The Best Ground Stroganoff

There is absolutely nothing fancy about this meal. But man, it makes for a great, quick weeknight meal.

My kids love stroganoff.

Whenever we have it (and we have several recipes that are made often, including this one), statements like the following are rampant, “Mom, I love stroganoff” and “I’m totally having stroganoff for my birthday dinner” and “Stroganoff is the nectar of the Gods.”

Ok, so they’ve never said that last one but I’m pretty sure they’d agree if they had any idea what it means.

To be honest, I think they just like saying the word “stroganoff.” Pretty fun and exciting if you are 6 years old and get a kick out of saying random words over and over.

The stroganoff version today is a remake from the classic creamy ground beef stroganoff I grew up eating.

Nothing against that version (promise, mom!) but we greatly enjoy this equally fast and yummy stroganoff made with a simple homemade sauce instead of cream of mushroom soup.

It’s such a perfect weeknight meal and the flavors are down-home delicious.

Here’s my disclaimer: this meal will not win you awards and fame for gourmet cooking, but it will provide a wonderfully tasty, hearty meal for the enjoyment of all.

Sometimes that’s about all you can ask for and I’m totally ok with that.

The Best Ground Stroganoff

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Delicious Ground Beef {or Turkey} Stroganoff

Yield: Serves 4-6

Delicious Ground Beef {or Turkey} Stroganoff


  • 1 1/2 pounds lean ground beef or turkey
  • 1 small onion, chopped (about 1/2 cup)
  • 1 clove garlic, finely minced
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1/2 teaspoon pepper
  • 8 ounces sliced white button mushrooms
  • 4 ounces light cream cheese, cubed
  • 2 cups low-sodium beef broth
  • 1/2 cup lowfat milk
  • 3 tablespoons flour
  • 1/2 cup light sour cream
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • Cooked egg noodles or rice for serving


  1. In a large nonstick skillet, cook the meat, onion, garlic, salt and pepper, on medium-high heat, stirring occasionally to break up the meat into small pieces, until the meat is almost cooked through but still slightly pink, about 5 minutes. Drain excess grease. Add sliced mushrooms and cook until the mushrooms are soft and browned and the meat is cooked through, another 5 minutes or so.
  2. Add the cubed cream cheese and let the cream cheese melt over medium heat, about 2-3 minutes, before stirring in. Mix gently until the cream cheese is incorporated throughout the meat mixture. In a large liquid measuring cup, combine the beef broth and milk. Whisk in the flour until the mixture is smooth and there are no lumps of flour remaining.
  3. Stir the beef broth/milk mixture into the meat and cook over medium or medium-high heat, stirring occasionally. Let the mixture bubble and simmer until slightly thickened, 3-4 minutes. Stir in the sour cream and add additional salt and pepper to taste. Serve over cooked egg noodles or hot, cooked rice. Sprinkle each serving with fresh parsley, if desired.

Recipe Source: from Mel’s Kitchen Cafe

69 Responses to Delicious Ground Beef {or Turkey} Stroganoff

  1. […] I did adapt the Turkey Stroganoff as well. First, I left out the sour cream. Second, I used vegetable broth instead of beef. Here is the original recipe –Β  […]

  2. Lisa says:

    Thanks Mel! For everyone who thinks its a little bland, add a tsp of curry powder! Yum!

  3. Melanie says:

    I was in a pinch tonight for supper, and I had everything on hand for this dish. Delish!! Loved!! I think I preferred the ground beef variety over the kind I usually make with large pieces of meat. The kids ate all of theirs too! Thanks Mel!

  4. Melina says:

    Love love love this recipe! Easy, fast & delicious-thanks Mel

  5. Sarahbeth says:

    I’ve got a great tip for those who dislike mushrooms as much as I do. Instead of slicing the mushrooms, put them in a food processor and pulverize the little suckers. Then add to the ground meat, and make the rest of the dish as normal. I guarantee no one will know they’re even there!

    And yes, this recipe was delicious! I will definitely make again!!

  6. Susan says:

    Delicious — my 9-year-old made this (mostly) by himself and it was enjoyed by the whole family. Simple and tasty!

