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I usually dilly-dally around finalizing the specifics of a holiday menu for the simple reason that I have a hard time deciding what to serve when there’s so many incredible recipes to choose from and am often debilitated by the thought that I’ll get to the big day and realize I chose the wrong thing to make (I feel this same way when ordering at a restaurant). This line of thought sometimes keeps me awake at night. I realize I have issues.

However, this year, I’ve surprised myself with my very solid Easter dinner plan. I’m not sure why it was so easy to figure out this year. Let’s just pretend I finally learned how to be decisive and effective with my time! A new me (I hardly recognize myself). We don’t mess around with lunch or brunch on Easter (usually we are at church during that time anyway) – it’s all about breakfast and dinner and of course, dessert. Here’s what we’ll be eating. I can hardly wait.

Overnight Cinnamon Twists

Overnight cinnamon and sugar sweet rolls.
Ok, I’m kind of lying. Or rather, withholding information. Later this week, I’m posting a variation on these overnight rolls that totally rocked our world and that’s what will be happening Easter morning. Stay tuned.

ham and potatoes

Sweet Baked Ham
I’m showing you an InstantPot version of this ham on Thursday and it’s life-changing; it’s always a toss up between this sweet baked ham and my go-to slow cooker brown sugar and maple ham but I’m feeling like the sweet baked ham this year.

Cheesy Au Gratin Potatoes
Besides being incredibly tasty, the main perk of these potatoes, in my book, is that they can be made ahead of time.

asparagus and saladRoasted Asparagus
With a drizzle of lemon juice and freshly grated Parmesan cheese, of course.

Spinach Salad with Sweet-Spicy Nuts, Apples, Feta and Bacon
I know that salad is often mocked at holiday dinners but I’m a salad fan through and through and look forward to this one on the table.

rasberry and rollsRaspberry Ribbon Salad
This is a bit Christmas-esque but I feel like serving it, and so…I am.

Lion House Rolls
Gotta go with a classic this year even though there are about a hundred other rolls I adore – and actually, I have another fabulous roll recipe coming at you Friday if you want a delicious change.


Lemon Blueberry Cake with Whipped Lemon Cream Frosting
Because this is just screaming Easter dessert, don’t you think?

Carrot Cake
This is one of my favorite cakes of all-time even though I’m nearly sure I’ve tried every version of carrot cake out there; I just can’t do this holiday without carrot cake.

{Honorable Mention} Chocolate Molten Lava Cakes
It’s a weird and unsettling day when I choose a fruit and then a vegetable cake over chocolate…but Easter only comes once a year and traditions run strong.

For tons of additional Easter food inspiration, here’s an at-a-glance Easter menu planner!

26 Responses to My Easter Dinner Menu + Other Easter Favorites

  1. Melanie says:

    I had to leave another note. I ended up making sweet ham, au gratin potatoes, frozen sweet corn (from my dad’s field), Lion House rolls, canned cranberries (a weakness of mine), and marshmallow eggs. A total Mel meal! My mom babysat my kids today and ate some of my leftovers. She asked me, “Where did you get that ham? It’s the best ham I’ve ever had.” And my mom is a GREAT cook. I was like, “I got it for free from the car dealership (not a lie), but it tasted awesome because of the recipe from Mel’s site!” Thanks again!

    • Mel says:

      That was fun to read! Happy those dishes were such a hit. 🙂

      • Melanie says:

        Mel–I am still not getting your replies in my email inbox. Help! You fixed it for me once a little while back, and it worked for my very next comment, but then after that it stopped working again. The only way I can see if you reply to my comments/questions is if I look up the recipe and shuffle through the comments until I find mine. Is there any way to fix this for good? Because I love your site!

        • Mel says:

          Hi Melanie – unfortunately I had to remove the plugin that automatically emailed comment replies because of some issues it was having so right now, there’s no way to automatically get a reply. I know that’s annoying! I”m looking into a solution and hopefully will find something that will work soon.

  2. Sarah says:

    Happy Easter! I made your ham and potatoes today for Easter. Delicious! Thank you for giving me recipes I can always rely on.

  3. Erika says:

    How far in advance could I make the au gratin potatoes? And would you adjust cooking temps it time if they’ve been refrigerated before cooking?! Thanks in advance!!

