A collage of Thanksgiving foods with the text recipes the world forgot in the middle.

Are you deep in the throes of Thanksgiving menu planning or is your head buried in the sand? Or maybe you don’t even have to worry about it because you are going to your mother-in-law’s house and she does all the cooking?

Lucky you. Lucky, lucky you.

As you know, every so often, I post a list of favorite recipes that have gotten buried and lost in the archives over the years. It inspires me to remake those family favorites, and the lists have proven helpful for those readers who might be new around these parts and don’t want to search through over a thousand recipes in the archives.

Today’s forgotten recipes are all about Thanksgiving. Each of these recipes is a huge family favorite for the holiday (heads up: I’ll also be sharing some new favorites over the next couple weeks!).

I haven’t officially planned our Thanksgiving menu yet (mostly because I’m not sure what our plans are since most of our extended family members who live close are ditching us this year), but when I do, there’s something to be said for going with the classics (read: now may not be the time to experiment).

Each of the recipes below fit that requirement. Classic, tried-and-true, delicious.

Hopefully the recipes here will inspire a little creativity on your own Thanksgiving or holiday menu plan!

And if you have time, answer me this below in the comments: what are the dishes that MUST appear on your Thanksgiving table (to avoid family mutiny)?Β