Pumpkin Scones

Did I miss the memo? Is it totally uncool to be baking with pumpkin still since fall/autumn is officially over?

Ah, what the heck. Throw convention to the wind because these pumpkin scones deserve to be highlighted, no matter the season. In fact, it was a toss up whether to serve these or the Giant Cinnamon Rolls on Christmas morning. The cinnamon rolls won out. But just barely.

This is my first foray into scone making. I’ve always been leary – the whole cutting butter into flour thing makes me nervous because I don’t want a tough, dry baked good. However, I must say, these pumpkin scones, and these pumpkin scones alone, have converted me into a big-time scone lover. If you haven’t made traditional scones yourself, please do. And start with this recipe. It is killer.

Beyond tender and nearly melt-in-your-mouth, the pumpkin-flavored scones are studded with white chocolate chips and drizzled with a delightfully sweet and spicy ginger glaze. Really quick to pull together, the key is to be gentle with the dough. Don’t overwork it, man, and you’ll get soft, completely perfect scones. My cousin Tami, who I adore, sent this recipe to me because her friend made it for her after she brought her seventh child into the world and Tami was so besotted with the scones, she actually found the super-human strength to make them herself before her new baby was even weeks old. That’s what I call a tried-and-true recipe (and a really ambitious new momma). They are worth it. I promise! Although I’m pretty sure I’ll just be begging friends and neighbors to make these for me come April when I have a new baby of my own. My just-had-a-baby ambition only goes so far.

And speaking of babies – if you missed the news, we found out we are having a girl come April. Oh my. I am still in shock and all four of my little boys (five, counting my husband) are beside themselves with joy (even my 6-year old who exclaimed that he hopes his new baby sister isn’t weird like the girls in his Kindergarten class).

Pumpkin Scones

Pumpkin Scones with Ginger Glaze

Yield: Makes 6-8 scones

Pumpkin Scones with Ginger Glaze


  • 2 cups all-purpose flour
  • 1/2 cup packed light brown sugar
  • 1/4 teaspoon ground ginger
  • 1/2 teaspoon nutmeg
  • 1/4 teaspoon allspice
  • 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1/4 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • 1/2 cup cold butter, cut into pieces
  • 1/3 cup buttermilk
  • 1/2 cup canned pumpkin puree (no added spices or sugar)
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1/2 cup white chocolate chips
  • Glaze:
  • 2 cups powdered sugar
  • 1/4 teaspoon ginger or pumpkin pie spice
  • 3 tablespoons milk
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla


  1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F.
  2. For the scones, in a large bowl, mix together the flour, sugar, spices, baking powder, baking soda and salt. Toss the cold butter pieces in with the flour mixture and cut in the butter with a pastry blender, two knives, or your fingers (careful not to melt the butter with the heat from your fingers) until the mixture looks like coarse crumbs. In a separate bowl, mix together the buttermilk, pumpkin and vanilla. Add the wet mixture to the dry flour mixture and mix until the dough just barely comes together. If the mixture is too crumbly to come together, add 1-2 tablespoons more buttermilk. Don't overwork the dough or the scones will be tough and dry. Gently mix in the white chocolate chips. The mixture may be on the crumbly side but when you turn it out, it should come together.
  3. Transfer the dough to a very lightly floured surface and knead gently 3-4 times. Pat the dough into a thick circle, about 1 1/2-inches thick. Cut into six or eight pie-shaped wedges. Transfer the scones to a parchment- or silpat-lined baking sheet, placing about 2 inches apart. Bake for 18-20 minutes, just until a toothpick inserted comes out clean. Don't overbake.
  4. While the scones are baking, mix together the ingredients for the glaze. When the scones come out of the oven, transfer them to a cooling rack set over a baking sheet or waxed/parchment paper. Drizzle the hot scones with the glaze. Serve warm or at room temperature.

Recipe Source: from my cousin-in-law, Tami

49 Responses to Pumpkin Scones with Ginger Glaze

  1. Viktoriya says:

    Are these scones supposed to be unusually soft? Mine turned out to be a cake like consistency, not a traditional flaky scone texture. They’re still delicious but I was just wondering because I started panicking. Did I do something wrong?

