5 Responses to The Best Pasta Main Dishes

  1. Renee says:

    Well, here is my two cents:
    1. Can you delete the first commenter’s post? Can we say RUDE?!?!
    2. I believe this is your blog and why on earth do they think that it is their job to inform everyone else what to do and not do. On behalf of your faithful followers,THANK YOU for all you do and sharing your awesome recipes with us!! I hope you never let the negative stuff get to you because I think there are more grateful people out there than there are rude ones. Thanks again Mel! I have the chicken fajitas marinating now. Maybe I can serve it up with some salsa made with canned tomatoes full of plastic. 😉

  2. Megan says:

    love your site! I think you should add your baked ziti and spaghetti pie here. 🙂 I love that you have an entire category for best cheesecakes. Definitely my kind of cooking!!

  3. Meg says:

    Thank you for saying what we are all thinking, Anonymous …

  4. Anonymous says:

    Wow. Mmm…WOW. The Macaroni and Cheese is a main dish, therefore implying that you would have side dishes such as vegetables. Perhaps you should blog as well and give these handy tips. You are obviously a pro.

  5. del cain says:

    #1- Using Canned tomato sauce and canned tomatoes: you are eating some of the plastic lining of the can at every meal(check it out on google..I currently make my sauce only with tomato paste, and vegetable stock from the cut up pieces of onions,bell peppers,,carrot skins,etc.(2-3 cups of stock),and dried herbs….. then about 10 min. before the sauce is ready. i take my Black and Decker 2 cup blender(motor is in the top) and I ‘blend’ 2-3 ripe tomatoes and throw them in the sauce for the last 10-15 min. They freshen the sauce and you don’t end up eating a couple any of the cans plastic lining,nibbled away by the acidic ingredients. Most times I do not use canned tomatoes in any way except the tomato paste.
    #2…Mac and cheese,in my opinion should be made with a couple vegetables,especially for children..other wise you are laoding them up with starch ,cheese andnothing else…
    i use onion and mushrooms a lot; cauliflower and broc. also love the cheesey sauce of the mac. and cheese.
    Same goes for the Alfredo dishes….
    In the summer-no canned fish in salads-it is a dead food..I mainly make salmon salad(frozen fillets)….. The Salmon fillets are cooked with mayo and mustard(3-4 tbl. to one mustard tbl. ratio)- sautee on one side-flip, put mayo and mustard mixture,cook some and flip a second time- then chop up and add to onion. eggs,salt,pepper, a little more Mayo,etc.============I also use salmon with an egg and potato salad ,or a roasted veggie salad(roasted sweet pot.,onion, bell pepper, carrots,broc. cauli.) and the salmon and eggs. (veggies are roasted at 400*, 15 min, in a deep pan after being mixed with 2-4 Tbl. olive oil and 1-2 tbl.l balsamic vinegar-(covered pan) and Italian seasoning…….
    Canned tuna is 3-4 dollars and for about $5 you can get frozen salmon filets.