This year, don’t stress about creating your own dinner menu- check out this post for everything you need for the perfect Thanksgiving menu.

The Perfect Thanksgiving Menu

The perfect Thanksgiving menu requires a lot of thought. A lot of brainstorming. A lot of energy. And sometimes a lot of tears. To avoid that last one (and just the overall stress and suck-the-life-out-of-you thing), I’m sharing my favorite Thanksgiving menu picks this year. There’s a whole lot more Thanksgiving love where these come from but to spare you the task of sorting through endless recipes, I picked out the best of the best (or at least the ones I’m hankering for this year).

Many, many of these recipes below have make-ahead tips to ensure the stress level and maximum oven usage isn’t overloaded on the big day. Always a plus.

I’ll be sharing a handful of other recipes this week (the perfect Thanksgiving pie + a tried-and-true easy roll recipe) but this is should get you started. A few of the highlights are…

that slow cooker turkey (most delicious, most tender turkey in all the land)
the sweet baked ham
the fresh cranberry chutney that changed my view of cranberry “sauce” forever
don’t forget the buttermilk potato rolls; takes Thanksgiving rolls to a whole new level
the creamy confetti corn? I’m always slammed with requests for the recipe
same with my beloved spinach salad (and that homemade jello is not to be underestimated)

So much love. I can’t even start with the desserts. Ok, I can’t stay quiet. I’ll just say this: the pumpkin pie cupcakes are totally happening and so is the peanut butter cheesecake and apple pie, that’s all I know.

Ok, I’m done. Happy menu planning!

turkey and ham




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