints with other recipes. I used regular oats (that’s all I had) and put them through the blender. I didn’t have any buttermilk or plain yogurt so used 1 TB of lemon juice and added enough milk to make 1 cup, let it sit for a few minutes and it worked like a charm. I did have to add an extra 1/2 cup of mix otherwise the batter was too runny. Maybe because of the regular oats or because of where I live (near the west coast). I am excited to try these again with real buttermilk and also the yogurt/milk mixture. Thanks for a great recipe!

  108. Kara says:

    I just tried them! They are fantastic! I even tried them with canned pumpkin added to them, along with 4 shakes of cinnamon, 2 shakes of nutmeg and 2 pinches of ginger. YUM!

  109. Kara says:

    I can’t wait to try these! They look great! Thanks for sharing!

  110. Michelle says:

    THANK YOU for sharing this recipe!! I made the mix on Monday, and we already had it on Monday & Tuesday. I made it exactly as written, and it comes out perfectly for me (not too runny at all). I then shared it on my blog, too. 🙂 One thing though- on your printable version, it still says that it makes 4-5 pancakes (which I see you’ve updated in your post to say 6-7).

  111. Autumn says:

    Hi i was wondering if when using just reglar flour if you would use 5 cups of regular flour?

  112. Kathy says:

    Yum, just had my first pancakes from the mix this morning. My daughter and I both loved them! Since coconut oil is getting so much press as being so healthy I decided to use that. It was more on the solid side (the way Crisco would be) so it took more blending than liquid veggie oil would but I just kept going with the mixer and it did blend in well. It does smell a bit of coconut but it doesn’t seem to affect the taste. Since some commenters had mentioned them being runny I added the buttermilk (I used the powdered blended with water) slowly and did find that I needed less than a full cup. My daughter ate them plain and I sprinkled pecans on while it was cooking. YUM! My only change for next time I make the mix is I think I’d put just a little less salt. Tomorrow I’m going to try blending in pumpkin! Thanks for this great recipe and to the commenters for the variation suggestions!

  113. Erik says:

    I saw that someone had previously asked about making these into Pumpkin Pancakes – have you tried that yet? Just curious what adjustments may need to be made to the recipe add-ins prior to whipping up a batch to do that – I imagine some spices, but not sure how much pumpkin puree and what to reduce to account for the extra moisture. Any thoughts? We have a pumpkin theme at home for our pre-schooler this week and I’m hoping to add some Pumpkin Oatmeal Pancakes to the list. BTW, we love these pancakes!

    • Mel says:

      Erik – I’ve made them into pumpkin pancakes once or twice. When I mix up a batch of the dry mix (with the buttermilk and egg) in the morning, I have mixed in 1/2 cup pumpkin puree for every cup of mix. Works great! Glad you love the pancakes and you win major father-of-the-year for carrying on the pumpkin theme to breakfast!

  114. Mel says:

    Rachell – Did you blend up the oats before using them? If so, it should be a problem whether you used quick oats or regular rolled oats. If you read through the comments, several commenters have mentioned that they wanted the batter a bit thicker and so they use 1 1/2 cups of dry mix for every cup of buttermilk and one egg. I hope that helps a little!

  115. Rachell says:

    I made these this morning and the batter was really runny, almost like poring liquid on the griddle. I must have done something wrong, but am positive I followed all the directions. I used regular oats instead of quick oats–that must have been the problem?

  116. Mel says:

    Cindy – I’ve never tried this recipe with powdered eggs. Sorry! I think keeping it in the refrigerator would be important…let me know if you try it!

  117. Cindy Thomas says:

    Hi. Our family enjoys these pancakes. I have another pancake mix that I have used powdered egg in… have you ever tried this recipe with powdered egg? The only thing that “scares” me is that it would come in contact with the oil and then sit in a can (but I keep it in the fridge so that should be aok.) Let me know what you think. Thanks!

  118. Rebecca B says:

    We never have buttermilk in the house but often will add a tablespoon of white vinegar to one cup of milk instead. Will this work? Just want to have the chance to make this on the fly and not have to plan ahead for buttermilk or yogurt.
    I love the idea of this mix with the whole wheat and oats. My kid would eat pancakes all day long if he could so a healthier version is alright with me.

