picture of a lady with the text, Video Tip: How to Shape Dinner Rolls

After last week’s crazy popular garlic tutorial from my brother-in-law, Danny, I’m not sure I can top his energy and minions (although I do look pretty excited in this picture which should give you a clue just how nerdy and happy I am about sharing a tutorial on shaping dinner rolls), however, I am forging onward to share with you a tip that is requested all the time: how to shape those perfectly perfect round dinner rolls.

Plus, I love you so much, I gave you two bonus sections: how to shape hamburger buns and how to shape hot dog buns.

Can you even stand it? I know. It’s too exciting for words.

So get on with it! Take a look at how I shape my favorite all-purpose roll dough into these three classic shapes. I’m pretty sure your life will never be the same.

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