    • Mel says:

      Sorry for the late response, I usually add a couple minutes to the baking time if they’ve been refrigerated and you can make the potatoes up to a day ahead.

  4. Bree says:

    It’s fun when you share your holiday traditions with us, got any to share for Easter?

    • Mel says:

      We try to keep this holiday simple – we always do some type of sweet roll for breakfast and of course the food outlined in the post above. As far as traditions, we do the typical dyeing Easter eggs and then the morning of Easter, the kids wake up and follow a candy trail to the living room where there is usually a new church tie (dress for sister) and a Christ-based book or momento (like a journal or something particular that child could use right then). We spend the weeks leading up to Easter doing some family nights centered around the true meaning of Easter and that type of thing. It sounds a little uneventful typing it out but the kids still really look forward to Easter so I guess I’m not totally failing. 🙂

  5. Melanie says:

    I have been waiting for your Easter menu!!! Thank you!! I already had your au gratin potatoes and ham on my list, but I needed more inspiration. Can’t wait for that sweet roll recipe this week!!

  6. Kelsey says:

    I hope you have a wonderful Easter, Mel!! I LOVE that sweet baked ham…I am looking forward to an instant pot version! PS, have you ever made your slow cooker chicken and wild rice soup in the instant pot? I have it in my crockpot today but am wondering if it would work in the pressure cooker.

  7. Barbara says:

    It all sounds yummy! Quick ? about the crockpot maple & brown sugar ham (don’t think I could talk the fam into eating ham boiled in vinegar). Does it have to be a spiral sliced ham or could you use a bone-in shank? I know, I know–why don’t I just make the ham recipe you chose for your Easter dinner and not have to bother you with switching up the cut of ham!!!

    • Mel says:

      Hi Barbara – just a note in favor of that sweet baked ham – the vinegar taste is hardly noticeable; it gives the ham a slight tang but more than anything contributes to the amazing texture. Think about trying it sometime! It’s life-changing. 🙂 About the slow cooker ham, I think you could use a shank ham – several people in the comment thread of that recipe have done so. Just keep an eye on the cooking time. Good luck!

  8. Nancy says:

    Wow, impressive feast. Just cooking all that for your family of 7 makes me, uhh……tired.
    Good thing you enjoy cooking. I don’t so much.

  9. Paige says:

    This menu all looks amazing! I can’t wait for ham and potatoes on Sunday! One of my favorite meals of the year!


  10. Anna says:

    I really want to make your Lemon Blueberry Cake for Easter! But I’ve made your Carrot Cake these last two Easters and I think my family would revolt if I didn’t make it again. It is the best Carrot Cake Recipe I have ever tried. Happy Easter to you & your family!

  11. Haley says:

    Mel how did you know I was headed to your blog this morning for Easter recipes?! This is my first Easter with just our little family and your blog is my first stop for recipes and help!! Thank you!!

  12. Carrie says:

    Perfect! We are having a Mel’s Easter- my menu is the sweet baked ham, au gratin potatoes, buttery crescent rolls, honey lime salad, asparagus or beans, and your no bake cheesecake!

  13. Brittany C says:

    I made your lemon blueberry cake on Sunday. It was even better than I expected!! Sooooo good! That one will definitely be making more appearances in our house.

  14. Kim says:

    I’m already looking forward to your Instantpot Ham recipe on Thursday!

  15. Ketz says:

    Hey, I made those sweet rolls last w/e and they were great ! Can’t wait for the variation you’ll be posting soon =)

  16. Helen says:

    This is perfect!! Exactly what I would and am going to choose. Ham, Cheesy potatoes, and especially ASPARAGUS are always on my Easter menu. Lion House Rolls are the traditional Easter roll for me too!! I have been waiting to get settled enough in my kitchen after my move to make the lemon and blueberry cake… hopefully I can make this happen. Your salad choices are right on target too!! Looks to be an amazing Easter Dinner… at Your house…. and mine … thanks to you. I also think those over night rolls are calling my name, can’t wait to see the variation. So glad I’m settled enough to be cooking from “Mel’s” again. 🙂

  17. Erin says:

    Mmmm I have a similar set of things lined up, with baked french toast for breakfast, and for dinner root beer glazed ham, blue cheese scalloped potatoes, asparagus, asiago rolls, and a pineapple pie for dessert!

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