    • Mel says:

      Rebecca – I’m pretty sure some of the other commenters have indicated they have used a buttermilk substitution and it worked fine. Whenever I’ve used it, the pancake mix turns out a bit on the thin side so if you use the vinegar/milk substitution I’d probably use 1 1/2 cups of the mix for each cup of “buttermilk”. Hope that helps!

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  120. Cammi says:

    I have made two whole batches of these in the last month. The pancakes are WONDERFUL – best ever. My family loves them, they are filling and healthy and delicious. There is no going back. I tried regular pancakes after having these and was disgusted! Thanks for such a great recipe.

  121. Logan says:

    Just had these for supper with some scrambled eggs. Yum! Love the flavor of the pancake. I used whole wheat flour like you suggested and I put the oats through the food processor. Really good… will make again for sure!

  122. Julie says:

    I have a recipe that is similar, and instead of adding the oil during the mixing process you add it when you go to actually make a batch of pancakes. I usually add about a TBL spoon of oil. That way your batch of pancake mix will last longer as well.
    Excited to try this out with the oats in it!

  123. Promise says:

    Can I just say BEST PANCAKES EVER! My husband and I loved them. There so flavorful and healthy too. You can’t go wrong with these!

  124. kelley says:

    BEST PANCAKE MIX EVER!!! Love love love it! It is a staple in my house now Mel. I took your advice and put the oatmeal through the food processor…delish!

  125. Shanda says:

    I just found these and have gone through a whole batch of mix. My girls enjoy them. I am not sure if anyone has mentioned this yet, but I use the powdered buttermilk that you find in the baking isle and water…that way I never have to have fresh buttermilk on hand. It is great, easy, …and way cheaper. Just figured I would share. Thanks again for the great recipes.

  126. Marne says:

    Irene: I have found that I like the texture of pancakes better if I use 1 1/2 cups mix (or sometimes closer to 2 cups) to one cup buttermilk.

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  128. Jenny says:

    I have made this probably 2-3 times a week since the beginning of the year since I found this recipe. Love, love, love it! We too are a weekday pancake house and no more bisquick for us! I always double the recipe and one tip I have found is that the pancakes are actually much fluffier when I use 2 1/2 cups mix, a few tablespoons shy of 2 cups of buttermilk, and then two eggs. They are so amazing though! I will have to try your syrup recipe to go with them, although my husband and kids won’t use pure maple syrup, so I’m afraid of it all going to waste. 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing this recipe!!

  129. Cathy says:


    I just stumbled upon your recipe! Looks yummy. Have you ever added applesauce for the 1 c of oil? Or gone half and half?

    • Mel says:

      Hi Cathy – I’ve never subbed applesauce for the oil, mostly because I like to keep it on my pantry shelf instead of refrigerating and adding the applesauce would probably mean it needs to go in the refrigerator. Because this is a dry mix, I don’t know how the applesauce would incorporate with the dry ingredients – I’m afraid there might be some clumpiness issues. Let me know if you try it, though!

  130. Jazmin says:

    Made these for dinner tonight and they were amazing! Loved that they were healthy without any added ingrediants (preservitives, dyes). They were moist and delicious and I’m not a pancake lover! So happy to have found this recipe. Family keeper for sure.

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  132. Kim S. says:

    Mel–could I substitute canola oil for the vegetable oil? Also, I, like Katie, the commenter above, love pancakes/waffles with cottage cheese in them!

  133. […] love using homemade mixes for my family instead of buying boxed mixes. It is so much healthier! Here is a recipe that I have been using for over a year…and my family simply loves it. And I love knowing that […]

  134. Kim says:

    Made these this morning using the powder buttermilk mix instead of the real stuff. Now that I know it freezes well I’ll be more likely to buy some next time I need it for a recipe, but I was wondering if I could add the powdered stuff directly to the dry ingredient mix? Unless the oil would affect it. Anyway, I think I’ll try it next time and see how it turns out. There will be a next time too – my 3-year-old has eaten at least 8 of them for breakfast and snack today. I love that he’s getting so much good stuff in them!

    • Mel says:

      Kim – yes, I’m very confident you can add the powdered buttermilk to the dry mix but you might have to play with amounts. Let me know if you try it!

