Recipes the World Forgot 9

March is the last time we’ve seen one of my favorite roundups: Recipes the World Forgot! Sorry to leave you hanging; not sure how the time goes so fast, if anyone knows how to slow it down, please advise. This is the 9th installment of the popular series and a refreshing reminder of all the archived goodness on this website that oftentimes gets passed up thanks to the current goodness being showcased.

Each of these recipes continue to be family favorites of ours (in fact, we just ate the delicious chicken fajitas last night!) even though a few were posted more than four years ago! New recipes may come into style, as they should, but I’m still very loyal to my beloved oldie-but-goodies. In fact, that cherry tomato caprese salad could appear at my dinner table every night for the rest of my life and I’d probably still hoard it for myself – the perfect combination of my favorite summer flavors all in one place (thank goodness for my behemoth basil plants).