Since it’s finally and officially October, it seems only appropriate to dedicate this edition of Recipes the World Forgot to all things pumpkin!

I have lots of amazing pumpkin recipes I’ve posted in the last year or so, but today, I’m giving some of the old pumpkin recipes buried in the archives a chance to shine. If you haven’t tried them, your October outlook just got a lot yummier!

Those pumpkin apple spice muffins are probably one of our most loved muffin recipes of all time, and if you haven’t yet made those pumpkin blondies, my goodness, they are SO delicious! {I have a variation on that recipe coming next week that will knock your socks off!}

Also, long live glazed pumpkin scones.

And if none of the glorious pumpkin recipes below float your boat, here are tons of my other favorite pumpkin recipes!

If you have any beloved pumpkin recipe you can’t live without, let me know! You just can’t have too many pumpkin recipes this time of year (is that just me?).