  135. Jennifer says:

    Just curious if you or anyone you know have ever tried subbing coconut oil in place of vegetable oil? I read through the comments and didn’t see anyone mention it, but thought I’d ask!

  136. n82 says:

    Mel, I totally LOVE you for these pancakes!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have a VERY picky almost 3 year old!!!! oh my goodness he ate THREE pancakes!!! I wrote it in his journal!!!

    Everybody should try these!!

    Thank you! Thank you!

  137. Dana says:

    I couldn’t wait for the weekend and made these last night for dinner. They were a hit. Ben said “are these from Melanie?” 🙂 Apparently, all things good or healthy are now credited to you! 🙂

  138. Dana says:

    Can you sub in applesauce or something else for the oil? A cup seems like more than I want to commit to the project…and my hind parts.

    • Mel says:

      Hey Dana – I know, the 1 cup of oil seems like a lot, but it makes a ton of pancakes…probably 40-50 pancakes with that 1 cup of oil. So all in all, it isn’t a lot of oil. Having said that, I guess you could try mixing up the dry ingredients without the oil and when you measure out the 1 cup of dry mix, 1 cup of buttermilk and 1 egg, you could try adding 1 tablespoon of oil with 1/4 cup applesauce. You might have to play around with that…but it might work!

  139. Jessica says:

    Have the quick oats sitting on my counter…they were only a dollar, waiting patiently for the whole wheat flour to arrive. Oh, and to my shopping list I have added syrup. (Got any low-sugar recipes?)

  140. Sigi says:

    Hi Mel,
    I have visited your site many times inthe last year or so and LOVE ur recipes–the ones I have tried out have always turned out well and remain a favourite. Just tried these pancakes –they were out of this world!! So delicious that I ate them straight off the pan, without any add- ons! I call them my guilt-free pancakes ;)) considering the oats and whole wheat flour in it. Thank you so much for such a delicious and healthy recipe–am never gonna make pancakes any other way!

    P.s: the revamped logo on the site looks great –suits ur personality! 🙂

  141. Samantha R says:

    What a tasty recipe! We made the mix and put it in jars for neighbor gifts this year. Thanks!!!

  142. Katie says:

    My dad is a total pancake snob! He’s been making them for years, perfecting his recipe, and many family and friends consider his pancakes to be the very best. He is visiting this weekend and I made these pancakes for him. He loved them!!! He was surprised that this hearty pancake could have such a tender texture. He’s planning on adding these to his repertoire. Also, our family is now eating them a couple times a week. So easy and so yummy! Thanks Melanie!

  143. Irene Bishop says:

    I love the pancakes, however, I made a mistake and added 5 cups of flour, so I had to double everything else. I’ll have enough to give the neighbors for Christmas like someone else suggested it, But—I ran out of baking soda so I used some out of the fridge. Would that cause the batter to be very thin? What can I do to thicken it up? They taste ok , but they are so thin when cooked. Please advise me asap.

    • Mel says:

      Irene – I’m not sure if the baking soda issue would cause them to be overly thin. Another commenter mentioned that she adds 1 1/2 cups mix to 1 cup buttermilk and 1 egg and it provides a thicker consistency. My batter is thin when I first mix it together but after sitting for 5-10 minutes, it thickens up nicely, so you may try letting it sit for a bit.

      I hope that helps!

  144. katie says:

    You’re right, these ARE exceptional! So tasty and healthy:) I’m also a big fan of cottage cheese pancakes and I think I’m going to add some next time around. YUM!!

  145. Amy M says:

    I normally make these using the yogurt/milk combination but since I had buttermilk nearing the expiration date I tried it with the buttermilk. I really like both methods. The buttermilk method gives the familiar pancake flavor we all know and love while the yogurt method tastes just as good but with more of a tang. Both methods result in a light pancake but I think the yogurt method may be slightly lighter.

    I store this mix in 2c portions in my freezer and really enjoy the convenience it give me. Any leftover batter I have I prepare into “baby cakes” which are just tiny pancakes of roughly 2T of batter that I freeze for later. Whenever I need to I just pop a couple in the microwave. My toddler loves all the yummy toppings we’ve thought of for these. Other than the usual favorite of PB&J, we’ve also found that these pancakes make a great base for savory snacks like hummus and lightly seasoned avacado.

