These overnight buckwheat oat buttermilk waffles (or pancakes!) are fluffy and absolutely delicious (gluten-free, too!). Hearty and nutritious, they are a favorite breakfast around here.

Gluten-free Buckwheat Oat Waffles or Pancakes

Please meet our latest breakfast obsession: overnight buckwheat oat buttermilk waffles…or pancakes!

You know how I feel about breakfast. I’m a believer. And when I can, I try to pack a warm, nutritious breakfast in my kids’ tummies before they go out into the big, bad world.

We have a lot of simple breakfast go-to’s like French toast, scrambled eggs, microwave oatmeal, hard-boiled eggs and yogurt. These whole wheat blender pancakes are also a frequent staple as are a whole variety of muffins that I keep in the freezer for a quick breakfast solution.

Gluten-free Buckwheat Oat Waffles or Pancakes

But I also like to change things up once in a while, so when my friend, Liz (a frequent commenter here; she provides the most helpful feedback on the recipes she’s made) emailed me about today’s recipe, I knew I’d be adding it into our breakfast rotation.

Because weekday mornings are insane around here (the level of chaos trying to get out the door is mind-boggling), recipes that can be started the night before are absolutely heartwarming to my soul. The base of these buckwheat oat waffles is mixed up the night before so the steel cut oats and buckwheat groats (more on this ingredient in a sec) can soften up overnight.

The next morning, the rest of the simple ingredients are thrown in the blender and everything gets a quick whirl before throwing the batter on a sizzling waffle iron or griddle. So light and fluffy, these nutritious, whole-grain waffles are fantastic!

That nutty, wholesome flavor of the buckwheat is the best part, if you ask me. Being a newbie to the world of buckwheat, I am loving the flavor. And it goes without saying that buttermilk is one of the best ingredients in the history of ever. I use it in so many things and keep it on hand always.

Don’t forget that homemade buttermilk is so easy and usually works just as well (in this recipe, the batter will be a bit thinner if using homemade buttermilk so take a look at the recipe notes below), and if you are kefir-ing, homemade kefir makes a great substitute as well.

Gluten-free Buckwheat Oat Waffles or Pancakes

Even though I have’t bought buckwheat before these waffles came into my life, we’ve made this breakfast so often over the last few weeks that I’ve stocked up.

I hear that my local grocery store carries buckwheat groats in the bulk bins – so if you have a store like that (Winco in my area), try looking there. So far, I’ve bought my buckwheat groats on Amazon (Bob’s Red Mill brand, this brand by Anthony’s, and Liz highly recommends this Russian brand) and have had great results.

We’ve used the batter as waffles and pancakes, and either option is delicious (in fact, my son who turned 11 last week requested these as pancakes, with chocolate chips of course, for his birthday breakfast).

Mmm, I love talking about breakfast! And I love these waffles. Thanks, Liz, for sharing!

FYI: this is the griddle I use for pancakes and our beloved waffle iron (love this thing!).

Gluten-free Buckwheat Oat Waffles or Pancakes

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Overnight Buckwheat Oat Buttermilk Waffles or Pancakes

Yield: Makes about 12-16 waffles and 20-24 pancakes, depending on size

Overnight Buckwheat Oat Buttermilk Waffles or Pancakes

I've bought my buckwheat groats on Amazon (Bob's Red Mill brand, this brand by Anthony's, and Liz highly recommends this Russian brand).

The batter will be quite a bit thinner using homemade buttermilk so consider cutting down the amount of buttermilk to 2 1/2 or 2 3/4 cups if doing so.


  • 1 1/2 cups steel cut oats
  • 1 cup buckwheat groats (see note above for details)
  • 3 cups buttermilk
  • 4 tablespoons butter, melted
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 2 to 3 tablespoons sugar
  • 2 teaspoons baking soda
  • 3 large eggs
  • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla (optional)


  1. In a blender or bowl, stir together the steel cut oats, buckwheat groats and buttermilk. Cover and refrigerate for 8-12 hours or overnight.
  2. When ready to make the waffles/pancakes, give the mixture a good stir to loosen it up a bit and process in a blender until smooth and combined.
  3. Add the butter, salt, sugar, baking soda, eggs and vanilla (if using). Blend again until combined.
  4. Cook waffles on a waffle maker, according to manufacturer's instructions, or on a griddle as pancakes.

Recipe Source: adapted from here (to make a slightly larger batch for our family) after my friend, Liz, emailed me the recipe – Liz has also added pureed pumpkin and a touch of allspice to this recipe for a pumpkin waffle/pancake recipe and her favorite way to eat them (pumpkin or not) is with bananas, walnuts and a little maple syrup. Yum! Thanks for sending the recipe to me, Liz!

