A collage of popular Christmas dessert recipes with the text holiday baking list in the middle.

Well, I couldn’t help myself. I compiled all of my favorite holiday baking recipes in one spot.

Here you go.

This list is nearly a decade in the making…and if it seems long, feel better knowing I actually narrowed it down quite a bit.

There’s a lot of yumminess that happens when one food blogs for nine holiday seasons in a row. Hopefully this ultimate holiday baking list can offer some much-needed inspiration if you find yourself in a baking rut!

And now…inquiring minds (ok, one mind…my mind!) want to know: what’s on your holiday baking list? Like I’ve mentioned before, spill the beans! I eat this kind of stuff up (haha).

I made about 45 half pints of jalapeño jelly in late summer when my jalapeño plants were over producing and I’m giving it out as gifts with some artisan crackers and cream cheese. Not very bake-y, I know, but maybe it will help cut the sugar rush everyone is having this time of year. Of course, I always make caramel apples for the kids’ teachers, and homemade caramels will be made by the dozens to fill in the gaps for anyone I’ve missed…so I’m doing my part to sweeten up the universe, too.

Happy holiday baking!