  7. Dawn says:

    I made this for my family last night with a couple of adjustments (we used g. turkey + chicken stock and the whole 8oz of cream cheese) and the kids ate it up, even the mushrooms!!

    Thank you so much. πŸ™‚

  8. Beth says:

    Delicious recipe, Mel!! I didn’t make any adjustments. The sauce is so rich and creamy. πŸ™‚ I know I can always rely on your recipes to turn out.

  9. Sharon says:

    I made this recipe tonight. It was very tasty. I had frozen beef broth, from a brisket that I baked last month; it makes a very good broth. I used lean ground beef and whole wheat elbow macaroni.

  10. Texan says:

    This recipe was great and I made two adjustments: There was too much liquid with 2 cups of beef broth and I like a thick sauce, so I added a scant TBSP of corn starch to the flour and gave the sauce plenty of time to reduce. However, if you are in a hurry you could just use 1 cup of broth. I also found it to be too bland so I added ketchup and Worchestershire sauce (borrowing from another stroganoff recipe), that made it perfect. I forgot to add the sour cream at the end but it still tasted great so I probably will continue making it without the sour cream (I did use whole milk and full-fat cream cheese, though).

  11. Natlaie says:

    I have heard great things from my sister-in-law about your recipes and I am so happy to have come across this one. I have been looking forever for a good ground beef stroganoff recipe and now I think I have found it. I look forward to trying many (if not all) your recipes. Thanks to people like you with such a talent for cooking that you help people like me (who have less talent for cooking) to put something in front of the fam. that they not only will look at without distain but will actually eat.

  12. Kristi says:

    This is my husband’s favorite! Would it work to freeze the leftovers and reheat for another time?

    • Mel says:

      I’ve frozen this a time or two, Kristi – and it’s ok. The texture changes a bit after defrosting (slightly grainy) but it’s not a deal breaker for us although we prefer the made-fresh version the most. πŸ™‚

  13. Jayne says:

    Fantastic comfort food! We are beef all the way! Mmmmm…
    My family just inhaled it, as well as piles of steamed broccoli. I love how quickly I can toss this meal together on a busy weeknight. I bet leftovers would be great, but we don’t have any πŸ™‚ We love you, Mel!

  14. jen says:

    Made this last night, another homerun from Mel! I added a dash of worchestershire like some others. It was just like the cream of mushroom soup version my dad used to make, except SO much better. Next time I would just double the mushrooms. Oh, and I used onion powder instead of chopped for the sake of my 3 yr old. Quick and easy! Thank you!

  15. Linda says:

    My husband recently found out he is allergic to beef and pork and the doctor told him to eliminate beef and pork from his diet for a year. I’ve been looking for good recipes with turkey, chicken and fish. I made this tonight, it was amazingly delicious. I made it with turkey and added a few shakes of worchestershire sauce and a tablespoon of tomatoe paste and used chicken broth instead of beef broth. I also added two cloves of garlic. Next time I think I will add two tablespoons of tomatoe paste. Thank you Mel for the recipe.

  16. Janet says:

    I made this tonight and we really liked it. My husband said he preferred it over using round steak because you get beef in every bite.

  17. Kate says:

    this was good, but I missed the Worchestershire sauce. Couldn’t put my finger on it until I really thought about it, but Worchestershire makes the stroganoff for me!

  18. Aneta says:

    This was a wonderful recipe. Thank you!!!!

  19. Busy Mom says:

    Great recipe! I’ve made it once as is and again adding some veggies and accidentally forgetting the sour cream, but it still turned out fabulous!

    Here is my post about it if you want to check it out:

  20. Allison says:

    My family and I loved this recipe! It was by far the best stroganoff recipe I’ve ever tried…and I’ve tried quite a few. All of the recipes I’ve tried on your blog have been fantastic! Thanks for sharing them with us!

  21. Allison says:

    YUM! One of my boys said on the second bite, “is there enough for seconds?!” And they all gobbled it down. I only have a small amount of leftovers for lunch πŸ™ today, which is a sign of a great meal, thanks Mel! πŸ™‚

    • Allison says:

      Made this today with leftover hamburgers that didn’t get eaten! I broke up 3 and then just didn’t add salt or pepper since the patties were seasoned and went straight to the cream cheese part (since I busted out my freeze dried onions and mushrooms since I didn’t have any on hand so I didn’t have to cook them just hydrate them). Finally, a tasty use for leftover patties!! It was still YUMMMMMY! Mel, you rock!