    • Mel says:

      Any chance the dough was too soft before baking (maybe too much liquid)? These should be a tad bit cake but mostly flaky like a scone (take care not to over mix the dough, either, to help the scones be really tender).

  2. Viktoriya says:

    Could I possibly make these scones into mini sized scones? Instead of 6-8 regular sized scones could I make 12-16 minis?

  3. AJ says:

    First, thank you for making me look like a great cook! Just made these for a baby shower and everyone raved about them. They are so good.
    Second, It seems like the glaze makes a massive amount. I glazed mine pretty heavily, more than yours in your pictures for sure, and I only used half of the glaze. It is delicious though, so I’ll have no problem finding a way to use the extra. 🙂

  4. Sheila says:

    My family just greatly enjoyed a brunch of these Pumpkin Scones with Ginger Glaze. To justify making a Whipped Maple Cinnamon Butter to spread between these warm scones, I didn’t add the white chocolate chips. 🙂 They were so delicious and the special family memory produced of serving these homemade scones to my loved ones sitting out on the porch is treasured in my heart. You, too, are treasured Mel and so very appreciated in our life! So glad for your insight in placing within the instructions to not over work, over flour, or over bake.

    • Mel says:

      Sheila – the whipped maple cinnamon butter sounds too amazing for words. I can’t wait to try it on these scones! (As always, thanks for your sweet words!)

  5. Mary Beth says:

    One of the best things I’ve ever eaten–these scones are incredible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Gianna R. says:

    These are delicious! They’re our new fall favorite! We have served them two times and thought they were better each time. We have been asked for the recipe three times and directed them to your site. I’m 7 years old, and my name is Gianna.

  7. Nita says:

    These scones were great. Everyone in my family loved them. I’ve made them for breakfast 3 times this week! I made 2 batches this morning and I actually forgot the sugar in the first batch and they were still yummy! The first couple times I made them I only used half of the glaze but since I forgot the sugar I used all of it in that batch and they were great. I didn’t use the chocolate chips because I didn’t have any but I can’t wait to try them with chips also.

  8. Just saw this! Congrats on having a baby girl Mel!! I have only two boys but my third was a girl and they are both so smitten!! You’ll love it!

  9. Tami says:

    Now that I’ve made these a few times, I’ve decided I like them with less glaze. I always half the glaze and drizzle a little on each one. The scones are pretty sweet so a little goes a long way. Still love them. Best pumpkin baked good. Ever.

  10. Danielle says:

    OH these were delish…I found some frozen pumpkin hidden away and realized this is what I needed to make. 🙂 I decided these would be a perfect ‘first day of fall’ treat.

  11. Shannon says:

    I made these for breakfast while my son was home for college. He LOVED them. I took one wedge to a friend who insisted that I bring a fresh batch for breakfast on New Year’s morning. I’d say they were definitely a hit!

  12. […] The recipe is for pumpkin scones with a ginger glaze and can be found at the following address: http://www.melskitchencafe.com/2011/12/pumpkin-scones-with-ginger-glaze.html […]

  13. Stacie D. says:

    Hooray for girls! I only had to have two boys before getting a girl (due in 7 weeks!), so I am very thrilled for your news! And thanks for this recipe; can’t wait to try it.

  14. Diane K says:

    The one post I didn’t read right as you posted, and you announce you’re having a girl! Congrats! A good friend of mine is in the same boat of four boys and due with a girl. And now I know what goodies to bring her and her family when her little baby is born! Now, to make one recipe or two…

  15. hayley says:

    These were sooo yummy! We now have church at 1:00 so I made these for brunch today and my daughters have requested them every Sunday for the rest of the year. YUM!

  16. grace says:

    i’m still whipping out the pumpkin goodies. after all, it’s on sale in all the stores now. 🙂

  17. Deb says:

    I have to be honest, I don’t even like pumpkin treats but these were AMAZING and I still to this day think of them. Being your friend TRULY has its benefits ;-). Can’t wait to “sample” your next recipe.

