The way I see it, you’re either an obsessive Thanksgiving menu planner or you’re not. You’re either a sweet potato casserole lover or you’re not. You’re either a dress up for Thanksgiving dinner family or you’re not. You’re either a dark turkey meat fan or you’re not. You’re either mooching off your in-laws Thanksgiving spread or you’re not. 

My answers: I am. I am not. I am not. I am. I am not (but I am mooching off my aunt and uncle’s hosting generosity this year).

Whether you are planning the entire Thanksgiving menu spread yourself or you’ve been tasked with bringing a pie (gotta make it a good one!), here’s a little recipe inspiration for you.

Thanksgiving happens to be my favorite holiday, and I think about the food options all year long. I love it so much. Below, I’ve picked my top favorite recipes for all the main categories, but if you want even more recipe inspiration, here’s the Recipe Index here or this specific Thanksgiving link

In the meantime, I’d love to know what YOU are making for the big day! 

Turkey + Ham

Do you serve both turkey and ham? Something else entirely? Below are my favorite recipes for the Thanksgiving meat options! (I like to do the slow cooker turkey the day before for extra leftovers and to use the drippings/sauce for gravy on Thanksgiving.)


Options, options, options! That’s what I like about potatoes. So many ways to make them – just promise you’ll include the humble mashed potato in some form.

Side Dish

It pains me to have to narrow down the options here because THERE ARE TOO MANY RECIPES TO CHOOSE FROM. But these ones are definitely my favorite Thanksgiving side dishes – you just can’t go wrong with any (or all) of them!


I mean, it wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without them, right??

Pie, Pie, Pie

Don’t worry, I’m including a whole other section for non-pie desserts. But pie is essential, and these are a few of my favorites! And I’m sorry, I couldn’t help but include two extra recipes.

Other Desserts {Not Pie}

Because you just can’t have too much dessert!