  22. Melissa says:

    I made this last night and mine was also on the soupy side so I just put egg noodles in pot to absorb the moisture. I did find it was missing something. ..just too bland for me and I added far more salt while eating it to compensate so I’m not sure what would give it that extra zing.:-)

  23. Darci says:

    Great flavor and alternative to Campbell’s soup, but mine came out super soupy…

  24. Liz says:

    Nice recipes as usual, Mel. Thank you and have a Happy Wednesday.

  25. Johanna says:

    I made this tonight and it was delish. Perfect comfort food for a night in the “Polar Vortex” of cold we are living in. My only changes would be to add another 8 oz. of mushrooms… Portabella or Shitake would be my choice. Also, we like a bit of spice so we dosed it with a little Tabasco. In hindsight, I should have splashed in some lemon juice at the end to brighten it and cut the creaminess. Wonderful dish even without the changes! Thanks.

  26. Jess says:

    Loved it. Thank you for sharing the recipe.

  27. Melissa says:

    We just had this for dinner last night. It was a hit! Everyone LOVED it. Thank you!!

  28. Heather says:

    I can’t thank you enough for all the amazing recipes you post! Made this the other night and everyone loved it and raved about it! Thank you!

  29. stacy reading says:

    Made this tonight!! It was amazing and wonderful and my kids loved it! I used greek yogurt in place of sour cream and left out the mushrooms (I know, I know), but I didn’t have any and we’re not really fans anyways. Thank you!

  30. Erin says:

    Just made this. It was so tasty. I cut up the mushroom in tiny pieces and didn’t tell the ki

  31. Jill says:

    This was a huge hit at our place. Everyone had seconds and raved the whole way through. Thank you!

  32. Vanessa says:

    Just made this and my husband and kids loved it! Much better than the cream of mushroom recipe I usually use! It’s a keeper! Oh and I usually add a few splashes of Worcestershire sauce and it makes it even better!

  33. Jessica says:

    Try it with goat cheese instead of cream cheese—yum!

  34. Teresa says:

    Mel, I really want to try this kid friendly recipe. I saw in your “pantry” post that you said you always use ground turkey (except you keep beef for a portion of meatballs/loaves). I would like to try turkey in this stroganoff, but was wondering…do you buy ground white or dark meat turkey? Sometimes the white is so lean, I wonder if it would work. What type do you keep in your fridge/freezer and use regularly? Thanks so much.

    • Mel says:

      Hi Teresa – I almost always buy the 93/7 turkey so it is pretty lean and seems to work great in the recipes I use it for. Hope that helps!

  35. Karin says:

    I made this tonight! We loved it! My picky toddlers ate it- I was so happy about that! Thanks for all the great recipes you put ou there – I’ve tried several so far and they are all a hit!

  36. Karen says:

    Bex-I made this tonight and just omitted the mushrooms.
    It was good, a bit bland, maybe because I used chicken broth instead of beef, so I added more spices. I just had leftovers, since we ate early and it was so much better the 2nd time around. I am so glad to have another meal added to the rotation.

  37. Katie says:

    You have made me a stroganoff lover! Made it with ground turkey and it was a hit! Thanks!

  38. Teri Larsen says:

    I made this for dinner tonight and the kiddos gave it rave reviews! It was delicious – thanks for sharing your recipe!

  39. josie says:

    made this last week – delicioius
    the leftovers were even better for lunch…

  40. Sue says:

    Made this tonight and it was devoured- dinner has never been so quiet:) This will go into my rotation asap, thank you so much!

  41. Elizabeth N. says:

    Made this w/ turkey…my husband said “This is AWESOME!” Thanks for the recipe:)

  42. April says:

    Beef stroganoff was one of my childhood favorites but we always made it with cream of mushroom soup. So excited to try a homemade version, thank you for recreating it without canned soup.

