Fill a cup with green vanilla pudding, top with crushed cookies, add a face, and you have these cute monster pudding cups!

Excitement over Halloween each year in these parts definitely centers around the food. Not the candy…the food. Shocking, I know.

Each day this week, I’ll be sharing with you a simple, yummy “Spooky Eats” idea for some Halloween food fun. My kids have loved every minute of preparing for this week. Let’s just say they have taken their R&D (research and development) jobs very seriously.

A plastic cup with green pudding, crushed Oreo's on top and a monster face drawn on the outside.

Just wait until you see what we came up with for Friday. Seriously. I don’t know whether to gag or giggle just thinking about it (my kids gobbled them up, just to let you know).

Today the feature is Monster Pudding Cups! And the concept is super, super simple but super, super cute. Create a monster face on the outside of a clear plastic cup. Fill the cup with green-tinted vanilla pudding and top with crushed cookies.

If you want to get all crazy, you can attach M&M “bolts” to the outside of the cup to make little Frankensteins. Let your imagination guide you in creating the scariest little monster pudding cup you can!

Four plastic cups showing the different steps to assembling monster pudding cups.
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Monster Pudding Cups

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  • 1 batch homemade vanilla pudding, tinted green with a few drops of food coloring when adding the vanilla extract
  • Crushed Oreo or other chocolate cookies, I used Trader Joe’s Jo-Jo’s
  • See-through plastic cups, 8-12 ounce size
  • Black permanent marker
  • Large M&M’s, like peanut M&M’s and black frosting (optional)


  • Make homemade pudding or pudding according to recipe or package instructions. Let cool completely, if needed. When ready to assemble, make a monster face on the outside of the plastic cup with a permanent black marker.
  • Fill each cup to within 1/4-inch of the top with green pudding. Top the pudding with crushed cookies. If desired, put a dab of black frosting on each side of the cup and attach a large M&M for ears or Frankenstein "bolts." Refrigerate until ready to serve.


Pudding: you can sub your own vanilla pudding recipe or the boxed variety, although the amount of pudding you end up with will probably vary. Simply adjust the other ingredients (like the cookie crumbs) accordingly. It isn’t rocket science…it will all work out.

Recipe Source: pudding recipe from Mel’s Kitchen Cafe, idea from Pinterest