    • Mel says:

      Amy – thanks for the detailed review (I always appreciate that about your comments!). Great idea to store the precise increments in the freezer and way to think outside the box on savory applications. Glad you like this recipe!

  146. Jennifer Smith says:

    I love these pancakes! Somedays it is the only good thing my kids eat. Don’t judge me:) I love them with Kamut wheat!

  147. Amy M says:

    These are super yummy! I made them using only whole wheat flour and even my super picky husband said they were good and this is a man who actually prefers Wonder bread (blech!) I’ve also served them to company who loved them just as much. When I prepare the batter I use the yogurt/milk combination because I almost never have buttermilk in the house. I wonder… has anyone tried adding cinnamon, pumpkin or applesauce to the mix when preparing the batter???? Being able to use this as a base recipe to turn out several different varieties of pancakes would be the only thing that could make this recipe better.

    Melanie, thank you so much for making me look like a kitchen superstar once again!!!! While I’ve always known how to throw a batch of cookies or brownies together, your site has helped me better my cooking skills. Being able to prepare meals my family looks forward to brings me such joy and your site allows me to do that.

    • Mel says:

      Amy M – thanks for adding your two cents on using yogurt and milk vs. buttermilk. I think your idea of adding in flavor combos is brilliant. I’ve actually thought about throwing in some pureed pumpkin but never have. Let me know if you try it!

  148. Julie says:

    We made this mix yesterday morning. My daughter, Beverly, loves these pancakes and told me I had to tell you thank you for sharing the recipe. I even let the batter sit and get thick and cooked them in the waffle maker. I served them like an open faced sandwich with a chicken gravy I made from leftovers. You have to get creative when it is early August, hot, humid and your husband only turns the air condition on if his mother-in-law is visiting. :o)

    • Mel says:

      Julie – I’m sorry to laugh at the misery you feel in the heat, but your comment made me laugh! I hope your mother-in-law comes to visit all summer just so you can get the a/c turned on! I’m glad this mix worked out well for you. I love the variation you mentioned…talk about great creativity!

  149. Melanie C says:

    Hey Mel!
    I just mixed up a batch of the mix, and put it in my FoodSaver container in the fridge. SO excited to try the pancakes!! I have a quick question for you, have you ever added nuts to the mix?? I love those “harvest grain n nut” pancakes at IHOP, and a while back I made a recipe that was a copycat for those, and it had ground almonds and walnuts in it. they were SOOO good, and so I was just curious if you had ever added nuts.
    thanks for all your great recipes!!

  150. Cindy says:

    These are so good! We love them, thank you for the recipe.
    I add a mashed banana when I am mixing them up, yum!

  151. Katie says:

    We LOVE these too! I always have plain nonfat yogurt in my fridge so I tried 1/2 cup yogurt and 1/2 cup ff milk instead of the buttermilk and they are just as good! I couldn’t even tell a difference. Another wonderful recipe! I tell everyone I know about your awesome recipes!

  152. Tobi says:

    ps: and when you add blueberries….OMG knock your socks off GOOD!

  153. Tobi says:

    if i was a songwriter i would write a song in honor of this pancake mix!!! it is now a constant staple in our fridge and has become out official saturday morning pancake recipe. i cannot get over how much more i prefer these pancakes over your basic pancake…something about the oatmeal! LOVE this mix 🙂

    • Mel says:

      Tobi – your comment made me smile! I’m glad this recipe is worthy of it’s own song. I bet blueberries would be delicious – can’t wait to try that and am wondering why I haven’t yet!

  154. Allyson says:

    Delicious taste and texture. Made breakfast for dinner while husband was out of town, and my 5 children all gobbled them up! Pleasing them all is difficult to do in one meal! Thanks for the wholesome twist to our standard pancakes!

  155. […] Peanut Butter Baked Oatmeal (new recipe I’m trying) Granola (recipe to come) Oatmeal Pancakes (new recipe I’m trying) Breakfast Cookies (a favorite in this […]

  156. Finleymom says:

    Okay, I’m now a convert too! I just made the mix and had to sample a batch even though I’m the only one home right now (sounded like a good excuse, just to make sure everyone would like them!). Can I say
    Y U M ?????!!!!! They are so tender and love, love, love the texture. I have to make 50 pancakes for school on Friday and I’m thinking the box pancakes are getting crossed off my list. Thank you Erika for telling me about these. Aren’t moms wonderful?