  43. Mary Jane S. says:

    I meant to say lunch not luch! Still not myself, got that dredded flu or cold bug, knocked me for a loop, soups and lots of liquids and I just could not do much!

  44. Mary Jane S. says:

    I just got some ground turkey breast meat on sale, in the freezer. I will make this with the stuff my hubbs got when I was sick, light cream cheese, etc. It will taste great and for leftovers tooo…It is just hubbs and me, nice to whip something up easily and have something for the next evening or luch. Love your blog. Always tasty light recipes that taste fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. Tami says:

    I made this last night and the whole family loved it!

  46. It may not be fancy but it is tasty and hearty. Perfect for this cold January weather.

  47. Rebecca says:

    I grew up eating beef stroganoff made with cream of yuck too. It was a favorite and always my brother’s “birthday dinner”. Then it became a regular at our newly wed dinner table. When I decided to toss processed foods out of my kitchen 5 years ago this recipe went out of our dinner rotation. I’ve tried different versions only to be disappointed. This looks very close to my momma’s recipe so its going on the menu this week! I’m crossing my fingers! πŸ™‚

  48. Stephanie says:

    Oh how funny that you should post this. I have a dinner that I make like this because my husband has a penchant for foods that come out of a box. So I set out to create a “Hamburger Helper” style meal from scratch. I do mine all in one skillet with the noodles, because I love fewer dishes for the washing!

  49. Danielle says:

    Yum made your chili mac last night and my 6 year old couldn’t stop saying how scrumptious it was! I’m sure my family will like this too! Thank you for remaking classics with ingredients I usually have and for making them easy to do too! So yummy!

  50. Alicia says:

    As a working mom, I LOVE easy weeknight meals that are yummy and quick to throw together. Maybe you have already done something like this, but I think it would be awesome if you did a post that had a collage of all the recipes that you make often for your family during the week! Then I don’t have to think too hard when it comes to meal planning! Ha ha……just a thought! Thanks for all of your great recipes! I love them!

  51. Camille says:

    Yay! This is one of my favorite meals, but I haven’t made it since you’ve convinced me not to use COM. πŸ™‚ Can’t wait to try it. My husband might even eat it now without the soup base!

  52. Alisha says:

    Haha … just last night I was “inventing as I cooked” a recipe for beef stroganoff that didn’t use com soup. Ours was yummy but this recipe looks even better!

  53. I’d love to try this! Beef Stroganoff is one of my favorite meals of all time πŸ™‚

  54. Laura says:

    I also love to add yellow, red, and orange bell peppers for color and health!

  55. Clare says:

    I have a similar recipe that is a staple in our house. No one likes mushrooms here so we just don’t use them. But we use ground venison all the time, and I always add a splash of Worcestershire sauce – it really makes the dish for us.

  56. susan says:

    this is gourmet in my book…all fresh ingredients…i do add a T of tomato paste to gravey…and probably other stuff…i love it…sooooo darn good!!!

  57. Bex says:

    Mel, this is great. I have one problem, however. I love mushrooms and stroganoff but my husband won’t be in the same ROOM with a mushroom! Weird, huh? So I never use them (unfortunately) and I would like to know:

    if you or your readers know of anything I could use to substitute for the mushrooms in recipes like this.

    Thanks, as always, for great easy recipes!

    • rita says:

      I know it has been awhile since you asked this question but I just came on this site. I think green pepper, celery, cut up squash or even canned chopped artichoke hearts would be a nice alternative

  58. StephenC says:

    I’m totally in your corner. Turkey is swell. Noodles are swell. Easy throw-together for kids and spouse is swell. You’re swell.

  59. Shante says:

    I made your ultimate stroganoff last night! My husband loved it. I have some ground turkey in the freezer. I guess I need to try this one now. πŸ™‚

  60. I’ve made something similar to this, and we loved it! Kind of reminds me of homemade hamburger helper πŸ™‚

  61. Kristin says:

    great childhood memories of stroganoff here too! I’d add a little crumbled cooked bacon to this πŸ™‚

  62. Leigh Anne says:

    Love a version without the COM soup! Can’t wait to try it!

  63. I grew up eating this, too!!! Such a great meal!

  64. Kim in MD says:

    Yum…I would love this with ground turkey!

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