holiday gift guide for men and womenThis is the last gift guide going up this year, and it kind of encompasses all the wonderful odds and ends of gift giving. 

Or in other words, it’s a little random…but full of fun, great gift ideas!

Just as a reminder, nothing on this (or any other) gift guide I publish is sponsored; these are all things we’ve bought or been gifted by friends/family and ones we genuinely love (there are Amazon affiliate links below for the items I’ve actually purchased from there).

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whiff dish cloths, working hands cream, succulent pot holder
1. Whiff Dish Cloths: {aff. link} I have a love/hate relationship with dish cloths. I hate smelly kitchen dish cloths. But I love these ones! Of course they stink if they get too dirty, but they stay fresh a lot longer than other types of cloths or sponges. And the texture of the cloth is soft but scrubby.
2. Working Hands Cream: {aff. link} this is the only cream I use on my hands (and feet) in the winter, especially. It’s not fancy or fragrant, but it is a serious miracle worker to keep my skin soft and smooth. I used the tubs for years but love that it now comes in tubes. Stocking stuffer alert! I mix this cream with a few drops of essential oils (balance and lime) at night for my feet. Divine.

3. Owl Succulent Pot Holder: {aff. link} I love succulents, and I love this succulent holder. The owls! So cute! I think succulents are a great low-maintenance gift (I’ve given this succulent subscription several times as gifts). Succulents are about the only plant I can keep alive, so they might as well look cute while they’re in my house.

dress, joggers, pillowcase
4. Super Comfy T-Shirt Dress: {aff. link} I love this comfy t-shirt dress. I wear it year round (it’s a great summer dress with flip flops or in winter with a long cardigan). I have the gray/white stripe. It fits pretty true to size and is loose and straight (not tight and form fitting). 

5. Joggers:{aff. link} I mentioned these joggers {aff. link} on a Friday Thoughts post last month; they’re great. Inexpensive and so comfortable. I have the black camo pair. They’re a dri-fit, slickery type material (vs a soft stretchy knit). And for a splurge, let me repeat my love for these Vuori joggers. Incredible. 

6. Silk Pillowcase:{aff. link} I was skeptical about silk pillowcases, but I am officially a convert. I love mine and am now one of “those” people that take my own pillow and pillowcase when I travel anywhere. 

milk frother, cutting board, throwing hatchets
7. Milk Frother:{aff. link} My brother sent me this milk frother {aff. link} for my birthday earlier this year because he knows of my obsessive love for hot chocolate. I can’t believe I lived so long without a milk frother! I hear it’s great for homemade lattes, too, but I use it for hot chocolate and it takes hot chocolate to a whole new level. 

8. Bamboo Cutting Boards:{aff. link} These bamboo cutting boards are fantastic! I needed new ones badly and have loved these ones. I use mineral oil occasionally to keep them in tip top shape. I have the small and medium-large sizes.

9. Throwing Hatchets: Brian and the boys threw hatchets at a church activity last year, and it didn’t take long before Brian had rigged up a couple old logs in our back yard so we could throw our own hatchets. It has been wildly popular (and it’s safe, I promise). Chances are if you ever come visit us, we’ll feed you, and then go out back and throw hatchets. Be careful…you’ll become obsessed. We get our hatchets and handles from here – we have full size hatchets and “mouse hawks” for younger kids. 

wooden spoon, leather handbag, branch basics cleaner
10. The Most Amazing Wooden SpoonI didn’t know I could love a wooden spoon so much. These hand crafted wooden spoons from Jonathon’s spoons really are in a league of their own. They are light weight and sturdy and pretty much perfect in every way. I have the spootle and the stirring spoon. The design and ergonomics of the spoons are unlike any other wooden spoon I’ve used. 

11. Leather Handbag: {aff. link} I’m not a real pursey-purse kind of girl, but I love this cute but still functional leather handbag. It’s roomy without being bulky, and I like that it has a shoulder strap so I can still wear it crossbody. 

12. Branch Basics: my friend introduced me to Branch Basics a few months ago, and I have been using it for everything from laundry to toilets to sinks. It’s amazing stuff, and I love how green and clean and natural it is. I’m already planning on gifting a starter set to a few friends and neighbors. 

geekey multi tool, habanero bbq almonds, extra brute cocoa powder
13. Geekey Multi Tool:{aff. link} this clever little multi tool fits on a key chain and has a screwdriver, ruler, wrench, bike tool, and more. My teenage driver is getting one of these in his stocking. UPDATE: thanks to a reader for alerting me that this tool also includes a bowl and a pipe labeled on the packing. I’m sorry for not noticing that (I had previously bought one of these for my dad and father-in-law…and I’m clearly super oblivious…I’m going to now have to make an awkward phone call to both of them). 

14. Bold Habanero BBQ Almonds: {aff. link} I’ve talked about these bold-flavored almonds before, but it’s official: the habanero BBQ flavor is our favorite. So much so that they’ve gone straight to our Amazon subscribe and save orders. They are so, so, so good. 

15. Extra Brute Cocoa Powder: {aff. link} For the chocolate lover or ultra home baker in your life, this extra brute cocoa powder is something else. It is the deepest, darkest, richest cocoa powder I’ve ever used. I save it for all the super special baking projects (or for homemade hot chocolate). It’s ridiculously amazing and totally worth the splurge.

weighted blanket, proofing basket, wallet

16. Weighted Blanket:{aff. link} I tend to be a little claustraphobic-y and thought I’d hate a weighted blanket, but Brian got one for me earlier this year, and I.Love.It. I have twitchy restless legs at night and this blanket helps me sleep a lot better and a lot deeper. It does get warm (even though it says cooling), so I don’t use it as much in the summer, but I missed it while it was gone.

17. Proofing Baskets:{aff. link} for the bread baker who wants to take their bread baking up a notch, proofing baskets are so fun! I have a couple and love using them. They make me feel like a rock star, and they are great for sourdough recipes or free form bread. I have the loaf shape and the round baskets

18. Leather Wallet:{aff. link} we got Brian this wallet for Father’s Day this year, and he says it’s his favorite wallet ever. Phew! It’s simple, no frills, but leather and durable. 

emergency flashlight, white bowls, cooling rack

19. Roadside Emergency Flashlight: {aff. link} a great little gift for someone to tuck into the glove compartment of their car! This high-powered flashlight also has an emergency signal – it’s small and lightweight!

20: My Favorite Bowls: {aff. link} I can’t tell you how much I love these bowls. They make prominent appearances in my food photos, but more than that, we use them all the time in our every day eating. They make perfect serving bowls for things like taco or pizza toppings, and they are also fantastic for main dish pastas, salads, or even soups. I LOVE them.

21: Collapsible Cooling Rack:{aff. link} this amazing collapsible cooling rack is the perfect solution when you are either making a bazillion cookies at once or you need to save counter space (or both!). It doesn’t take up a lot of storage space either. I use mine all the time. 

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