  157. Marne says:

    I tried this over the weekend and OH BOY are these good! I am mixing up a double batch of the mix next time. I also found that 1 c. of the milk made it too thin even after thickening. I ended up adding an additional 1/2-3/4 c. mix to thicken it up. We loved the texture. My picky 6 year old was hesitant to try them but he did and ended up eating the most!

  158. Hollie says:

    Thank you soooo much for this recipe! We absolutely love it! My son, not even 2 years old yet, can eat at least 5 of these in one sitting… and my husband ate 7 of them this morning and told me never to make them again because he can’t stop eating them! We won’t discuss the quantity I ate!!!!

    • Mel says:

      Hollie – the cook is allowed to keep his/her portions secret, a rule I absolutely love. 🙂 I’m so glad these pancakes were such a hit!

  159. Erika says:

    YUM! These are soooo good! I finally whipped up the mix & we had it twice now. The kids & I love it! So easy to make pancakes in the morning now AND they’re healthy! Can’t ask for anything more!

    PS – I just used the regular oatmeal I got at Costco & ground it fine in the food processor. This worked well.

  160. Mel says:

    mia – I’m glad your son loved these so much! I love the hearty texture, too. Thanks for letting me know!

  161. mia says:

    Simply delicious. I absolutely love the texture and the little ‘somethin’ somethin” in every bite! So good! My son LOVED them!! He said he likes them MORE than a regular pancake (says the kid who will eat 22 pancakes in one sitting) so it really is saying a lot that he liked them better!!!

    I found them a bit thin but I will just add a bit more mix next time. (my little man helped me make them so i also may not have had very accurate measurements when it came to ‘mix to milk’ ratio anyway) 🙂

  162. mia says:

    yes, that would be the best i’m sure……i was just thinking that it would be one less thing to keep in the fridge, but no biggie ~ i’ll just feel compelled to make them more often, that’s all! *wink*

    oh and i will keep commenting as i keep trying new recipes!!! (um, like everyday….haha!! that reminds me, tried another one today, off to comment!!!)

  163. Mel says:

    mia – I’m loving all your comments lately. Thanks! As for the pancakes, I suppose you could do it that way, but why wouldn’t you want to just add the oil and store it that way? It stores just fine in the fridge and makes one less step when you make it. However, if you really don’t want to, it would probably work fine to add the oil with the milk and eggs.

  164. mia says:

    these sound wonderful…after getting up extra early this morning to make a pancake breakfast…i decided it was time to see what mel had to say about pancakes…..hahah!!! anyway, i am a slacker *read lazy bugger* so i mix up my dry ingredients for pancakes and keep it in a container in the cupboard as you would the bought stuff…(that is me ‘faking’ homemade) Anyway, i’m loving this recipe but am wondering if there is anyway to make it work like this….like, could i mix the dry ingr and just add a touch of oil when i go to use it to get the right consistency then add my milk and egg……?? hmm, what do you think mel?

  165. Mel says:

    Emily Marie – I love breakfast for dinner and these make an appearance at my house for both. I’m thrilled your 2-year old loves them. That is worth it in and of itself!

  166. Emily Marie says:

    This mix is AWESOME!! Thank you! My notoriously picky 2 year old loves these, which makes them even better. And I love that they are packed with fiber and good for you. We made them for a quick dinner last night, and then again this morning! These will definitely replace the box mix we (seldom) use, and be much more enjoyed, also!

  167. The Three Amigos says:

    love, Love, LOVE this recipe! Made it last night for dinner and we all loved them, my 18 month old did as well! Never again will I use the store bought white mix. I cannot believe how much it makes and I love that I can keep it in the fridge for such a quick meal, breakfast or dinner!

  168. Melanie says:

    The Three Amigos – I am so happy these were such a hit. I make them at least three times a week and would be lost without the recipe! Thanks for letting me know.

  169. Anonymous says:

    Hi Melanie,

    I have some leftover batter (which I’m sure never happens to you with a big family!), but would it be OK to keep it in the fridge overnight for tomorrow?


