If you are still looking for Christmas baking/treat-making inspiration, here are 25+ of my favorite, FAVORITE holiday treats for gift-giving.

The Best Holiday Baking Ideas

There are some Christmas cookies, favorite candy recipe (most of them super simple!), and a couple fabulous non-baking food gifts (like that homemade hot chocolate mix, hot chocolate truffles, and the brilliant cookie dough tins).

I didn’t include this on the official list below, but one of my go-to holiday food gifts every year is making a batch or two of gourmet caramel apples (sounds fancier and harder than they really are) and giving them out right and left.

Such a fun, unique, and festive gift! There’s a free how-to printable on that caramel apple post, BTW.

Every other year or so, we make an epic number of cheeseballs and give those out to neighbors and friends as a nice change to all the sweetness floating around. {So if you’re wondering why a cheeseball appears on the list below, that’s why!}

Anyway, if you have a second, I’d LOVE to know what you are cooking and baking and candying up this holiday month! Comment below and let me know!