During the holidays we all need gift ideas! Check out this post for 21 of the best holiday food gift ideas!

I love this time of year for many reasons – one of them being the endless options of gifts you can give that involve food! I’ve compiled 21 of the best holiday food gifts; for the record, I’ve given every single one of these as a gift at one point in time and would do/will do so again in a heartbeat.

While they are all fantastic, a few standouts that I love gifting (uh, and getting) are a jar of hot fudge sauce tied with a simple ribbon or a savory cheeseball wrapped in saran wrap and a bow with a sleeve of crackers. Both are unique and delicious (p.s. my father-in-law used to make over 80 cheeseballs each holiday season to deliver to friends and neighbors; he kind of became known as the cheeseball guy). I also love the cookie dough tins, allowing your recipient to bake cookies anytime they want them and the giant cinnamon rolls are spectacular also (you can bake these in disposable aluminum pans, leave the cinnamon roll in the pan, and give the baked roll with simple instructions on how to warm up and enjoy).

Enjoy these ideas. I hope they help you as you give food gifts this holiday season!

Happy holiday baking and gift-giving!