  170. Melanie says:

    Lorie – this would probably be fine in the fridge for a day (it might turn a darker color of brown), just be sure to stir it together well. I probably wouldn’t keep it longer than a day. Hope that helps!

  171. Melanie says:

    Liz – I have no doubt you are the total opposite of a slacker mom but I’m glad these pancakes helped reinforce that. And don’t worry, we eat waffles and pancakes for dinner quite often, too. I think that sounds like an awesome idea to give it out as neighbor gifts. I might have to steal that idea. 🙂

  172. Anonymous says:

    I don’t think I have told you how much we love these pancakes. I felt like such a slacker mom because I never made pancakes on school mornings. Now that I have this recipe, things have changed. As I was cooking up a batch of these for dinner (it’s been one of those days) I thought of a great idea. I think I am going to mix up a ton of this and give it out as neighbor gifts. I will get some cute Christmas bags and attach a card with the directions. Since my life in the past couple of weeks got a heck of a lot busier I need an easy idea that I can take to lots of people. So, once again you saved the day. Thanks! -Liz K.

  173. Melanie says:

    Mel – good to know!

  174. Anonymous says:

    I made the mix the first time using 1 cup of milk and that was way too much, but I made them again today using less milk and they turned out much better! Thanks!

  175. Melanie says:

    Anonymous – it probably depends on how I measure the flour and oats but I usually get at least 8-9 cups. I don’t pack my cups when measuring but I do scoop the flour and oats into the measuring cup and then level off. Have you made the dry mix into pancakes? Did they taste ok and was the texture fine? If so, then you are probably ok, even if you are only getting 7 cups of dry mix. Good luck!

  176. Anonymous says:

    I must be seriously challenged in the kitchen. Do you always get 10 cups of dry mix out of this recipe? I made them the other day and only got 7 cups. Do you pack your cups when measuring? Thanks!

  177. Melanie says:

    Anonymous – yes, you can still use old-fashioned oats, but the texture of the pancakes would be best if you ground them up a bit in a blender or food processor to make them a bit finer (like the texture of quick oats). Good luck!

  178. Melanie says:

    alexandra – I would probably stay away from the instant oatmeal packages because a) they are usually loaded with extra sugar (unless you can find “plain” and b) they are more expensive than buying regular quick oats. However, if that is all you have on hand, I’m sure it would work. The instant oatmeal packages has oatmeal that is blended finer than regular rolled oats so they are similar to the quick oats called for in this recipe. Good luck!

  179. alexandra says:

    Can you use instant oatmeal packages? Is that a “quick” oat?

  180. Anonymous says:

    Hi Melanie,

    I bought the old fashioned oats by accident, as opposed to the quick oats. Can I still use these as is?

    Thank you.

  181. Melanie says:

    Hey Cass – thanks for weighing in about these pancakes. I’ve never used the yogurt, milk substitution so I’m glad to hear from you that you actually prefer it that way. Thanks for letting me know!

  182. Cassidy says:

    Hey Mel, these have become a regular at our house however, I have only been making them with the plain yogurt and today I tried them with buttermilk and I think the yogurt is better in my opinion…just wanted to pass that a long just in case you hadn’t tried them with the yogurt and milk. We love them either way and have impressed neighbors with them when they ate over! Thanks!!!

  183. Melanie says:

    Hi Lori – overnight in the fridge works great to defrost buttermilk. In a pinch, you can take it out and stick it in a bowl of warm water to speed up the process. It will still take about an hour, probably. Be careful if you microwave it because it can curdle easily!

  184. Anonymous says:

    Great, thanks! How long do you keep it out to defrost? This is great because I am always scrambling for dishes that use buttermilk before it expires!


  185. Melanie says:

    Hey Lori – that should work just fine. Also, as a note, buttermilk will usually last far longer than it’s use-by date. I’ve been known to keep it weeks longer, but freezing it is probably the best way to play it safe!

  186. Anonymous says:

    Hi Melanie,

    OK, so I had buttermilk in the fridge w/ today’s date….but I just threw it in the freezer, so it should be OK?


