All of the recipes in today’s Recipes the World Forgot (RTWF) post come from YOUR suggestions! I asked last time if there were any recipes you thought should be included in this fun series…and these were a few of the ones mentioned!

I can’t disagree. All of these recipes have existed on my site for many years…and all of them deserve to still be made over and over. They’re amazing!

The chili recipe is one of the first recipes I ever posted! (It’s my mom’s award-winning recipe, and it’s perfect for when you want a classic, delicious chili.) And wow, those frosted brownies are gooooood.

What this series really teaches me is how many recipe posts need updated pictures! Yikes! I’ll get to it eventually. Until then, ignore the old pictures and focus on the fact that each of these recipes is a tried-and-true winner!