Valentine's Day Favorites

I happen to be in the camp of those who love Valentine’s Day. More so now that my life revolves around kids that get such insane joy out of pink food and family candlelight dinners and rich chocolate and secret Valentine’s Day mailboxes that appear every morning.

Below are links to my favorite Valentine’s fare (and a link to how we do those family candlelight dinners). I haven’t included all the fabulous chocolate desserts that I own in the below list but if you are interested in pure decadence, here are all things Mel’s Kitchen Cafe chocolate, completely appropriate for Valentine’s Day (and any other day of the year if you ask me).

9 Responses to A Few Valentine’s Favorites

  1. Sheila says:

    Mel, I cherish the way you “spread the love.” You continually pour love and goodness into your family and then share the ideas with us so we can emulate these loving actions of yours. I confess we have already started on some of these yummy Valentine’s treats but need to have a lot more “loving actions” intermingled with them. You probably already do but I would encourage you to put in that mailbox “little acts of love” for Brian too (and vice versa) for the kids to experience these loving actions going on with their parents.

  2. Stephanie says:

    I love your mailbox tradition. Thanks for sharing! My kids get valentines from classmates and friends and occasionally grandparents and cousins, but I don’t think I have ever given them a valentine. It is sad to think about because we are the ones that love them the most and I want them to know that. This would be the perfect tradition to remind them of their parents love for them, especially at this time of year. A simple note or poem goes a long way 😉

  3. So cool that you get into Valentines Day. It is our engagement anniversary but we have never really done much with it. I’ll have to make one of these. It will probably take me from now to 2/13 to decide which one. Thanx!

  4. All are very sweet. My favorite: The strawberry tuxedos.

  5. Lachelle says:

    Thanks Mel! Would love to know more about your secret Valentine mailboxes that appear. The Cupid comes to our house for 14 days and leaves a little something everyday with a saying. My kids love it. And, I am always looking for more ideas 😉

    • Mel says:

      Hey Lachelle – a couple years ago I bought a cheap white mailbox from Home Depot (around $10) and decorated it with red stickers and some letters that say “Cupid’s Mailbox”. The week leading up to Valentine’s, every morning it appears on the kitchen table and there’s something inside. Some days it’s just a note written by me or Brian (he’ll usually draw a funny picture or write a poem, I’m the boring mom that just writes a little love letter to the kids) and some days there’s a little treat. I keep it really simple – this week (this morning actually) was a little package of fruit snacks with a Valentine sticker on it. Tomorrow will be a note written by dad with a Dove dark chocolate/red velvet heart taped on the front, Wednesday is a notebook and new pencil (my kids love to draw and write notes) and I’m writing in the first page of each of their notebooks the top 10 reasons I love them, Thursday is a plastic heart with M&M’s, Friday is a toy from the dollar aisle at Target (bracelet for Cam and wall calendars for the boys), and Saturday is kind of the big hoorah – they’ll find a new t-shirt inside. Anyway, each year I change it up. And they know it’s all from me and dad. We also encourage them to leave notes in there for each other (funny to see how growing boys express their love to each other).

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