Disclaimer: this post contains Amazon affiliate links for products I’ve purchased there.

58 Responses to Overnight Buckwheat Oat Buttermilk Waffles or Pancakes

  1. Tiffany says:

    My waffle iron just broke and I am looking to buy another one. It looks like the one that you recommended is no longer available…? Any other recommendations for a great belgian waffle maker? Thanks!

  2. Heidy A says:

    I’ve been a long time reader of your amazing recipe blog! But now we are a family dealing with food allergies and sensitivities so I am struggling with finding new recipes and adapting our favorites. We are now gluten free and vegan! Has anyone had success using egg replacements for these waffles/pancakes? Often I find that it doesn’t work out well in pancake or waffle form! Thanks!

  3. Lexie says:

    Has anyone made without the sugar or used anything to replace?

  4. Becky says:

    I have made these many times now, and they are our favorite! We love it with Butter Syrup. The last time I made them, I didn’t have any oats so I just subbed in more buckwheat (equivalent to the oats measurement). They were awesome! I think I actually liked them even better with all buckwheat. Thanks for all the fabulous recipes!!

  5. Carrie says:

    I’ve just ran out of steel cut oats, can I substitute rolled oats?

    • Mel says:

      Hi Carrie – I havne’t tried that but I think another reader commented above that they used regular oats, if I remember right.

      • Carrie says:

        Thanks Mel, I must have missed that one sorry.

        PS Thank you for all the work you do to bring us all such great recipes we can rely on, not to mention all the extra goodies such as the great gift ideas.

        • Mel says:

          Thanks, Carrie! And if you don’t see a comment like that, it’s me that is remembering wrong. Either way, it’s probably worth a try. 🙂

  6. Kelsi says:

    Made these this morning and they were amazing! Highly recommend. We eat gluten but I’m always looking for healthy alternatives. The whole fam loves them. So flavorful! Thank you!

  7. Rebecca says:

    I made these this morning and… Wow! They are beyond delicious- nutty, light, crispy, yum. My family liked them better than “regular” waffles. I followed exactly, using kefir and toasted buckwheat groats/Kashi. One piece of advice (don’t be like me!)- check your blender capacity before you make these. I have an old Oster blender that holds 5 cups to the line (6 cups to the rim) and this recipe was too big to contain once I added the baking soda- I had to run for a bowl! But- super delicious healthy breakfast for four plus some leftovers in the freezer for another day. Now I just have to decide, halve the recipe next time or buy a bigger blender? Thanks, Mel!

  8. Alex says:

    I was wondering if you use toasted buckwheat groats or just raw, and if
    You use the raw ones, do
    Oh know if it would be bad if you used toasted? Thanks!

  9. Jodie. says:

    Hi, we live in South Africa and I couldn’t find the steel cut oats so I used rolled oats and they turned out great! Kids loved them!!

  10. Kathleen says:

    these looks great! Can I use buckwheat flour instead?

  11. Emily says:

    How do you think this would fare with an immersion blender? Would it be able to sufficiently pulverize the groats?

  12. Heidi says:

    “the level of chaos trying to get out the door is mind-boggling”

    You speak the truth. Our house too. Have mercy!

  13. Brittany says:

    I burned out of eating steel cut oats in the morning so have a bunch stinking up my pantry. I was excited to Try this recipe and it’s great! My eleven month babies gobbled it down too. I will definitely be making it again ( though my husband asked when I turned into a health nut, making buckwheat waffles).

  14. Jessica says:

    These were absolutely amazing!! The fluffiness of them….I don’t have adequate words! I made them for breakfast this morning and my 10 year old celiac daughter proclaimed these the best waffles she’s ever had! Our other 4, including our just turned 1 year old enjoyed them too! I plan to make them as pancakes for breakfast tomorrow. Thank you for such an awesome gluten free recipe!

  15. Jessica says:

    Oh man! I was so excited and went out and bought buckwheat flour thinking that was what I needed, any way I could use that instead of the groats?

  16. Kim says:

    I don’t think I have any buckwheat groats, but want to make these. Have you tried them with any other kinds of groats? Like oat groats? Or even wheat berries?

    • Mel says:

      I haven’t tried them with anything other than buckwheat groats but I have a feeling they’d fare really well with wheat berries (I have another blender wheat pancake recipe on my blog that’s similar to this).

  17. Tamara says:

    Made the waffles this morning and loved the flavor! Should the oats/groats/buttermilk mixture be blended until smooth before adding the remaining ingredients? I don’t think I blended mine enough as we still had lots of oats and groats in their “whole” form.

  18. Blynn says:

    My brother brought me some buckwheat from Russia that I’ve been wanting to use. I made these waffles this morning, everyone loved them! Thanks Mel for another great recipe!