  18. Cammee says:

    Congrats Mel! I have one daughter and have 3 boys that came after her. It’s fun to experience the difference. Most say girls are more drama, but in our case, she’s the least dramatic child we have. Youe little one is going to have all 4 of those big brothers wrapped around her little finger!

    I have never made scones (this variety anyway, the Utah fry scones I have) either. I think I will make these while the kiddos are home for a few more days. If I had my way, pumpkin would be a year round food. After all, do we only eat veggies in the summer?!

  19. CONGRATULATIONS!!! I am seriously so excited for you (and I’m sure my sister Melanie is very jealous!). Now you can buy all the cute girl paraphernalia that you previously only got to buy for pink baby showers. I know because I just have boys now, too. 🙂

    Oh, and these scones look to die for. I am such a scone lover. And I LOVE LOVE LOVE that you are cooking with pumpkin “out of season.” We are pumpkin lovers around here. We’ll have to try these scones for sure.

  20. cee says:

    Congrats on the baby girl! I’m having my second boy in April! It will be a good month for babies!

  21. gail says:

    Congratulations! Now you get to shop in the PINK section. Have fun!

  22. Sheila H says:

    I had forgotten about these. This recipe is almost exact to the King Arthur one I used. Thanks for reminding me and adding a ginger glaze option. I have 4 boys and 1 girl and she was never into Barbies but is really competitive, yet artistic and beautiful. Congrats! Each child is a unique blessing.

  23. Tami says:

    Mel. These scones are the most delicious thing I’ve ever eaten. Baked goods totally hit the spot while I’m pregnant and nursing and all winter long. Thank you for not telling people that I hoarded the second batch all to myself. Hee Hee. I still have one left in the freezer. Congrats on the baby girl. I am really excited for you. All Dads need a little girl wrapped around their finger. Bring on the pink.

  24. Nikki says:

    Congratulations, that is so awesome. I have two boys and I just know God would give me another one if I tried. I would love to be able to buy baby girl clothes, you are so lucky.

  25. Paula B. says:

    A girl, how special! And as for pumpkin and scones, oh yes, in any season. Hope you sail through the rest of winter, I know you will be eagerly anticipating the arrival of spring.

  26. Chris says:

    Congrats to you, Mel, on the feminine addition to your family!

    I think the whole point of putting up pumpkin puree in the fall is to enjoy pumpkin recipes all winter long – although I have to admit, I was worried about posting pumpkin recipes in December too. Anyway, I’m glad I’m not alone in this and these scones look/sound amazing! Scones are on my list of recipes to make more regularly and perfect in the immediate future and the pumpkin puree in my freezer is just crying out to be used! I can’t wait to try these!

  27. Karla says:

    Congrats! I am so happy for you! 🙂

    These scones looks delicious.

  28. heather bell says:

    Congrats on the baby girl!! So fun!

  29. Jessica says:

    Congrats! A little girl would be so fun!

  30. I said it on FB but I’ll say it again BIG CONGRATS to you and your family. A little girl… that is so exciting! She will be loved (and spoiled!). Oh and I am so glad that you did not wait to post these scones until next fall. These look absolutely divine! White chocolate and pumpkin pair so well together. I can’t wait to make these.

  31. Mel says:

    Christina – well, now, isn’t that a great question! Sorry for omitting it. I’ll edit the recipe but it is 350 degrees F.

  32. Congratulations! And thanks for the Scone Recipe. I love them and make them fairly often but never pumpkin. I love your blog!

  33. Kesa says:

    Congrats about having a girl!! My hubby’s family is pretty much all boys so when we went in for the ultra sound for our second and found out it was a girl I was so surprised…so I can only imagine after having four boys what a shock that was for you. My little lady is almost 6 months old now and I LOVE having a girl! I was one of those that thought I would be happy having all boys, but never knew how much I needed that little girl. So excited for you! And those scones look delish!

  34. Rachael K says:

    Congratulations on the girl! Don’t worry–she’ll bring out the sensitive side in your boys. I think. I’m not sure since I have three girls myself and between the burping contests and armpit noises at the dinner table (thank you for teaching them that, husband dear) I have a warped idea of what little girls made of sugar and spice are supposed to act like. All I know is our house is loud, everything is either pink or purple (but always glitter-y), and someone is always doing a wardrobe change, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Congrats again!

