Hello, friends! Popping in quick today for a Friday Thoughts post (love these so much, especially your comments!).

This last month almost finished me off with a lot of behind the scenes chaotic family circumstances that don’t always shine through on recipe posts (you can thank me later for that). I have so many things running through my overfilled brain, it isn’t even funny – all the nonessentials are ready to spill out to make space for the important, stressful stuff going on.

I love sharing the good, the bad, the ugly, and the awesome with you on these less food/more real life posts. So in honor of that, I’m hitting this Friday Thoughts post speed style. It’s quick, it’s quirky, it’s random!

As always, chime in on the comments. My favorite part is reading what YOU have to say (plus I’m asking for some advice, so help a girl out, ok?)!

Surgery as an Adult Thought: Don’t do it. Ever. Brian had a tonsillectomy + deviated septum/fractured nose surgery two weeks ago and he still feels like death. Honestly, it’s been the worst of the worst, and even if he recovers and loses his ability to snore, I think he and I will still question whether it was worth it (he’s going on 13 days of jello + pudding diet and a subsequent 17+ pound weight loss – ok, so I’m actually just a teensy tiny bit jealous about that last part). I’m calling him Brian 2.0.

Family Reunion Thought: Yeah, yeah, I know it’s holiday season time and not family reunion time, but because my overtaxed brain won’t.shut.off, I’m obsessed with planning our family reunion next summer that we’re in charge of. So tell me this, what is THE BEST thing you’ve done or eaten at a family reunion in the last decade? My brain and family reunion spreadsheet planning thank you in advance.

Portuguese Thought: I decided to buckle down and learn Portuguese (Brian speaks it semi-fluently and I would love a secret language to speak in front of our kids – and people at the grocery store). So I downloaded the Babbel app a few months ago, and armed with a healthy dose of “I’ve got this; how hard can it be?” I began. Long story cut short: I have since been sufficiently humbled. Apparently ye old brain doesn’t work as well as it used to when I took Spanish in college (all of which I have forgotten). I will persevere! Maybe. My brain hurts right now.

Cross Body Bag Thought: I’m not a purse person as much as I am a casual cross body bag kind of girl. I bought this leather Sak Iris Crossbody bag {aff. link} in the mint color months ago and have been wearing it daily as my “purse.” I love it. It’s cute, durable and super functional. Also, I paid over $60 for it way back when, and I just saw it listed on Amazon for $27. Whoa.

Girl Hair Thought: My life (and Cam’s) was forever changed when I found these little hair rubber bands {aff. link}. Also, this dry spray wax {aff. link} has been the best thing we’ve found to smooth her still-growing baby fly aways. I spray it on my fingers and smooth down my own fly aways, too. Ok, maybe the fly away thing is genetic and I should warn her now she’s not growing out of it.

Social Media Thoughts: What’s your favorite social media platform for connecting with family and friends? And if you aren’t on social media at all, can you elaborate why? Por favor and obrigado (wait, maybe I AM almost fluent??).

Canker Sore/Toothpaste Thoughts: I used to get canker sores all the time. Like several times a month (since I was a kid). I would also break out a lot on my chin and around my mouth. I subtly (or probably not so subtly) complained about this on Instagram earlier this year, and several of you mentioned using an SLS free toothpaste (I had never heard of it until then). So, for the last 8 months or so I’ve been using this SLS free Verve Toothpaste {aff. link}, and I am not even exaggerating…zero canker sores and probably only 1-2 blemishes in my chin/lips area since then. I am a believer. FYI: I tried the Tom’s brand of SLS free toothpaste and almost vomited, it was just so gross.

Teeth Thoughts: Speaking of teeth, I finally got my Invisalign braces off, and it feels amazing. I only had to wear them for a short nine months (thanks to already having braces twice as a teen and being a bad retainer wearer), and I’m still wearing a retainer a lot during the day, but I’m just so happy to be able to eat freely during the upcoming holiday season. #priorities Having said that, my two oldest kids go in for orthodontist appointments this week, and I’m on the fence about whether I’ll have the doctor put them in Invisalign or wire braces. Thoughts on teenagers in wire braces vs. Invisalign? Please enlighten me with your experiences.

Libby App Thoughts: A HUGE thank you to everyone who recommended the Libby library app on my last Friday Thoughts post. I just finished listening to When Breath Becomes Air and have listened to a few other audiobooks as well the last few weeks while cleaning/driving/waiting in hospitals and dr offices. Fantastic app!

Fermenting Food Thoughts: This is a longer subject for another time, but I’m hesitantly dipping my toes into the world of culturing vegetables in order to improve overall gut health for me and my family (in addition to the kefir we drink every day). I’m not going to lie, I’m a little scared. I’ve scoured this website, among others, and bought a couple how-to books on Amazon. I had a super bad experience with kimchi when I was 21 and backpacking in Korea, so I think I’m going to forego cabbage for now and just maybe try some carrots or beets? Talk to me. Any advice/experience to share?

Shoe Thoughts: Ok, last thought for the day. How much is too much to spend on shoes? I really want these ones. Someone talk me out of them. ASAP.

{current coping skills}

I’m done now. Thanks for letting me have a total brain spill today (the scary part is this is only about 10% of what I would like to talk about, but I know you guys have a life). Can’t wait to hear what’s on your mind! 

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