This is what one’s living room may or may not look like when their heat has been out since Wednesday night and they are living crammed into one room so as to make the most of the space heater and fireplace (i.e. forced family bonding).
A bunch of little kids playing in their living room.

This is what one may choose to do if school is canceled on day two of their heat still not working (for the record, Cam wasn’t doing the actual driving; I was, much to my boys’ disappointment because apparently I drive like a grandma). To all my past Minneosta and Wisconsin friends and neighbors: this, to you, is a delightful spring storm; this, to my little town, is a crisis.
Little kids sledding behind a 4-wheeler.

This is how one may choose to make rolls and spaghetti sauce and cinnamon rolls a) in order to get ready for company that had to cancel later because of roads and b) in an effort to possibly heat up a little more space with the oven.
A woman cooking rolls in a winter parka.

This is what one may choose to drink after playing in the snow and coming back inside to, did I mention, a house with no heat. One may or may not drink their body weight in hot chocolate. No judging here. And this is how one would stay dressed the entire day. Snow bibs make awfully warm PJ’s.
A little boy and girl drinking hot chocolate.

This is how one would spend their day if they were Maggie and completely unaffected, and actually frantically excited, to romp around in and eat the snow.
A golden retriever playing in the snow.

Hope your weekend is much warmer than ours!

(Our heat will be fixed Tuesday after we pay an astronomical amount to get the needed part blue labeled from back East, in the meantime, we really are making the most of this adventure; huge jigsaw puzzle, lots of playing in the snow, stew in the crockpot, tons of cuddling with warm blankets and movies, and wearing winter gear 24/7.)