As much as I love games and kid stuff, I have to say, I think I’ve saved the best gift guide for last this year! I tried to include gift ideas and stocking stuffer ideas that would be great for a spouse or significant other, friend, parent, older child. Basically, there’s no wrong answer in deciding who these gifts could go to!

None of the items below are sponsored. We’ve bought or been gifted all of these things. And even though this gift guide might be the longest one yet, believe it or not, I actually narrowed it down quite a bit. Which means, only the best of the best made the cut!

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1. Pen Tool {aff. link}this clever pen tool is an all-in-one screwdriver set, level, ruler, etc. It’s tiny, super handy, and makes the perfect stocking stuffer (I’ve given it to dads, grandpas, and husbands). 🙂

2. Gourmet Hot Chocolate {aff. link}: I am a hot chocolate snob. I admit it; I own it. And this hot chocolate {aff. link} is so, so, so good. It should definitely be reserved for dark chocolate lovers and fellow hot chocolate snobs – it is amazing and so decadent.

3. Blenders SunglassesI love these sunglasses so much. They are lightweight and super cute. I have this pair. Technically I’m probably too old to be wearing sunglasses with that adorable mirror finish, but I somehow don’t care all that much. 

4. Oontz Bluetooth Speaker {aff. link}this portable, loud (or quiet), bluetooth speaker {aff. link} is amazing. I’ve taken it everywhere from family reunions to playing at the park. It comes in other bright, fun colors, too! It has a huge range and is semi-waterproof (like, it’s ok in a little bit of rain or if it gets splashed by, say, a rogue water balloon).

5. Tabletop Shuffleboard and Carrom {aff. links}I grew up playing Carrom…it’s a really fun table top pool-type game except you flick the pieces with your fingers or use miniature cue sticks. I finally bought our family a Carrom set {aff. link} (shhh, they are getting it for Christmas!) and I know they’ll be so excited since they always pull this game out at my parents’ house. Speaking of tabletop games, this tabletop shuffleboard (and curling) game {aff. link} is also incredibly fun (surprised how much teenagers rally around and play with this!)

6. Beautycounter: I am such a huge Beauty Counter fan; their products are saving my skin cancer treated skin (I found them in my search for products that were much safer – they eliminate thousands of commonly used chemicals and ingredients in skincare). I buy enough of their products that I finally just signed up to “sell” it so I could get 25% off the products. There are lots of consultants around, so chances are you have a friend or family member who is one – if not, you can order here. Also, BONUS: everything is 15% off right now for pre-Black Friday shopping. Anyway, I love their body butter and hand cream trios for gift giving (I separate the lotions out of the box once they arrive and gift each one separately), I use the Countertime system every day, and on and on. 

7. Note cards: maybe I’m old-fashioned but I always keep note cards on hand, and I use these adorable tree ones {aff. link} and these other cute pineapple-vibe cards {aff. link} for everything from thank you notes to I’m thinking of you notes. Another great stocking stuffer idea. 

8. Compact Survival Kit{aff. link}: I gifted this to my dad last year (he’s a super outdoorsy guy) and I am getting one to keep in my car. Seriously, this compact little case {aff. link} is packed with an incredible amount of useful things: emergency blanket, knife, whistle, tactical pen, flashlight, etc. I don’t know, I kind of think everyone needs to cart one of these around, don’t you think? The world is a scary place. 🙂

9. Hiking Chair {aff. link}: speaking of the outdoors, if you are an avid outdoor person, this compact and lightweight camping/folding chair is not only super cute (really, it is), but very functional. It’s not like sitting in a la-z-boy by any means, but it definitely does the job and is better than sitting on a sketchy tree stump.

10. Hanayama Brain Teasers {aff. link}: Brian and the kids are really (really really) into brain teasers and puzzle boxes and mind games. These Hanayama brain teasers are some of the best. We have some level 5 and level 6 ones and they are pretty darn challenging (the lower level ones are obviously a bit easier). A few new ones are making it into stockings this year. 

11. Camping pillow{aff. link}: another outdoor/camping win, this inflatable camping pillow is cute and pretty darn awesome. Not that I’d know – camping isn’t necessarily a part of my every day life, but my boys and dad camp a ton, and this info is coming straight from them: a camping pillow is essential. Just get rid of the guilt of not totally roughing it like a true mountain “person” – life’s too short to sleep head first on a rock.

12. Best Exercise Mat{aff. link}I have had this exercise mat for years and years, and it is still going strong. Not only that, it is so thick and is actually crazy comfortable. Sometimes after doing abs, I have to remind myself that it isn’t actually naptime. Highly recommend this mat.

13. Mrs. Meyers Hand Soap: words can’t describe how much I love Mrs. Meyer’s hand soap. It’s in all my bathrooms, by my kitchen sink. The different flavors have never, ever let me down (basil and radish are my all-time faves). It also makes a really great inexpensive holiday gift (I’m taking it to a Favorite Things party in a couple weeks). You can get it at Target-type stores, amazon (in a 6-pack) {aff. link}. I get my Mrs. Meyer’s soap in my monthly Grove Collaborative order (that’s where I get most of my household cleaners because I love the natural products – here’s a quick referral code if you want it). 