  19. Overnight waffles! I love it! It’s a brilliant idea. I’m pinning it and making it 😀

  20. Sarah says:

    Mel, I made these this morning and they were amazing. This recipe is seriously going to change my life! My son got diagnosed with Celiac’s earlier this year and it’s been a struggle finding great wholesome healthy recipes like this. I used to grind all our own wheat and make everything from scratch (still do that) but I haven’t enjoyed using highly processed gluten free flours and starches in our breakfast foods. It just doesn’t seem right! And even the pancakes I make from my homemade “whole grain” blend are just fussy and time-consuming. These not only were packed with whole grains but they tasted great too!! And they were so incredibly easy!!! These will be a huge staple in our house! I’m excited to experiment more with pumpkin and other flavors as well. Thank you so much!!!!

  21. Monica says:

    Grains soaked in an acid medium…I love where you’re going with this! We always try to eat soaked or sourdoughed grains. I’m definitely going to try these!

  22. I, too, always have buttermilk on hand…ugh, but no groats and steel cut oats! I’m adding them to the list and once I try this recipe, I’m pretty sure they’re going to be pantry staples too! I’m so excited to try these waffles!

  23. Stephanie says:

    I found the Bob’s Red Mill buckwheat at Sprouts in the pasta aisle! Will be making these tonight. Thanks for a new idea for breakfast!

  24. Annisa says:

    Mel, these look delicious! If I add pumpkin or bananas would I adjust the amount of buttermilk? Also, do you make it thinner when you use this recipe for pancakes?

    • Mel says:

      Hi Annisa – I haven’t added pumpkin or bananas myself, but Liz, who gave me there recipe has. I’ll alert her to your question and hopefully she’ll chime in. About pancakes, though, I don’t make it any thinner for pancakes. Hope that helps!

    • Liz says:

      Hi Annisa,

      When I add pumpkin puree, I haven’t adjusted any other ingredients. I cook for 1 so make about 1/3 of Mel’s recipe and I added maybe 2-3 T of puree to that amount which would be maybe 1/3 cup to the full recipe. I think that will be fine without backing off anything else as the batter is fairly thick.

      I add banana slices/chunks as a topping, but if you want to incorporate, I believe that would also work with no adjustments, although I haven’t tried it.

  25. Carolee says:

    Mel! Just this morning, I was wishing that you would post a gluten free pancake or waffle recipe that is also hearty/substantial. My wish came true!! I can’t wait to try it. You are the best!

  26. Katie H says:

    Yum! We love a good waffle at house. We’ll have to try these. We’ve been loving sourdough waffles the last few months. like these you mix most of it the night before then add the baking soda in the morning. If I’m feeling nice I’ll add chocolate chips.

  27. Alli says:

    Gluten free waffles!!! Making these ASAP.

  28. Paige says:

    I could eat waffles everyday of my life. These look amazing.


  29. Waffles are one of my favorite breakfast foods! And if I can get a start on them the night before…I’m in good shape. Because this girl hates breakfast dishes.

  30. Robin says:

    Anyone have an idea of how I could use buckwheat flour instead of groats? Have a whole bag and need to use up

  31. Brittany says:

    And Liz, I always enjoy reading your comments:) Thanks. Love this site, Mel!

  32. Brittany says:

    Sounds delicious thanks, ladies!

  33. Janet says:

    This brought to mind the memory of my dear Mom making buckwheat pancakes for her 7 children

  34. Liz says:

    You are very welcome, Mel and so happy to hear that you and your family enjoy these!

    You probably don’t have leftovers, but for anyone who does … these freeze wonderfully and then you just pop them in the toaster/toaster oven at a light setting and with defrost if you have that option.

    Happy birthday to your 11 year old!

    • Grace says:

      I was just coming to ask about freezing them. Like Teresa above, I don’t know how you pull this off in the morning (though I could swing it on a weekend), so I was thinking double batch made at dinner and leftovers frozen for breakfasts. Thanks for sharing, Mel, and thanks to Liz for the recipe and freezing tip! 🙂

    • Mel says:

      Yes to freezing! We’ve had a few extras and we either refrigerate for a few days or freeze, so that’s a great make-ahead option! Thanks again for the recipe, Liz!

  35. Teresa says:

    Yum, those look really delicious. Even with the overnight prep, I don’t know how you pull this off in the morning for all of your kids! I am in awe of you. I will definitely be making these this weekend for breakfast or even for dinner one night, thanks!!!

    • Mel says:

      Oh gosh, don’t get any false ideas of how the mornings go. They are not easy and sometimes there are tears (mine!). I do wake up pretty early to get a head start and the overnight prep helps (and at the end of the day…there’s always cold cereal in our pantry).

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