  187. Melanie says:

    Dana – your comment was so thoughtful and sweet. Thank you for posting it. I’m glad these oatmeal pancakes came through for you – especially with your picky daughter. Phew! And don’t worry, I love blog stalkers!

  188. Dana Hixson says:

    Thanks so much for another divine recipe! I made these for my kiddos this morning for breakfast. They devoured them — which is pretty complimentary since my daughter is VERY picky! I always like to send my kids out the door for school with a healthy, hot breakfast! Thanks for another easy go-to breakfast recipe. By the way… I’m LOVING your blog! I think I’m officially a blog stalker since I check in at least once a day. I’m so anxious to see what will be posted next. Thanks for making dishes on my table creative and yummy!

  189. Melanie says:

    Dix – you are funny. Glad you liked this mix. You need to start taking credit for the recipes when Shane asks. I don’t mind. Just pretend like you made them up. 🙂

  190. Melanie says:

    Tannis – this mix is so great to have on hand. I’m glad you liked the recipe!

  191. Tannis says:

    I made these this morning for breakfast and they were yummy and I am excited about having the mix already to go in the fridge. Thanks for another great recipe!

  192. Dixiechick says:

    Mel, gotta thank you again. This recipe is fabulous! When I read that you make it several times a week for your family I knew I seriously needed to step up my motherhood-game. Lucky Charms every morning just doesn’t cut it. 🙂 So we busted these out on Conference Sunday because I was out of my Krustez mix. I don’t think we’ll be going back to Krustez. These are WAY better. Every time I make something new Shane asks where it came from…it’s always from here. He wants to thank you too. 🙂

  193. Melanie says:

    Hi Mary – what a nice comment. Thank you so much! It really made my day to read it.

  194. Mary says:

    I love your blog. Seriously, it is in my blog reader and even if I don’t take the links to your site, I read through all your recipes and love them. Thank you!

  195. Melanie says:

    Nicole – thank you! Your comments are always so nice and I love getting them.

    Crafty P – I’m on my way to check out your waffle recipe. I’m sure I will love it!

  196. Crafty P says:

    awesome and done. these will be made in our house… but you really must try the multi-grain waffles I have on my blog. if these pancakes are anything like those waffles, you’ll thank me next! I, too, keep a bag of this in my fridge for the next time I’m craving these. So yes, waffles take a bit more time to prepare, but I’ve heard you can use it for pancakes as well. Give it a try!

  197. Nicole says:

    Thank you thank you and THANK YOU for this recipe. It has all my favorite characteristics: tasty, easy, cheap, & healthy! We had these this morning and I really liked them. Also, I have been super unsuccessful with many oatmeal pancake recipes recently, so another reason why I appreciate these so much.

  198. Queen B. says:

    well, Pancakes it is. Yep, I’ll be making these for sure 🙂

  199. Hillary, Jonathan and Lincoln says:

    Ooh, I am so excited to try this recipe! I love that I can have it on hand and I had no idea you could freeze buttermilk!

  200. Anne says:

    Looks so good!

  201. rickandangie says:

    My kids love pancakes, but we typically save it for the weekends when they can cook them with Dad. But this looks great! We might just have to start having pancakes during the week rather than Cheerios or Corn Flakes (both of which my kids LOVE with a little bit of honey drizzled on it!)

  202. megan says:

    Wow, what a good idea! I’m definitely going to try this. We LOVE pancakes. And they’re healthy too? I’m excited!

  203. Colleen says:

    This is so great that you can save this as a dry mix!

  204. John and Crystal Pinegar Family says:

    You read my mind! I’ve been trying to think of healthy breakfasts that are fast. The cardboard cold cereal doesn’t stick and they end up hungry.

  205. Trinette McCrary says:

    Love your recipes! Can regular oats be used?

  206. Mom to Tate says:

    We love pancakes at our house! I always just use bisquick….I am excited to try this!!

  207. Julie says:

    Looks great to me…added fiber is just a bonus!

  208. annebabe says:

    okay, first of all, I would love it if you would jump through the computer screen. That would certainly spice things up around here at stay-at-home-mom-ville. 😉 Secondly, I was soooooo thinking to myself, “I should post my oatmeal pancake recipe on my food blog” but didn’t make it today, and so no picture equals no post. But I was planning on making it tomorrow because I’m in such an oatmeal-y pancake kinda mood. And cue Melanie. Here you are, with your fantastic mix. Thank you for making my life a little fiber-liscious. I’ll think of you tomorrow morning while I try out your recipe. 🙂

  209. Cammee says:

    You are killing me with these breakfast recipes. They are all so delicious! Love the dry mix idea–anything to make my mornings easier!