14. Cryptex {aff. link}: I gave my 14-year old this Cryptex locked puzzle container for his birthday (with an iTunes gift card inside). It was a total hit. I chose a 5-letter word and locked the Cryptex and then I wrote rhyming clues for Walker to guess to try to unlock. The awesome thing about this is that the code can be reset and reused over and over! He now has it on his dresser with all his spending cash inside (no one knows the 5-letter word to unlock it – I think he changes it weekly, haha).

15. Microwave Popcorn Popper {aff. link}after many years, my last microwave popcorn popper went kaput. Enter this new fun popper! It works exactly how it should, and it means my kids make popcorn for after school snack 4/5 days of the week. 

16. Insulated Water Bottle {aff. link}: I’ve had a real deal Hydroflask and now I own this super inexpensive (by comparison) Hydro cell water bottle, and I honestly can’t tell a difference. It’s amazing. I have the color pictured above – an ombre teal/blue and I love it. I keep it filled on my kitchen counter and use it at least 38 times a day. My kids each have saved up their money to buy one, too, and they use them for sports practices and road trips.

17. Nano Hand Sanitizer {aff. link}: hand sanitizer, Mel, really?? Yes, really. This spray sanitizer is the best. The odor is so much lower than almost any other hand sanitizer I’ve used, the spray means there’s no pump action leaking all over your bag, and apparently it’s supposed to last 24 hours. Not sure how that can be or if it’s true – all I know is I keep one of these in the car, in my purse, in my church bag, and around my neck. (Ok, just kidding on that last part, but I have considered it.)

18. Victorinox Knives {aff. link}favorite, favorite, favorite knives ever. I use my little green knife for everything, and even with all my expensive knives in the drawer, I always look for this one. It’s a great stocking stuffer (be careful reaching in that stocking!) and a fun little gift for a friend. Seriously, I love this knife so much. 

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19. Comfy Folding Dish Chair {aff. link}Brian likes to come in to our little home office at night and keep me company (after all these years, my main blogging hours are still after the kids go to bed). The poor guy has spent years sitting or laying on the rather uncomfortable floor reading or doing his own thing on his computer/iPad while I lounge in the one and only computer chair – it’s a small office and there isn’t a ton of room for a big chair. For Father’s Day this last year, I got him this folding dish chair, and it has literally become the most coveted chair in our house. It is crazy comfortable AND it folds, so it can store easily or be transported from room to room. If Walker could fit it in his Crytpex puzzle box and lock it away for his own use forever, he would. 

20. Favorite Pan {aff. link}: this white ceramic *nearly* 9X13-inch dish is my favorite. So much so that I have two of them. I use it for so many things – not just casseroles and baked dishes but also for a serving dish for fruit or veggies or even salad. It gets a lot of flak in the reviews for not being a true 9X13-inch dish…and it’s not. It just slightly smaller. But for most casseroles or baked pasta dishes or what not, it works great. 

21. Ping Pong Table {aff. link}: we’ve had this Joola ping pong table for years and it is holding up amazingly well despite the fact that teenagers regularly run around it playing Around the World (always turns into sting ping, sigh). We don’t have space to leave up a ping pong table 100% of the time, so the fact that it folds and rolls is a high mark. It’s heavy duty and very well made. 

22. Favorite Puzzles: we are puzzle fanatics. And I’ve learned not all puzzles are created equal. Far and above, my favorite puzzles are White Mountain, Ravensburger (and I got this Springbok one {aff. link} to do over the holidays). We have some larger Ravensbuger puzzles like this one {aff. link} and also a few of their awesome XXL piece puzzles {aff. link} for younger humans. 

23. Wallet Tool {aff. link}: a fun stocking stuffer, this clever little gift has a credit card tool (these things are awesome if you haven’t heard of them) plus a fire starter, carabiner and emergency whistle (which is super loud, firsthand knowledge here!).

24. Little Snowie{aff. link}: I handed down my old shaved ice maker to my dad to use with the scouts in his area, and this last summer, I bought this Little Snowie machine {aff. link} after my friend raved about it and said they used theirs every day. It’s small and lightweight and honestly makes pretty great shaved ice. I’m sure true shave ice fans may find a little fault with the texture, but judging by the number of snow cones we gobbled up this year, it worked great for us. The only downside is that it is crazy loud. But I’m sure we’ll use this for many, many summers to come. {We use the Torani and DaVinci syrups – like, for Italian sodas – for the flavorings.}

25. Adjustable Dumbbells{aff. link}: we’ve had these Bowflex adjustable weights for a long time; they’re great and super functional, but I didn’t realize how big and bulky they were until trying these slimmer PowerBlock adjustable dumbbells. Holy cow, they are awesome. Brian still prefers the bigger Bowflex ones, but it’s the less bulky PowerBlock ones all the way for me (over here, lifting my 10 pounders and feeling really proud of it). 

26. Meat Chopper{aff. link}: I literally did not believe all the hype about getting another tool to crumble ground meat as it cooks. Seriously? Don’t you people use every day wooden spoons? I stand seriously corrected. I finally bought one without the scoop (when I realized for $5 or less I could really decide if the fuss was worth it), and I honestly don’t know how we lived so long without one of these meat choppers. Yes, it really does make a difference. (This would be a fantastic stocking stuffer for the ground meat cooker in your life – even if that is yourself.)

27. Thin Wallet{aff. link}: I am in love with this super slender leather wallet. I wanted something less bulky in my purse, and this wallet has been amazing. Also, fun colors. I have it in light blue. 

Phew. If you made it this far, you deserve cookies!!! (Or a meat chopper, you’re choice.) 🙂