  35. Christina says:

    Congratulations! And the scones look wonderful. I apologize if I’ve overlooked it, but what is the oven temperature to bake the scones?

  36. Amy V. says:

    My favorite butter cutting method is to slightly freeze the stick of butter and grate it on a cheese grater into the flour! Works like a charm! And congrats on that baby girl! Thank you for being so open to new life!

  37. Amy M says:

    Congratulations Mel! How lucky is this little girl to have 4 older brothers to look after her. My firstborn is a girl and when I became pregnant the 2nd time I thought I wanted another girl but now that I have my boy I can’t imagine it different. I think that’s the way God plans it.

    And geez, holy scone goodness do these pumpkin goodies look yummy! I don’t know what it is about scones but I’m completely addicted. I’m not talking about the dried out biscuits that you need to top with cream to eat but that lovely cross between a biscuit and muffin. heaven. I’m filing this away and can’t wait to try them. Have you tried the ATK “Cream Scones”? They’re a really good base recipe (if you leave out the currents) to lots of different scone variations. I add orange zest to the recipe, divide the dough in half and sandwich blackberry jam in between the dough circles before cutting into triangles and baking. Everytime I make them I get asked for the recipe. The other thing I love about scones is that you can freeze them unbaked and bake from frozen so easily. Frozen muffins are okay but it’s nice to be able to pull out something that’s already prepared AND fresh from the oven.

    Congrats again. What a special addition this little girl will be to your family!

  38. Karen says:

    Congratulations Mel ! I have 4 older brothers, and can’t imagine it any other way. I think I always felt safe, that between them and their friends, there was a security net around me. I also learned how to hold my own when I needed to !!

  39. Ciara says:

    I missed the memo too then about it being uncool to bake with pumpkin…I included pumpkin bread as part of my Christmas gifts! Oh well. I’d rather have pumpkin goodies than be cool. 🙂 These look delicious! Can’t wait to try them!

  40. Anne says:

    I agree, I about cried when I read your news!! My sister had 4 boys before she got her girl (then had 2 more boys, lol). I have three girls myself, and love my girls, but we are hoping we get a boy next time, even though having a boy sort of terrifies me. Yeah and YEAH!

  41. tonya says:

    I love scones & will surely try these beauties, but I am in tears over your NEWS! Mind you I would’ve been sappy & happy regardless of gender! I have an almost 4-year old boy & a 2.5-year old boy & a 6-month old girl. When I was pregnant with my little lady everyone thought & implied out loud that I “must” be trying for a girl. No, I was just “trying” for another sweet baby! I LOVE being a boy mama & would’ve been thrilled to do it again (as I know you would’ve, too). Having said that, let me just say that our girl adds such a neat, new dynamic to our home – it’s wonderful! I’m sure that y’all (I’m southern), like us, will constantly shake your heads (& maybe giggle) in disbelief as you see the dolls & dresses make their way into your truck & football territory. Really fun! I’m beyond excited for you & all your boys!!! Just to be perfectly clear, I would’ve been excited either way!! CONGRATULATIONS!!

    I’m sorry, did you not ask to hear my 2-cents worth? :o/

  42. Hooray for little girls! I am having one in April,too!

  43. Liz says:

    Congratulations on the little girl! We are having our second little girl in March and I am getting so excited. Little girls are so fun. Of course, having a little girl is all I have ever experienced. The scones look really good. I have always been leery of them, too. I just imagine most scones being dried out and stale biscuit-y. I’m sure yours would be delish!

  44. Kim in MD says:

    Oh, Mel…I am so excited for you! Congratulations! Knowing that you already have four boys, I was sure that you would have another boy, but secretly hoping that this baby would be a girl. Wow…she is going to be so spoiled! Not only will she be the baby in family, but also the only daughter with four brothers! Having both a boy and girl, I am amazed how different they are and I am so glad that you get that experience, too! I am SO excited for you!

    BTW, the scones look delicious! I just happen to have several cans of leftover pumpkin puree in my pantry…yeah!

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