  210. ARLENE says:

    I’m going to run these through the WW recipe builder. They sound divine and with oats and ww flour, I think they’ll be suprisingly low calorie. Thanks for sharing.

  211. Anonymous says:

    Mel, these look great! I can’t wait! My mom has a bran muffin recipe that makes quite a bit and you keep it in your fridge, but it doesn’t last indefinitely. That’s a great tip about the buttermilk. I did not know that. Do you know if you can do the same with heavy cream? Some of the recipes of yours that I make call for it, but whatever I don’t use always goes to waste. I love tips like that! Anything to save money, right!


  212. My Sister's Kitchen says:

    Looks delicious and healthy. I love the idea of having a mix that isn’t store bought readily available. I’ll have to make it for the kids.

  213. Tari McDonald says:

    This sounds amazing!

  214. grace says:

    i love hearty oatmeal pancakes–they can really hold up to all the peanut butter and maple syrup i add. 🙂 having a mix already prepared is a great way to save time and effort!

  215. teresa says:

    oh wow, they look so rich and earthy, delicious!

  216. Melanie Anne says:

    What a fantastic recipe!! My boys always want pancakes–but now that we are on an earlier schedule here in TN it is harder to do. This will help! Thanks Mel!!

  217. Anonymous says:

    I will be trying this recipe out this w/e! Can you store the buttermilk in its container, or do you pour it into something w/ a tight fitting lid?

  218. Anonymous says:

    Do you have to grind the oats first to make them into flour? Or do you just add them?

  219. Leslie says:

    lol mother of the year doesnt last for long!!! LOL
    I feel the same way.
    Love the pancakes! Printing!

  220. Julie Thurgood Summerhays says:

    oooh – we made these tonight – delicious!! Thanks for the recipe!!!

  221. Barbara says:

    Hooray for pancakes! Especially your healthy ones! And I love the idea of a “mix” to keep in the cupboard ready to go!

  222. Anonymous says:

    I just found your blog last week and have tried two of your recipes- this one and the cheesecake brownies. Both were fantastic! I can’t wait to try more. Thanks for all the great recipes!

  223. Melanie says:

    Trinette – yes, regular oats can definitely be used but you’ll either have quite a bit more texture to the pancakes, or you’ll want to grind the oats a bit finer before using.

    Annebabe – glad we were on the same wavelength, girl! And really, really trust me, you wouldn’t want me too close…I’m very annoying and I eat a lot. 🙂

    Missy – I don’t think heavy cream freezes as well as buttermilk. I’ve tried it before and it messes with the texture a little bit. For some reason buttermilk withstands freezing quite well!

  224. Melanie says:

    Anonymous – if my buttermilk is in the fridge, I store it in the original container. If I am freezing it, I pour it into ziploc bags and freeze it that way.

    Anonymous – you can grind the oats up if you would like less texture to the pancakes, but I use quick oats and never grind them up beforehand because I like the nuttiness of the finished pancake.

  225. Melanie says:

    Julie Summerhays – wait a second, did you make these for DINNER?? If so, we are instant friends. I love pancakes for dinner and make them often for that reason. Glad you liked them!

    Teresa – thanks for checking in. I’m glad you’ve liked these and the cheesecake brownies (divine!). Thanks for letting me know!

  226. Lydia Stewart says:

    They sounds great! I’m going to give them a try! I love a good pancake!

  227. Stacie Aho says:

    Thank you thank you for a healthy homemade pancake mix! I love that idea, and I’m totally going to steal it 🙂 Can’t wait to try it!

  228. Danielle says:

    How do you get your pancakes so beautifully round? Mine are always shaped like amoebas. Am I the only one who is pancake-challenged?

  229. Melanie says:

    Danielle – hmmm, I don’t know the trick – I just use a 1/3 measuring cup and pour it on the griddle. Good luck! (And hey, amoebas have a lot of personality, in my opinion.)

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